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NOVEMBER 30, 2009
Our Favorite New Series
For our inaugural post, I want to tell you about our favorite series of late. It has action, adventure, romance, mystery, death, destruction, poverty, a seriously corrupt government and an amazing couple of teens – all in one package!

Book JacketThe Hunger Games is set in a not-so-far-off future where North America has been divided into 12 districts based on what they produce. The Capitol keeps the districts in line by holding the annual Hunger Games: one boy and one girl from each district are chosen through a lottery to compete in a horrible reality TV show - fighting to the death with only one winner. Seventeen-year-old Katniss, our main character, volunteers to compete in the games for her district when her younger sister's name is drawn in the lottery. Katniss' district is very poor with few resources and anyone who gets chosen is pretty much guaranteed to die, so she knows what she's doing when she volunteers to take her sister's place in the games. Things get even worse when Peeta, the guy she has always kind of liked, is the boy chosen from their district. So now they're in the arena literally fighting for their lives and Katniss has to decide if she'll try to kill Peeta right away – or cooperate with him and kill him later.

Book Jacket

The sequel to The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, came out this fall, but I can't tell you what it's about without giving away the ending of The Hunger Games. Just know – it's just as good! The third book is due in fall 2010. I will warn you though - this series is big on the cliff-hanger ending. Be prepared to scream when you finish these books.

Prefer videos? Try this fan-made trailer, the trailer from BookTV or the official trailer from the publisher. This is just a place to start - search your favorite video site for more! In fact, there are so many fan made Hunger Games trailers on YouTube, the publisher made it a monthly competition. Click here to see the entries.

If you've read this series, comment below to tell us what you think of it. And come back in a few days to hear some ideas for Green Gifting – making your own holiday gifts.

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posted by Jenna, Standley Lake Library


NOVEMBER 30, 2009
Welcome to the Jefferson County Public Library teen blog - a place for teens to connect to the Library and much, much more! We'll be sharing info and ideas for and by teens about everything from Library programs and events to new books, links, and videos. Be sure to check back often for new posts and become involved by adding your comments and participating in polls and contests. Enjoy!

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posted by JCPL Teen Librarians



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