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JULY 30, 2010
Tetris God!
Tetris God!
When I was in high school, Tetris was our game of choice. But this is kind of amazing! It gets really interesting at 5:12.

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posted by Jenna, Standley Lake Library


JULY 29, 2010
Golden Library Teen Advisory Board Applications due Aug. 1

Join Golden Library's TAB!

Golden Teens! This is for you! If you’ve already filled out an application, don’t forget to bring it back to the Golden Library on or before this Sunday, Aug. 1! If you’re not sure what the TAB is, or why you should join, keep reading.

What is the Teen Advisory Board?
The Teen Advisory Board is a group of students (grades 7-12 or homeschooled equivalent) who will meet monthly at the library to share ideas and unique perspective to improve library services to teens. Our meetings will be different from one month to the next, depending on the goals TAB members wish to pursue. We’ll likely discuss a wide variety of topics, including what’s going on this month at the library, news in the teen book world, and any ideas that you, the Teen Advisory Board, have for making the library a fun and informative place to be.

Reasons to Join the Teen Advisory Board

  • Make new friends
  • Get involved in your library and community
  • Fulfill volunteer requirements for college applications and community service
  • Recommend books, CDs and DVDs for the library 
  • Suggest library programs for teens 
  • Help with library projects 
  • Because it’s fun!

Responsibilities of a TAB Member 

  • Be an active participant of the TAB
  • Attend as many library programs as possible 
  • Be a responsible library user
  • Be an advocate for the library and the TAB 
  • Help with setup and cleanup at meetings

Is the Teen Advisory Board for You? 

  • Will you be a student in grade 7-12 (or homeschooled equivalent) in the 2010-2011 school year? 
  • Can you commit to attending as many of our meetings (on the second Monday of the month*, between 4-5:30 p.m.) as possible? 
  • Can you fulfill the responsibilities of a TAB member?
  • Are you interested in the library and improving services to teens?

* except for October, when we’ll meet on the third Monday

Hurry, hurry, hurry! Pick up an application at any Golden Library information desk (there is one teeny bit for a parent to fill out) and bring it back by Aug. 1 to be considered for Golden’s NEW Teen Advisory Board!

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posted by Jenny, Golden Library


JULY 23, 2010
Flash from my childhood
Monster shows up at 1:02.

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posted by Jenna, Standley Lake Library


JULY 20, 2010
Bored yet?
Bored Yet?It's the middle of summer, school is a long way off yet, and you're looking for something to do, right? Here are some ideas of FREE and almost-free stuff to do around Denver. Have fun!

Register for the Teen Summer Reading Club, read 8 hours before the end of July, and you can get free passes to Brunswick Lanes, Lakeside Amusement Park, and a free ticket to a Rapids game!

Download a list of free days at various museums, the zoo, and Botanic Gardens!

Don't want to wait for a free day? Follow the instructions to get a culture pass.

Here's a list of free things to do around the metro-area.

And here's another list of free things to do nearby, but also around the state.

The Denver Center for the Performing Arts has drawings for free tickets to their performances.

Almost-free swimming at The Splash at Fossil Trace during their Twilight Hours.

Gotta love those dinosaurs! There are two free self-guided walks you can take at Dinosaur Ridge.

Like to bike or hike? The library carries maps of bicycle trails and open spaces! You can check one out from us or get them online here and here.

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posted by Shelly - Arvada Library


JULY 16, 2010
On Friday, July 9th, eight teens at Belmar Library competed in PROJECT RUNWAY:ZOMBIE STYLE!
Project Runway: Zombie Style
(click above for a slideshow)

The teens paired up, one artist and one zombie model per team.  When the zombies were fully rotting and very undead, they each took a turn on the runway.  The category and overall winners were selected by our esteemed judges, Marcellus Turner, Marjorie Elwood, and Leslie Bonato.  Here's how the undead and their artists placed:

BEST WOUND: Team 3, The Hufflepoosters, Kalyn O'Byrne and Miranda FloraBEST WOUND: Team 3
The Hufflepoosters
Kalyn O'Byrne and Miranda Flora

BEST OUTFIT: Team 4, New Age Dead, Stephany Moss and Analise HandleyBEST OUTFIT: Team 4
New Age Dead
Stephany Moss and Analise Handley

BEST MAKEUP: Team 2, Thriller!, Miah McConkey and Dillon McConkeyBEST MAKEUP: Team 2
Miah McConkey and Dillon McConkey

BEST OVERALL and BEST WALK: Team 1, Give Me Your Brains, Kayla Kim and Cristina KimBEST OVERALL and BEST WALK: Team 1
Give Me Your Brains
Kayla Kim and Cristina Kim

So, blog readers, which ZOMBIE is your favorite?

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posted by Allison, Belmar Library


JULY 16, 2010
This person has too much time on their hands.
Amazing Fire Animation!

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posted by Jenna, Standley Lake Library


JULY 13, 2010
Pizza and Books Teen Time
Pizza and Books Teen Time 6-7 p.m. Wednesday, July 14
At the Standley Lake Library

Combine two great flavors this July at Standley Lake Library! Enjoy conversation about your favorite books over a slice of pizza. Bring your library card - you're guaranteed to want to check something out!

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posted by Jenna, Standley Lake Library


JULY 9, 2010
Can you skateboard like this?
Crazy Skateboard Stunts

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posted by Jenna, Standley Lake Library


JULY 6, 2010
Movies Movies Movies!
MoviesIt’s summer, and what’s better than enjoying the fabulous free entertainment (not to mention the air conditioning) at the library? Going to a movie! Here are some reviews we’ve received of movies showing this summer. Add your own reviews (or read others) here.


i saw the midnite showing and i thought it was really great!!! cant wait to see it again, loved it! - nikki, 13

Alice in Wonderland
so worth my time! it was just one of those movies that's soo good that you can't explain it. - ABI, 13

While it was a good movie, I think that Tim Burton was just trying to use flashy colors and interesting backgrounds to distract from the thin plotline. - ChRaMc, 13

This movie is awesome, way better then the cartoon! I love the special effects!!! - Alayna, 12

This was an amazing movie, especially in 3-D. I enjoyed the story line and the different approach to to classic stroy of Wonderland. Although I think that Tim burton needs to try a new actor, I believe that Johnny Depp was the perfect actor for this movie. - Olivia, 15

Toy Story 3
this movie was soooooooooooooooo funny i luved it the big teddy bear was so mean though but still good movie - bree, 11

It was a really great movie and very funny! Barbie and Ken were really funny! - Natasha, 12

Prince of Persia
I loved this movie!! If you don't like fighting, though, you probably won't like the movie. - Kira, 13

it was amazing, breath taking. - Krystal, 16

What else have you seen? I’m hearing great things about The A-Team and How to Train Your Dragon and bad things about The Last Airbender and The Karate Kid. Leave your reviews on our movie review page or in the comments here.

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posted by Jenna, Standley Lake Library


JULY 2, 2010
Linger comes out in July!
Linger, the sequel to Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater, comes out July 20th. The author created this trailer and it is something special. (Even if you haven't read the book.)
The Wolves of Mercy Falls: A Stop Motion trailer for Linger
Want more? Read Maggie's blog.

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posted by Jenna, Standley Lake Library


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