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SEPTEMBER 15, 2011
Harvard College Entrance Exam circa 1869

Compare Athens with Sparta.

Divide 33368949.63 by 0.007253.  What is the quotient of 3336.894963 by 72530?  What is the third power of 0.1? of 100?  Write these answers in words.

Prove that two angles are to each other in the ratio of two acrs described from their vertices as centres with equal radii.

Latin and Greek.  History and Geography.  Arithmetic from algebra all the way to trig (before calculators!).  Could you pass?  Check out these sample questions, and then read about college admissions back then.

Yikes!  I'd rather write an essay any day!

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posted by Jenna, Standley Lake Library



Jessie said, on Sep. 15 at 12:51PM

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