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MARCH 12, 2013
Read This! Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi

In this post-apocalyptic world, people have chosen to live one of two ways, as Dwellers who live in pods that protect them from the aether (electrical storms that ravage the earth) or on the outside in tribes facing nature and a hard scrabble existence. Dwellers spend the majority of their life traveling virtual realms and when Aria is cast out of the Reverie pod accused of mayhem and murder, it is an almost certain death sentence. Aria’s one hope is to find her mother who is working in another pod, Bliss, and prove her innocence.

Perry, a member of the Tides tribe, is heading toward Reverie, to rescue his nephew who was taken by Dwellers when he finds Aria in the desert near death. He shares his food and water and they discover that they can help each other. He can help Aria stay alive and find her mother. Aria’s knowledge of the pods can help him get his nephew back. It’s an uneasy alliance born from need and desperation rather than respect because they both have been raised to fear and hate the other’s way of life and people.

You'll stay up all night with this one. The second book, Through the Ever Night was released last month. Put yourself on the hold list as soon as you check out Under the Never Sky. You will want to read it as soon as possible!

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posted by Pam, Standley Lake Library


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