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NOVEMBER 6, 2012
Election Day!
Even though you may not be old enough to vote I’m sure you have an opinion about who you would like to win the current election. Did you know that even though the popular vote (people going to the polls) is decided on November 6th the president will not actually be elected until January 6th? This is due to the 23rd amendment which establishes the Electoral College.
For 2012 there are 358 members of the college. This includes 9 members for Colorado. The number of Electoral College members for each state is based on how many members the state has in the Senate (2) and in the House of Representatives.  Each state decides how Electoral College members are selected. In Colorado these members are nominated by their party (democratic, republican or an independent). Colorado is a “winner take” all state. This means all 9 of the Colorado Electoral College members will vote for the candidate who got the most votes. Nebraska and Maine are the only two states that split their votes based on the popular election.
Want to know more? Visit the Electoral College Website.

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