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OCTOBER 31, 2012
Creepy Covers

As a librarian, I of all people should know better than to judge a book by its cover. But I do – all the time. In honor of Halloween, here are three books with covers I find sufficiently creepy:


Living Dead GirlLiving Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott
Details 15-year-old Alice’s five-year ordeal of abuse and control at the hands of her kidnapper, who now demands she find the next girl for his collection if she wants to be released. Another librarian described it as “deeply disturbing,” and this cover is not far off the mark.




Through to You by Emily Hainsworth Through to You
In this upcoming book, former football star Cam grieves for his girlfriend (killed in a car crash), and is pulled into an alternate reality where the accident had a much different outcome. Interesting plot, but I’m far more intrigued by the haunting cover image.




The BlessedThe Blessed by Tonya Hurley
In Brooklyn, three very different girls (each named after a martyred young saint) are drawn together in an emergency room on Halloween and forced into an epic battle against evil. I’m inexplicably freaked out by the cover girl’s watery, puffy eyes.

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