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JANUARY 11, 2013
Back to School!

And we’ve got you covered with our extensive Info links covering…well, pretty much everything under the sun. The sun, too!

Working on a paper about your favorite Teen Librarian? Check out – a great website with lots of interesting people and facts about the really cool people who live on this planet. (Full disclosure: there are no Teen Librarians profiled on the website. Yet…)

  Need to be able discern between Percy Jackson and the real Perseus from Greek mythology? Check out Encyclopedia Mythica. This is an award winning online encyclopedia that covers folklore, mythology, and religion. It’s suitable for the serious researcher or the casual reader.

 Desperately need to know how much a stamp cost the year you were born? Or what the U.S. GDP was or who won the Super Bowl? Or maybe you just want to test your knowledge in the Decade Quiz section? Year-by-Year: 1900 – 2012 by Infoplease is an online almanac of pretty much everything you might want to know about a given year. Stamps were .06 cents when I was born. Egads!

Want to know if Dr. Who’s Tardis is really a form of a Tipler machine or what the deal with Schroedinger’s Cat is -- is it DEAD or NOT? Try out The Laws List – You can feel your brain growing in your skull when you look through the list of scientific laws.

 To access our super cool awesome brain growing info links just go our Homework Help page.

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