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OCTOBER 15, 2012
Movie Monday - Total Recall

Science Fiction fans are probably already familiar with Philip K. Dick’s work – he is considered a seminal writer in modern sci-fi. But even if you are not familiar with his written work, you have probably seen it since many of his books have been made into movies.

1982’s Blade Runner, starring Harrison Ford, was based on Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. Scanner Darkly, Minority Report, Paycheck, Adjustment Bureau and Total Recall (based on his story We Can Remember it for You Wholesale) are a few others.

The stories that PKD wrote in the middle of the last century were ahead of their time --he was exploring alternate realities, fractured perceptions and extremely paranoid conspiracy theories way back in the good ol’ days when everyone else believed in Leave it to Beaver (which suggested a simpler, gentler time).

His stories make more sense to us now – we’ve lived through 9/11 and Columbine; we know more about quantum physics and parallel universes; about the human mind and its fragility; about the dangers of blindly trusting anyone – whether its big business or Uncle Sam.

If you saw the 1990 version of Total Recall starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, then you probably remember the girl with the- ehem- special attributes who lived on the colonized planet of Mars. It was really one of the more memorable scenes in the movie – and according to the director of the new 2012 version starring Colin Farrell, they HAD to include a version of the girl in the new movie. PKD would be proud. Maybe.

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posted by Tana, Arvada Library


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