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OCTOBER 24, 2012
Name that Teen Book - Part I

See if you can name these teen books: 
(Answers will be posted tomorrow)

1.  Captured by Nazi's she will tell them anything to get her clothes back.
2.  Girls die at age 20 and boys at age 24.
3.  He gets a box in the mail with 13 tapes.
4.  After an animal plague all humans now live in big cities behind high walls.
5.  Two teens with the same name meet.
6.  She is the perfect daughter until she meets a boy who introduces her to drugs.
7.  An art student in Prague has a notebook filled with monsters.
8.  Odd photos intersperse this story of an orphanage on an island.
9.  His arrival at a boarding school coincides with a series of Jack the Ripper-type murders.
10.  Wild meat eating water horses race on the beach.

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posted by Arra, Lakewood Library


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