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OCTOBER 17, 2012
Celebrating Lauren Oliver

Lauren Oliver is one of my favorite authors. One thing I love is that her books are all sooooo different, and yet they are all so good. It's amazing to me that she can write so well in such a variety of genres. Have you read any of her books?

Before I Fall: Samantha dies in a car crash. No, that's not a spoiler--it happens in the first chapter. She ends up repeating this last day over and over again, knowing she will die at the end and trying to figure out a way to change things.

Delirium: This one takes place in the future in a world where love is a disease. Everyone has surgery at the age of 18 in order to "cure" them from the potential delirium of love and enable them to lead safe, predictable, and happy lives. Of course, ninety-five days before her eighteenth birthday and her treatment, Lena falls in love. The sequel, Pandemonium, is also out and the third book, Requiem, is scheduled to come out next spring. (Which gives me a few months to learn how to

Liesl and Po: Liesl’s evil stepmother locks her in the attic, where two ghosts visit her to deliver a message from her father’s spirit—He wants her to bury his ashes under the willow tree next to her mother. Liesl and the ghosts steal the box with his ashes and sneak out of the house. On the way they run into Will, who happens to be carrying an identical box only his is filled with the greatest magic known to mankind, with the power to bring the dead back to life.

She has a new book coming out in October, The Spindlers. The spindlers are creatures that live underground, and they have just stolen the soul of Liza's younger brother. Uh oh!

I told you they were all different! Check out her website for her bio, FAQs about her and her writing, and her blog.

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Jenna said, on Oct. 17 at 8:25PM
Hey, Jessie, did you hear that Lauren Oliver will be in Denver in April? She's a speaker at the Colorado Teen Literature Conference, which is for teens as well as folks who work with teens. Keep an eye on for details and to register!

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