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SEPTEMBER 20, 2012
Arvada Library’s Automated Book Sorter is Up and Running
JCPL's automated book and materials sorter installation project is complete with the final sorter now functional at the Arvada Library. We've installed sorters at six other libraries over the past year: Belmar, Columbine, Evergreen, Golden, Lakewood and Standley Lake.

We have put sorters in place to help improve service. You'll notice items are checked in automatically when placed in the sorter and that they are back in circulation much faster.

Behind the scenes, the sorter is helping our staff too. Managing the return process manually, staff were able to sort 300-400 items per hour. With the sorters we'll be able to sort up to 1,500 items each hour! This will allow staff to spend more time doing what they enjoy most--helping you!

The Arvada sorter is different than the others you may have seen around the system because it takes items in on the first floor and delivers them to the basement where the sorting takes place. You can return JCPL materials to any location, so have some fun and test out the new return system at the Arvada Library! Let us know what you think!

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