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AUGUST 23, 2012
Grant Helps JCPL Provide Adaptive Services, Technology for Kids
JCPL received a Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) grant for 2011/12 to connect children to adaptive services and technologies. We worked with the Jefferson County Public Schools to determine what adaptive technology was being used at schools so that we could give children some of those same resources when they come to visit the library after school hours and in the summer. Additionally, we believe that we can provide a welcoming space for children with disabilities to pursue personal interests and lifelong learning.

With funds from the grant, JCPL was able to purchase large print keyboards and large trackballs as well as Dragon Naturally Speaking, Write Outloud, Wynn Reader and Zoomtext, These tools and programs help people who have a variety of disabilities. More details are available on our Assistive Services page. We have trained staff on the use of these resources and will be offering classes to the public starting this month. The hardware and software is available at all of our locations, and is available to people of all ages.

In addition to the adaptive technology, we are offering American Sign Language (ASL) storytimes at our Golden Library. The Rocky Mountain Deaf School is located in Golden and we have collaborated with them on this project. These programs give children who are deaf or hard of hearing the opportunity to experience a storytime in their primary language and will promote the development of literacy skills for these children. This program is unique in the Denver metro area and rare throughout libraries nationally.

JCPL is delighted to have been a recipient of the grant and to be able to provide these resources to all of our users.

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