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OCTOBER 25, 2012
The Football Star
One time there was a great athlete who lived in Athens, Wisconsin. He was an all state point guard in basketball, the number one ranked running back in the nation, and a high school record holder for the hundred meter dash. It was football season, and he was dominating the way he usually did. He was going to run for his fifth touchdown of the game, but a guy from the other team came and hit him as hard as he could. The hit was so hard that he broke his neck. So he became paralyzed from his legs down. Since he couldn't use his legs, the doctors said it would almost be impossible for him to play football.

It was a couple weeks after he broke his neck when he became sick of not playing sports so he started working out. At this time his football team was three weeks away from the state championship game, and he wanted to play in it. So he kept on getting his upper body stronger. His upper body got so strong that the coaches let him play football, but he couldn't play running back so they made a transition. They moved him to defensive lineman. He became so good at defensive linemen that he didn't only win the starting spot; he helped lead his team to the state championship.

So it was the day of the state championship. Athens was going to be playing the number one ranked team in the state. The game started, and Athens started out strong. Athens was winning 56-48 with two minutes left in the fourth quarter. The other team dropped back to pass when the kid who broke his neck hit the quarterback. The quarterback fumbled the ball and Athens recovered it. Athens ended up winning the game. The kid with the broken neck won the MVP award in the state tournament.

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OCTOBER 25, 2012
The Struggles that dig you a Hole
There was once a kid named Billy. He did everything just a little better than you could. Whatever u had, he had something just a little better. He was in a mission to convince others he was "cool" but mostly to convince himself. Others didn't know this but i did. The struggles for popularity eat people alive. His mission at first was to make every one like him by saying stuff to sound cool. Everyone believed the lies and stories at first. They were nothing but mere modifications and small enhancements to actual events. Sometimes just exagerations. When people began to believe them, it produced a high. A peculiar kind of high. It overwhelmed the person and changed them from the inside out. It was even addicting. The satisfaction he got when people believed it. Most others were oblivious to this at first. But i knew Billy. After a while he reached his "popular" point. but he kept runnning with it. By now there was no truthfullness. They were blunt and total lies. And everyone knew it. just afraid to stand up to him because they were afraid to be "degraded by everyone else. But One day everyone had had it. The anger had built up in everyone and it was beginning to boil over. People called him out and mocked and made fun of him. How was popularity now? I wanted to say. It hurt to see the sudden change but also felt good. He was left high and dry with no friends and nothing going for him. It was a hard lesson. But he learned. Its too bad it came at the price it did.

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OCTOBER 25, 2012
The Haunted House
Once upon a time there was a haunted house on Ghost Lane. Nobody was ever in the house until today. Today was Halloween and Miley wanted to see who or what was in that house. She opened the door quietly and then entered. When Miley entered she heard a piano playing a song. Miley followed the noise. Miley kept walking and stepped on a loose board and fell to the basement. She didn’t know where she was.

Miley heard a little girl yell, “Get out of here, you don’t belong here.”

Miley tried to follow that sound. The sound stopped. Miley kept on walking forward. The sound was even louder than last time. Miley followed the sound until she got to a wall. Miley was staring at a picture of the house with one light on.
Miley walked upstairs and the light was on. Miley tried to turn the light off, but it would flicker and go dim. After that Miley was touched by something. When she turned around she saw a tall green man with pink looking eyes and an arrow through the head. Miley ran out of the house. As she left her realized she forgot her purse.

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OCTOBER 25, 2012
"Its so hot in here I can barely breathe!" Said Aussie as her and her mom traveled in an old 1960s car.
"Yes Aussie, I know. I will do the best-" Aussie's mother replied while staring into space, focusing on the road I guess. She stopped to let Aussie talk, even though she interrupted her.
"Look, an abandoned house!"
The house, with it's caved in roof, was placed in the middle of a meadow. Even though this was a meadow, doesn't mean that it looked joyful. The meadow looked as if it were inhabited by gruesome creatures. Aussie shuddered and turned away.
It was then when Aussie awoke from this horrible nightmare. Her eyes fluttered open to see what seemed to be her mom and a doctor, peering over her hospital bunk,
"Do you think that she's okay, will she be alright?"
"I dont know Ms.Broads, I think she has a serious heat stroke."
This worried Aussie, but she felt just fine! The thought struck her that since she was not where she settled in for sleep, where was she? How did she arrive there so fast?
"Oh sweetie, I thought that you were so sick, are you alright?
"No mom, Im fine, but one more question. Where am I and how did I get here so fast?"
"Honeybuns darling, sad to say but you have been asleep for longer than usual, so I took you to the hospital."
Hmm, Aussie's mother was acting sweeter than usual, strangely sweet.'
"So why do you ask?" Said her mom, rather fast too.
Aussie jumped, for her mothers quick question startled her.
"Oh, no reason, just thinking out loud."
Her voice trailed off, for she was deep in thought about her so called long nap. There was no way she was believing that tall tale, not a chance. You see, she usually sleeps longer that most people, but her mom doesn't really know that. Although, how could she have gotten there do fast if she was sleeping her usual time.
"Come on Aussie, let me kiss you, I love you and I know you are going to be okay. Now let me kiss you. Just remember, mama loves you!"
As her mother leaned in to kiss her, she felt a strange sense of unease. Suddenly, she was watching her life flashing by before her eyes She felt herself merge with the universe until she was nothing but a memory. A cold dark memory.


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OCTOBER 25, 2012
The Grimm Reaper Tale
            All I could hear was the sound of my own breathing through the thick forest of quaking aspen trees and just when I thought I would pass out, everything was flat and grassy.  I quickly ran across the plain only to see more and more trees…but a light in the distance.  The shimmering of the leaves made me shiver but the light gave me hope.  I had made it past the trees and walking up the path when it hit me.  Literally.

5 Days Earlier
            Gwenyth Mclan is a princess.  She always got what she wanted, but was always ready to help out, until one day she made the HUGEST of all mistakes. I was riding my horse, Mimi, when Mimi tripped and fell and so did I.  Thinking I needed some help, I went to the nearest place I could find.  Walking to a little cottage that looked nice, she decided to knock on the door.
            “Hello?” she called.
            The door was slightly open so I opened all the way.  I went inside only to find the place deserted.  It had looked like someone had left in a hurry.  I went back outside, and when it was sunny it was pouring.  I hurried back inside with Mimi.  Lighting struck and there was no way out now.  No wonder those people left in such a hurry, I thought.  Then all of a sudden everything stopped.
            “Glad of you to join us,” said a croaky voice in the corner.
            That stopped me in my tracks.
            I turned around.
            Two more figures appeared from the corner.  All of them were dressed as if they had not washed in days( or maybe years).  The first one came to me and placed a grubby hand on my shoulder and pierced my skin.  I held my eyes shut not wanting to cry in front of them.
            “My name is Mika, this,” she said pointing to one of the others, “is Jeta and she,” she said again pointing to the other one with her long spindly fingers, “is Vatia.” 
            “And we don’t want to harm you,” she said clearly the most verbal one here, “ at least not yet,” she softly chuckled before I fell into a vacant chair in that little room and blacked out.

* * * * *

            “What are we going to DO!” cried Gwenyth’s mother.
            “We will find her, Diane,” replied her father, Leo “ I am sure she is all right,” though in his mind he knew she had gotten in some sort of trouble.
            “Oooooh! What will I ever do?” Diane cried again.
            “You will hush up!  We will find her!” Leo called back.  Even then he thought it wouldn’t be that easy.

* * * * *

            When I woke up I kept my eyes shut hoping everything was a dream.  But just as long as I could keep my eyes shut, I could hear the witches softly cackling to one another.
            “We will give her to the ‘Hax’ once we get there and it will be soon.”  Mika whispered.  The others were trying hard not to laugh too loud, for I knew what a ‘Hax’ was.  Do you know what a butcher is?  Well, it’s a butcher only worse.  He’d laugh after he’d just cut the head off a deer or a moose or something I don’t even want to know about, instead of feeling sorry for it.  The door slammed open.  And so did my eyes.
            “Surprise!” called the ‘Hax’.
            There never was a scarier ‘Hax’ than the one that stood in the doorway.  This ‘Hax’ was a vampire, with blood dripping down his fangs.  There never was a better job for those blood sucking creatures. 

* * * * *

            “Leo, what if she was taken by those…horrible creatures!” her mother cried once more.
            “Oh! There isn’t a town that has those for miles!” he answered. 
            “You do know that she likes to go farther than we’d like her to!” she called back.
            “Yes, but…”
            “BUT WHAT!” she yelled and buried her face in a pillow on her couch, for even she knew there was nothing she could do.

* * * * *

            “So… when do I get this… tasty morsel?” he said as he looked at me.
            I cringed at the words ‘tasty morsel’.
            “We will give her to you when we are done with her.” Mika replied to him and she signaled to the other room. 
            You know I have heard of almost every creature from my parents.  They want me to watch out for them.  Now I know a few that I can tell you about.  There are witches (like the ones I am with now) who can cast a spell on you and you don’t even notice.  There are ‘Haxes’ but I think I told you enough about those.  There are Tenkins which live in the forest and are like witches but are smaller and less vulnerable and you don’t want to meet up with them because they can pull you up in the air and have the strength of a troll and a lifespan of a fly. These are the main ones and I’ve heard of others but I don’t know enough to tell you about them and what they’re like and might do.  My train of thought was interrupted by the clashing of pots and pans clattering to the floor.
            “I. WANT. HER. NOW!” yelled the ‘Hax’. 
            “Now, Haxy, you will get her as soon as we Humowls get here,” soothed Jeta. 
            Humowls?! I have never heard of those before.
            And ‘Haxy’ fell to the floor. 

* * * * *

            “We shall send a search party out for her!” Diane shouted again.
            “We will do no such thing!” called Leo.
            Her mother thinking this over finally came up with an idea.
            “I shall go out to find her myself then!” she said with a crazed look on her face.  She took her cloak and was out the door before you could say ‘Alakazamdoda’.  Leo opened the door and yelled, “Diane!”
            She looked back at him and said, “Aren’t you coming with me?”
            He grumbled, got his own cloak and followed after her.

* * * * *

            “Maybe after he wakes up he could have the girl’s horse?” Vatia said as she  looked at the ‘Hax’.  The others shrugged at the suggestion.  They’re going to give him Mimi! I thought. 
            “Maybe we should give him both of them,” Said Jeta.
            Then the window crashed down and in flew two owls.
            “I thought there would be more.” Mika whispered to Jeta.  Then the owls turned to humans with feathery hair. 
            “We have been called.” Said one.
            “Of course.  We need you to drop her and her horse in Mountain Sea,” Mika said.
            They took me and Mimi over a whole bunch of mountains.  Then I started falling.  And just when I was about to fall on the ground… I didn’t because I and my horse fell on a family of Tenkins.  They grabbed at my legs and I started running as fast I could.  Then I saw a light so I ran to it.  Thinking I was safe I went up to the lighted cottage and I fell to the ground with a bump on my head.  A few minutes later I was up in the air surrounded by Tenkins! 
            “Let me go!” I cried.
            “NO!” said a tiny voice followed by a mocking laugh.  Defeated I decided to try to catch a wink. 
A few hours later
            I awoke in a cemetery.  I got up and started to run but failed as I got pulled into a grave.  Kicking and screaming my head off I got just enough time to see a sign that said:  BEWARE OF CEMETERY!   MAY BE LIVE!

* * * * *

            “Maybe she went in the Cemetery?”  Her mother asked anxiously.
            “Our daughter is smarter than that…I hope!” her father replied.
            “We could try.”
            “Oh…allright!  After this somebody has got to ride with her!”  he said.
            But as they entered, the ground started tumbling down under their feet.  And just then her father knew he should have never agreed to going in.

* * * *

When her eyes adjusted to the dark, she could see corpses lying around talking to one another.   
            “I heard the ‘Hax’ failed,” said one with a dull voice.
            “We should finish the job,” said a different one.
            Then the ground started tumbling into the cave.
            She was never so happy in her life to see them.
            “Ew… what is this place?” her mother asked her.
            I shrugged and hugged them.
            “What have we got here?” asked dull voice.
            “I don’t know…let’s get them.”
            They started to surround us.
            “Zamdeelokdoo!” her father yelled and then they were out.
            “Wait…you’re a wizard?” she asked.  Her dad nodded his head.  They were safe.

The End…Maybe

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OCTOBER 25, 2012
Revenge is Supernatural
Faster. I tell myself, if only I could will myself to run faster. Just for a moment I glance behind me and scream. It was practically right on my heels. So close I could smell its foul stench. “Leave me alone!” I yell. “I don’t have what you want!” Suddenly, my feet fall from under me and I am falling into the Halloween night air.

But, I am getting ahead of myself. Let’s begin where my story begins; midday. At about noon I received a phone call from the police station. “Hello, this is Karmen.” I say, bored. “This is Officer Vanderwaal, Karmen. Last night around midnight my police force discovered your cousin’s body at the bottom the hiking trail.” My hands shake and my legs wobble beneath me. Body usually means… dead. “This- this must be a mistake.” I utter. On the other side of the line I hear a sigh. “It is no mistake, Karmen. Your cousin, Evan, is dead. I’m sorry for your loss.” I shake my head, willing it to go away. “No,” I say, “No, no. It’s not true.” The phone slips from my grasp and I run through the house to my mother’s study.

“Karmen, are you okay? You look a little pale.” She says. But I’m already in her arms, sobbing. “The police said Evan is dead.” I wail into her cashmere sweater. Her hand rubs circles on my back, calming me. I pull away and she looks into my oddly colored eyes, purple. “Do you know if he left while you were with him last night?” I scrunch my nose and look at her as if she went crazy. “I wasn’t with him yesterday. I was at Lillian’s house.” Her eyes widen a bit in surprise. “That was the day before, Karmen… What do you remember about yesterday?” I try tapping into my memory from yesterday night. “Nothing at all…” I say. She lets out a squeak and grabs her mobile phone, punching in a few numbers. “Yes, Officer Vanderwaal? Karmen can’t remember anything about last night. Yes I’ll talk to her. Thank you, Officer.”

She sets the phone down on her cluttered desk and looks at me. “Karmen...” “I don’t want to talk!” I shout, pulling away from her lingering touch. I stomp off to my bedroom and slam the door behind me, locking it tight. I fling myself onto my bed and will myself to cry out my sorrow and anger. My thoughts go back to Evan. How could someone kill an innocent seventeen year old? I delay my sob fest to grab my bear claw necklace that Evan made for me for my sweet sixteenth birthday. I smile through my tears at the memory. The moment turns sour though when I glance over at my door.

A woman stands in front of it. I scream at the top of my lungs. The woman smiles viscously, her scruffy hair matted with sticky blood, which is also running down one side of her face, and a dirty, torn wedding dress. “He deserved to die.” Her low scratchy voice comes. A wail lodges in my throat as I stare at her in horror. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from her in terror of what she might do to me. “You…?” I choke. Her smile becomes more sinister. I lunge for my window and pound on the glass. “Help! Help me!” I yell. “You expect to be spared as well? Don’t you, Karmen?” The woman wonders aloud. “Leave me alone!” I shout back. Next thing I know she charges at me, clenching my hair in her tight grip. “Don’t talk back to me, Karmen! You will get what is coming to you soon.” One of her fingers lightly traces my neck. My eyes squeeze shut, I breathe hard. I hear my mom yell from the other side of my door and running footsteps. The door bursts open and she scoops me up off the floor.

“Oh, Karmen!” she pets my hair. I open my eyes, confused. The horrible zombie-like woman is gone. Uniformed officers are in my room staring at me and my bedroom wall. “What happened?” I ask. I see my mom lick her thumb and run over my neck, right where the woman did. I flinch and she shows me her thumb, blood. “What?” I utter, shocked. “Ms. Homes?” an officer calls. My mother turns as the officer points at my wall. She follows his finger and a scream cuts through the quiet of my bedroom. My head turns and I see the same disaster they all see. My drawings are ripped off the wall, the wallpaper has large claw marks in it, and in the center of it is written; You are next, Karmen in blood.

I lay there on my hardwood floor in a small gasping fit. The woman had to have done this. But why? Officer Vanderwaal picks up an object from the floor and holds it up for me to see. “Is this yours, Karmen?” A lump forms in my throat as I nod and sit up against my bed. My necklace from Evan is ruined. He sets the necklace into my hand and my hot salty tears run down my cheeks and into the wound running across my neck. My only connection to my dead cousin is ruined. “What happened?” An officer asks me, kneeling down to talk to me. Suddenly, though, my mind goes blank like a white piece of paper. I shake my head and clutch the memento in my grasp.

The officer stands up, sighing and shakes his head at Vanderwaal. About an hour more of investigating, the police force finally leaves my house. I take a long, hot shower and eat my mom’s special homemade chicken pasta she only makes for holidays, but today is the only exception. Together we sit on the couch, watching the newest episode of Pretty Little Liars. My mother stands up after the episode is over and sighs. “I just remembered that I have to go to the grocery store to buy some more noodles for tomorrow.” I give her a half smile. “It’s almost 6:50, mom.” I point out. “I know,” she says, “I just need to get more for tomorrow so I can make pasta for the family potluck.” “Be careful of trick or treaters!” I remind her on the way out. “I love you, Karmen!” she calls back, slamming the front door shut.

Getting up to stretch I suddenly have an idea, I should go running. I smile at the thought. Running always clears my head. Quickly, I change into sweats and set out around the block. At first, just jogging and listening to the nighttime sounds. But then I hear other footsteps behind me and panting. I glance back over my shoulder and see nothing. I shrug it off and continue on down a worn hikers trail. The footsteps become louder and I panic and begin to run town the path. I peer back behind me once again and see a flash of white.

My memory, from earlier, shows the exact same gauzy white fabric. My memory floods back from last night, that horrifying woman, Evan dying on this trail. I was there. I zigzag through the dark trees in the cool night. Please, somebody help. I silently beg, tears streaming down my face. Next thing I know, the woman is in front of me, talking to me. “Karmen,” she says, somewhat softly, “It had to be done.” “Why?” I demand. “He was my cousin.” “Years and years ago, my husband was killed by your great grandfather.” I swallow the lump in my throat as she continues. “It was unjust how he left. So now I take revenge on all male descendants.”

“Why me?” I ask. “You are only in the way. You know too much.” She whispers lightly. I look at her fearfully. “Why are you telling me all of this?” I beg. A smile appears on her face. “Because, you aren’t leaving alive, Karmen, dear.”

With that, I sprint away from the woman. I now know she can’t be human, inhuman, ghostly. Faster. I tell myself, if only I could will myself to run faster. Just for a moment I glance behind me and scream. It was practically right on my heels. So close I could smell its foul stench. “Leave me alone!” I yell. “I don’t have what you want!” Suddenly, my feet fall from under me and I am falling into the Halloween night air. I land in the bottom of the hiking trail just as Evan did the night before. I just wish I could have told my mother that I loved her one more time. If I could have only remembered, I would have saved us all before I died. Tomorrow, Officer Vanderwaal will discover me in the crime scene as he goes to take more pictures. Right next to Evan.

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OCTOBER 25, 2012
Just a Rabbit
 “I’m going to run with Steve today. I want to be fast at our next track meet.” Hannah shared, tightening her blond pony-tail.
“Okay, we can run as a team today.” Steve decided as the only senior on the team.
The rest of the Juniors and I, a lowly freshman, followed him into the woods. They were running at a pretty good pace but I could tell they were holding themselves back. I didn’t say anything about the growing stitch in my side or my increasing labored breath.
Finally, the pain became too much. I needed to walk for a little bit. I couldn’t see the team anymore but they were within hearing range at least. However, as I slowed my pace to a walk, they quickly fell out of hearing range and I was alone. I’d only run in the woods once before, but I knew if I stayed on the trail and kept making left turns, I would eventually leave the woods. I started jogging again, in hopes that I could meet up with my teammates in the parking lot and get a ride back across town to school.
After a short while of lightly running, something caught my eye. Something was glinting in the sun a ways off the trail. My team! I’ve caught up to them! I turned off the trail to go directly toward the glint that caught my attention. Fighting through the thick shrubbery and trees to get to the clearing that I knew to be the source of the light, I burst through the underbrush and immediately skid to a complete stop. A man sat in the clearing wearing a red flannel shirt and a pair of blood-stained jeans. At his feet lay a mutilated doe. He looked up to see me, raised a crimson-stained meat cleaver to point at me, and snarled one word, “MINE!”
I turned and fled the clearing, crashing through the forest, as fast as I could.
Shrubbery and grass whipped my legs as I flew past. My breath comes out in short gasps, my side ache returns with vengeance, but I don’t stop, not with him crashing through the forest. Tree roots are reaching up to trip me, to make me easy prey for this dangerous madman. I splash through a brook. Almost there, only ten meters ‘til it’s safe! I can see my team standing in the parking lot outside of the woods. I can also feel his breath on my neck, his repeated whispers of “mine, mine…”
I burst out of the woods and into Hannah’s arms, shaking with fright.
“Andrea! We thought you walked back to school already! What’s wrong?” she asked as she held me.
“He’s right behind me!” I managed to squeak.
“Andrea, there isn’t anyone there,” Steve said soothingly.
“Shh.” Hannah hushed quietly. “It was probably just a rabbit. Let’s get you back to school.” She pulled me toward her car. I got in and buckled up as Hannah started up the car and her happy German music filled the speakers. I chance a glance back at the woods that frightened me so. As we drove away, I saw the glint of a metal meat cleaver in the sun.

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OCTOBER 25, 2012
Ms. Wright and the Scary Story
 Ms. Wright was teaching her freshman English class and had just assigned them to write a scary story. Somehow a conversation got started about ghosts and one of the students named Katrina asked, “Ms. Wright, do you believe in ghosts?”

“No and if anyone writes their story about ghosts they will fail the paper,” said Ms. Wright.

Ms. Wright was a crabby old lady who was anything but nice to her students or to anyone.

Later that night Ms. Wright was taking a walk and it became very foggy and quite hard to see. Ms. Wright was just about to turn back when she heard a bloodcurdling scream and someone yell, “Why do you not believe in us?”

“Who-Who’s is there?” stammered Ms. Wright.

“It is me, Mark,” stated Mark.

“Is it you, Mark?” questioned Ms. Wright.

Mark was Ms. Wright’s husband whom she killed.

“Yes, now why don’t you believe in ghosts?”questioned Mark.

“But that is not possible because ghosts aren’t real.”

“So, you’re saying that I’m not really here.”

“Yes, as soon as I close my eyes and then open them, all of this will be a bad dream.”

“Have it your way then.”

Ms. Wright walked back to her house only to find a disaster. On the center of the floor when she came in was the name Mark. She screamed and ran up to her room. Just as she was about to fall asleep Ms. Wright heard someone yell, “Susan, Susan, do you believe in ghosts now?”

“No, never.”

Out of nowhere chalk dust dumped on Ms. Wright.

“Susan, be nicer to your students or quit your job.”

“Okay,” said Ms. Wright and scrambled out of bed, out of her house, into her car, and drove away.

At Katrina’s house Katrina told her friends, “I think we can write our stories about ghosts and Ms. Wright won’t mind at all.”

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OCTOBER 25, 2012
One bright day a girl named Lilly was walking in the woods. It was Halloween Day and that night Lilly planned ongoing trick-or-treating with her friends Bailey and Kate. Normally the girls would start off at 6:00 p.m sharp and go all around town to every house except one, the old, broken down, beat up house on 1345 Birch Street. Rumor had it that the house was haunted with scary and mythical creatures. This house was at the top of the graveyard on the large hill. Some people say one kid rang the doorbell and then opened the door and he was never seen again. No person has ever rung that doorbell since.

The girls were all at Lilly's house getting their costumes on and their candy bags ready. At exactly 6:00 p.m the three girls set out for the night. First they went to the east side of town and made their way to the west. They got about half way through town when Bailey stopped and pointed. There on the top of the hill was the haunted house. Now Kate didn't know about the house and she wanted to go to it. Bailey and Lilly told Kate the story. She didn't believe it and the next thing they knew Kate was already half way up the hill. Lilly and Kate tried to stop her but it was too late, and they had no other choice than to follow her. When they got there, Kate rang the doorbell and the door squeakkkkkkkkkkked! Open. An older lady stood there in the doorway with three treats in her hand. Since they were her first visitors she invited them in for cookies and hot-chocolate. Her name was Beverly and she was very sweet and kind.

It turns out that all of those stories and rumors were just made-up lies and as the years went by more and more kids came to see her on Halloween night and Bailey, Lilly, and Kate visited her very often.

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OCTOBER 25, 2012
The Creepy House In The Creepy Woods
Once upon a time there was a man who owned a house. The house was very big, old and nice. But the man who owned it was not very pleasant. He would make loud noises and say weird things at night. Later the man died alone in his home. Then a nice young couple bought the house. They complained about loud noises and mumbling in the night. The couple later had twins, one Milton, and the other Samantha. But one day Samantha and Milton wanted a dog. They asked their parents for one and they said yes and got a dog. The dog was very unusual. The dog barked at random objects and corners. The children also noticed that the things they placed in a spot were moved when they came back into that room. Later the family moved because of property expenses and the scares in the house. The house was abandoned for a very long time. Two adventurous boys went inside the house and investigated it. The two boys were Josh and Brandon.

They really liked to go to places that were abandoned and safe to go in and not get caught. The cops wouldn’t arrest them so they can legally go in and investigate. Josh and Brandon went in the house. The first thing they saw was an immense room for resting and spending breakfast, lunch, and dinner in. They looked for cool artifacts and other items in there first. They heard a thump in the next room where they found a note saying “Beware of the dangers within.” The two looked at each other and asked “What does this mean?” But they thought it was a joke. They continued on to the kitchen. The kitchen was small but decent. They investigated more of it and found another note saying “So you think I’m joking, huh? Well don’t blame me when you’re dead.” Josh said, “ I don’t think we should stay.” Brandon convinced him to be brave and not to worry about the notes. So they continued on with the investigation. They next went to the attic. They found lots of spider webs and empty chests. But one chest had something in it. It was a note and four $100 bills. The note said on it, “!

Here is the last of what I own before I die. I hope you use it wisely.” Josh and Brandon were unsure of what this meant about “last of what I own.” They split the money with each other. Josh got $200, and Brandon got $200. They left and went to the bedroom of Milton. They found there a book of how to whittle, a knife and again another note. Josh and Brandon looked at the note and it said “ TAKE THE KNIFE IT WILL BE YOUR ONLY DEFENSE AGAINST HIM.” Josh and Brandon got chills down their spines. They picked up the knife as they were told. They watched all of the corners as they made their way into Samantha’s room next, They found another note saying, “WATCH OUT HE IS NEAR AND WILL GET YOU, DEFEND YOURSELVES.” Brandon screamed and wanted to leave while josh told him he had to be brave, mimicking him from before. So they stayed. They were walking around not knowing where else to go. They saw a figure dash across the hallway. They panicked. They went the opposite way away from the figure. They went into the parent’s bedroom and found a hatchet in a sheath. They picked that up just in case they need to break their way out of the building. They ventured in to the lobby where they first came from and found that the furniture had been moved and misplaced. The two boys were frightened. They had never known a person could move such heavy pieces of furniture in a short amount of time. Brandon heard a metal item fall in the next room. They approached the room with caution. They got closer, and closer until they saw a compass on the floor that Josh had left earlier when they had started. Josh picked it up and saw a man standing in the doorway. He asked Brandon “What is that? Is it real?” Brandon said yes he did see him standing there.

The man was approaching and getting closer, and closer. The two boys braced themselves for an attack. The man had said “ Do you know where I can find my way out?” he said. Josh and Brandon were joyful that it wasn’t a scary monster that was going to kill them! The two showed the man his way out and he said thank you. Brandon and Josh thought they might leave too. As they were leaving they were wondering about the notes and the “dangers within.” But no one will ever know. They just put that all behind them and went home.

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OCTOBER 25, 2012
Perfect Plan
They say that I'm next. My sister, mother, father and aunt have all been murdered. All the same way; one deep, jagged cut. Their bodies found anywhere from a garden to the supermarket restroom. Why them? No one knows.

People bother me with superstitions. As for me, I don't believe in them. I try to keep my life normal. That's not exactly possible. People at school, my friends, even my grandmother, tell me to be cautious.

Since my family has been killed, I must live with my grandmother. "Stay home and be safe" she always tells me. This only makes me want to stay out longer.

Today is October 30th. School wasn't enjoyable today. I have tons of homework and I'm exhausted. Again I walk home alone. The Autumn leaves crunch as I step on them. The slight breeze blows through my dark, brown hair.

I have four blocks left until the aromas of grandma's cooking fill the air. I can already smell it. I stop and close my eyes to imagine. That is when I felt it. Two cold hands closing in on my mouth and neck. I cannot see the person, for they are behiend me. Then I feel someting else. The cold and sharpness of a blade.

It is pressed on my neck. I try to fight this person off. Yet, I fail. I can feel the warm oozing of my own blood. The knife is see-sawing deeper and deeper into my neck. Blood is gushing everywhere. My shirt is drenched and sogy from the increasing amount of blood. My vision is going blurry and all I can hear is the rough ripping of my own flesh.

By this point, my vision is close to none. My surroundings are getting darker and blacker by the second. Then, my body went limp. The killer removed his knife and walked away unseen. I lie there, motionless, no longer breathing, and helpless.

By five o'clock, my grandmother noticed something was wrong. She looked out her kitchen window, up the street and saw no one coming. She paced nervously out to her concrete front steps. By this point, she was very frightened. Six o'clock came and she panicked. Her first thought was to call the police. She dialed the numbers quickly.

"9-1-1 What is your emergency?" the opperator answered.
"I-I think that m-my granddaghter Emma Milkey is m-missing" Grandma sobbed.
"Okay Maam how long has she been gone?"
"S-she was supposed to walk home from school at 3:30. She n-normally gets home around four o'clock"
"What school does she go to?" questioned the opperator.
"Jefferson High" Grandma replied quickly.
"Ok, I will contact the police and search team to help find her. I will also sind and investigator to your current address."
"Okay thank y-you" said Grandma.

Within ten minutes, the investigator arrived at grandma's house. He asked her many questions. After what seemed like ages, he made a call to the police chief and told him to start at the school and to trace back the route that I normally take home.

Police chief, Carl McLaulen, was determined to help. It was he who found my body. He spotted me lying on the sidewalk and immediatly flew out of the driver's seat of the police car. Habbitualy, he placed his fore and middle fingers on the crease right below my chin and a little over. Right then and there, I was pronounced dead.

The criminal investigators tried to recover some sort of fingerprints,or DNA,or something. Just like my previous family members, there was none.

Unlike my other family members, I want revenge. I will not let my killer rest in peace. I will make sure that he feels how I did. His family will suffer and be in mourning, like my family had to countless times. I won't let his family ever forget what he did to me. I will not rest until I get my revenge.

The day after my death, yes the 30th of October, yes it's cheesy but that's not my fault, anyway, The day after my death, my earthen soul was released. My motive clear, I want my mysterious killer to have a little taste of his own medicine.

I know that I want him dead. But, I'm not sure how. Before i can sucessfully murder him, I must plan and haunt him. My plan will start with investigation. I will find out who he is and stalk him.

It is November 13th and step 1 of my plan is complete. His name is Cameron Phillips. He lives on 47 Waterbrooke Avenue and I have been visiting his house almost every day now. He thinks that he is goung insane. He has tried to explain my visits to his friends and family, but no one believes him. I have decided on step 2. I am going to make my visits even more uncomforting for him.

He is really starting to fear me now. He knows why I'm here and knows that he can't handle my visits much longer. I will keep planting my discomforting seeds into his little head until he can't take it any longer. I have to have him do my dirty work for me.

He has tried to reason with me several times. He knows that I won't accept his offers and is becoming very afraid. He thinks that I will kill him soon. He is correct. Cameron Phillips will be on this earth not much longer. I am going to keep bugging him until he cracks.

It's November 16th and my killer has cracked. He is following my plan perfectly. I have been watching him. Camerom has driven to the port. His car is approaching the edger of the dock and a high speed. Splash! The water surrounds Cameron Phillips's car. He is finally gone. I have carried out my revenge.

I might've been next, but I wasn't last. Emma Milkey always wins. I always get revenge.

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OCTOBER 25, 2012
The Black Carriage
It all started back in 1812 when Hickoryville was just being created. The Johnsons were settling in Hickoryville. They had moved all the way from Ireland. Mr. Johnson was a very wealthy lawyer and was wanted by the high officials of Ireland. Nobody was quite sure why? Mrs. Johnson was even more suspicious. She walked around with her head constantly on a swivel, she always wore black clothes, and was usually seen in a black cape. Now the Johnson’s together seemed to constantly be clouding something. When anyone talked to them they were very perky but never seemed to be fully in tune to what anyone said. They were always leaning over, looking over the person they were talking to, and staring up at the sky. Only one would talk, the other stood with his/her back to the other-looking up and down and side to side.

The Johnson’s built a five - story house out of hickory wood and granite bricks, but not a single window.
Often times people heard strange sounds from the house at night.

Here’s the strangest part. No one had ever seen a single bat in Hickoryville, but since the Johnson’s moved in people started to see a family of bats. The Johnson’s were never seen at night-ever.

A month after their house was built Mrs. Johnson was seen carrying a baby. Then a week later the Johnson’s left in a black carriage without the baby. Several people heard crying from the house. The elders sent a boy into the house to rescue the baby. He went in; scream was heard; a bat flew out.

Ten years later a black carriage returned to the house. After about a month the couple was seen carrying a baby. A week later the couple left in a black carriage-without the baby.

After cries were heard the elders sent a girl in to rescue the baby. She went in; a scream was heard; a bat flew out.

This pattern went on every ten years.

Now in 2012-Hickoryville, that house still stands, but nobody dares to go in. People many times heard noises from inside, but nobody lives there as far as the villagers know.

One day a couple dressed in black, came to the house in a black carriage. After about a month of living at the house they were seen carrying a baby. A week later they abandoned the house and the baby and left in their black carriage.

After people heard cries, they called the police. The police went in; screams were heard; bats flew out!
I warn you, don’t go in the hickory house!! I know!! I was a victim, the first victim.

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OCTOBER 25, 2012
The Runaway Mystery
One day, a kid named Fredward decided to run away. You see, Fredward was probably the most unlucky kid on planet Earth. His name, for one, was very embarrassing and he was the number one target for teasing and bullying. He was also a klutz. So far he had succeeded in setting the school on fire, causing a statewide black-out, and getting arrested by navy seals. (Don’t ask.) The final straw was when he accidentally gave his only friend, Billy, a staple in the head and two broken limbs!

Before he went to bed in the shack he and his six siblings and parents called home, he packed his few belongings in his school backpack and hid it under his bed. Later, when all the others had fallen asleep, he got out the backpack from under the bed and left the house he hoped he would never see again. He walked four blocks to a wood on the edge of town.

What no one had told him was that the woods was apparently haunted by the spirits of a long ago massacre performed by a company of British soldiers taking the town. At night, it was said that their spirits would rise up and try to find those who caused their death. They would seek revenge by a long and painful death. Unfortunately for Fredward, the night he ran away was the 200th anniversary of the massacre and the spirits were more powerful than ever before.

As the trees loomed menacingly over him, Fredward entered the woods and immediately felt as if he were being watched and felt shivers down his spine. He paused, his breath rattling in his ears, looked at his surroundings as if waiting for something, but even he didn’t know what. Suddenly, as if some unseen force pushed him forward, he broke into a run, heading straight into the heart of the woods, the trees hiding his process from mortal eyes.
If some bystander had seen him, they would have sworn fleeting images of men were chasing a small boy toward a small stream, but frankly, there was none, and the boy ran over the bank of the stream and into a void of nothingness unobserved to several decades of unseen and unheard torture at the hands of his captors. Then, when they thought fit, the spirits spewed the limp body of the boy onto the shore, out of his time, to be discovered by authorities after his case had been closed for many years.

He had died the night he was found in his sleep after screaming “No, No, Noooooooooooo!”

The police never knew of what happened that terrible night many years ago, but, what they did know was that this was not an isolated case and they were waiting for the next person to end up half dead on their doorstep. They weren’t the only ones waiting. The dead hadn’t even started and are waiting for the next victim to fall into their clutches at night. Beware, you may be next!

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OCTOBER 25, 2012
The House
Once there was a house that no one could live in for more than a week. Nobody could figure it out. Month after month the house was bought, resold, and then bought again over and over again.

One family, Bob and Kaliee, bought the house and lived in it with their kids, Ethan, Hunter, Elena, and Kenzie. Little did the town know, but they were wizards. Bob was teaching Kenzie and Elena, while Kenzie was teaching Ethan, and Elena was teaching Hunter.

One week had passed. The mayor had decided to pay them a visit because how long they were lasting in the house. It was Halloween night, a wizard’s favorite! As the mayor approached the house, the kids hid in the bushes. Hunter, turned on the spooky sounds; Kenzie and Elena got the ghost ready; and Ethan made the empty bushes shake. They did all of this with the simple flick of a wand. Then all of a sudden Elena, using her wand slammed open the door and their father walked out. He went to all the bushes they were hiding in, shook them, and dragged the kids out. “I’m sorry about all of this racket,” started Bob, “But my children love to scare people.”

“It’s all right, no harm no foul.”

“We’re really sorry, sir,” they all said full of sorrow.

“Well I want to congratulate you on being here in the town of Marathon.”

“Thank you,” a voiced gushed form behind.

“Oh no!” Elena whispered.

“How wonderful of you to drop by. I’m Kaliee. This is Bob, Elena, Kenzie, Ethan and, Hunter. Welcome to our home. We love it! Come in!”

“Alright,” he replied unsure.

“Come, come.”

After he had finished touring the house he felt more at ease and the family felt welcomed enough to go to town.

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OCTOBER 25, 2012
The Nightmare of the Haunted House
                It was the week before Halloween, and I desperately needed a job. I couldn't afford the costume I wanted. So, to get the money to pay for it, I went out searching downtown.
                There were glamorous beauty salons, crowded grocery stores, and creepy, mysterious store outlets. Since it was close to Halloween, the haunted houses were just beginning to come together.
                That's when an idea rang in my head. I would be one of the clerks that locked up after the work day was over. I had heard horrible stories about the job. How brutes and demons lurked through the darkness of the haunted house. Many people didn't believe it, for they said the people who took the job, were just completely insane. I knew that it was a risk to take, but I needed the money and the risk was worth taking.
                I happily skipped to the nearest haunted house that was in my point of view. It had a large, torn tarp covering most of the building. The walls were made of rough cement and every few inches there seemed to be dents forged into the concrete. 
                A dusty old man slowly hobbled up to me. He had a long, wooden cane that seemed to be the only thing that kept him walking. His clothes were raggedy, with holes down the sides of his plaid shirt and rips in his denim jeans. He had a long, pearly white beard. Though it was tangled. And his crooked smile showed many rotten teeth.
                I smiled nervously back at him and said with a daring soul, "I was looking for a job and I thought I could close up the haunted house every night at midnight." I hollered. The old man started to laugh, like he thought it was some sort of joke. Drool dripped out of his mouth and soaked his long beard. Some dripped onto his arm, and that's when I noticed a dark, red scar. Three scratch marks dug deep into his skin. It seemed to glow an outrageous green when it hit the shadows, but when the light was struck onto it, it remained the same gleaming red of a normal scar. My eyebrows crinkled, how mysterious.  
                "Yeah, you can lock the ole place up, I'd rather not have to walk in the dark of the night. How about I pay you seven dollars a night?" his voice sounded scratchy, but he still seemed to be chuckling. Nodding my head, he handed me an old, clanky key. It was in the shape of what seemed to be a dragon. How unique. I smiled to the man and waved goodbye, telling him I would be there tomorrow night.
                The next night, I got there right at closing time. Couples strolled out, holding hands and staring into each other's eyes. Young children seemed to be looking both directions with alarmed looks on their faces as they ran to their parents and grasped onto their legs with utter fear. My lips curved downward as I watched all of the people scurry off. Digging into my pocket, I pulled out the key and headed to the door. The door was dusty and seemed like it was a thousand years old. The glass window on the door was cracked.
                 I was in the middle of locking the door, when I decided to walk through the haunted house to make sure nobody else was left inside. I stepped onto the floor panels and the floor creaked loudly. My eyes widened and I shook my head. What did I have to be scared of? As I kept on walking, skeletons and spiders jumped out at me in all directions. Maybe they were trying to pose a threat, but they just made me laugh hysterically.
                At the end of the haunted house, there was a mound of giant boulders. There seemed to be no reason for the boulders to be there. Strolling up to the mound of rocks, I poked one of the boulders and immediately tore my hand back, thinking something would pop out at me. Nothing happened. I glared at the boulders and started to walk back out of the haunted house.
                When I was almost back at the door, a loud rumbling stirred behind me. My eardrums shook and my stomach fell flat. That was not a good sound. I slightly turned my head sideways, just enough to see the boulders forming a beast. The boulders lifted into the air and banged into each other with an extreme force as the form of a dragon came to life. Taking a step back, gleaming red eyes turned to me and a piercing roar sent me hurtling backwards.
                Screaming madly, I tried to crawl to the door, while the dragon was clomping it's heavy stones after me. Smash, Smash, Smash. I felt my body shaking and I huddled into a dusty corner. Pulling my legs up to my chest, my breathing rapidly increased. I thought my life was now over.
                Seconds later, the beast was hanging above me. Its steamy breath cast down onto my fragile body. Cringing, I waited for the searing pain that would end my life.
                It seemed as if hours had passed, and still nothing happened. I opened one eye and the beast grinned wickedly at me. It's eyes turned a menacing green and its teeth dug into my arm. I wailed as the pain struck my body. The blood oozed over my thin legs and my arm that now seemed to be torn apart. Hot tears fell from my eyes as I tried to calm myself.
                 Finally, the terrible beast let go of my arm and tromped back to its pile. Suddenly, it fell back into the boulders it was before. I  looked down at my arm, and it wasn't bleeding, but it was glowing an illuminating green. I looked towards the door and the old man was standing in the cracked window, chuckling and holding up his glowing, green arm. I shook my head as if joking and gave the man a menacing grin. It seemed as if I had this scar for the rest of my life. The money was not worth the horror I had seen tonight.

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OCTOBER 25, 2012
The Campfire Story
“Okay kids, go look for Chocolate and Marshmallow while I create a good campfire story,” remarked Uncle Jon, Adam’s dad.  Mitchel, Trevor and I weren’t related to him, but he insisted that we called him Uncle Jon.
“Chocolate!  Snowball!  Come on boys, treatsy bones!”  We all shouted into the mountain range.
I could still hear the echoes when Uncle Jon hollered to us “Ah well boys, they’ll come when they’re hungry.  Now how ‘bout you?”

“S’mores?” I questioned, not wanting more beans.  “Nope, the marshmallows are for after the story.  We will have venison bacon,” Adam replied.
Everyone had their own job.  I did shelter, Adam did food, Mitchel did packing, Trevor did planning, and Uncle Jon had entertainment and supervisor.
“Now can you start the story, Dad?” inquired Adam once we were all around the campfire.
“All right then.  Now this is a mainly true story, but I have exaggerated some parts.  So, it goes like this:
“Way back in the 1950s my dad lived in upper Michigan.  His name was Samuel, but most people called him Sam.  Now Sam’s dad was a butcher, so Sam usually did the hunting for his dad.
“Now, every once in a while Sam’s dad got strange requests for unusual meat.  This time, the meat was coyote.  Sam’s dad told his son.  “Now Samuel, I need coyote meat, and I need it by sundown tomorrow.  I have heard that there are coyotes in the mountain range.  Now don’t delay.  Go!”
“So, after Sam cleaned his rifle, he headed west, toward the mountain range.  Once Sam entered a more heavily wooded area he saw tracks of a lone coyote.  It looked like there was a trail the coyote was using.  Sam decided to follow the trail.”
“Um, Dad?  Can you hold on for a moment?  I need to get more bacon,” interrupted Adam.
Sure, let’s all take a break,” replied Uncle Jon.
While I stretched my legs I thought about how cool it would be to hunt coyote.
In five minutes we were back at the campfire to be surprised by hot chocolate made by Adam.  “Thank you,” we all shouted before we each took a slurp.
“Okay everyone, back to the story,” announced Uncle Jon. “Everyone here?  Good.  Now while Sam was following the trail it connected to a road.  Sam made faster progress and soon came to a farm.
“The farm was in chaos.  Sheep were everywhere and the coyote was gobbling them up.  The coyote looked like it had rabies.  Sam pulled back the hammer, aimed, and-.”
“Uncle Jon, look behind you!  Coyotes!” Mitchel bellowed.

“Suddenly, the two animals were on me, licking every part of open skin I had, and then I realized something.

 “These aren’t coyotes!  It’s Chocolate and Marshmallow!” I was laughing.
Then, Adam hollered “They ate the marshmallows!”  Everyone was laughing now.  Finally, Uncle Jon calmed everyone down and continued the story.
“Sam aimed and BAM!  The coyote fell over, dead.  Sam was proud of himself and could hardly sleep.
“The next morning, Sam took the meat to his dad.  But it is said that the ghost of the coyote is still in this very mountain range.   The End.”
“Wow Uncle Jon!  That was so cool!”  Trevor whooped while bouncing up and down.
“Dad, can you tell us one more story please?”  We all looked at Uncle Jon hopefully.
“All right, just one more,” Uncle Jon replied.  So he talked into the night, and they all had a great time.

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OCTOBER 25, 2012
A Day I Wish to Forget
It all started six years ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday.

My sister was turning twelve, that dreadful day, and the whole house was in merry spirits; at least for part of the time.  The temperature, freezing cold, was twenty degrees below zero. Nobody seemed to notice, though, for we were all happily bundled up in our new mansion.  We sang carols, ate birthday cake, and played board games.

“Okay girls, get off to bed,” my mother commanded Josie, my older sister and I.  Josie ran upstairs, but I stayed for just one more piece of cake.  That’s when I heard the scream.  It was a horrible, death-curdling scream.  As you would expect any six-year-old child to do, I started to cry.  “Mommy, Mommy!” I wailed.  My dad quickly jumped up and ran towards the stairs while my mom tried to hush me.

“Marie, come quick!” my dad yelled.  The panic in his voice made me scared for my dad never panicked as far as I could remember.  My mom, still tightly clenching on to me, ran towards the scene.  There lay my sister, dead.

“Josie, why are you sleeping on the floor?” I questioned her knowing my sister had a comfy bed (that was also good for jumping on) in her room.  My dad looked up at me, “Lucy, look at me.”  I gazed down into my dad’s intense brown eyes which were usually full of laughter and joy. Now looking sad, a tear slid down his cheek.” Lucy, Josie’s not asleep; she’s dead.”
My dad said the last word so sincere that I didn’t know what to think.  My dad was always goofing around and found a joke to say about everything.  I looked at my sister.  Was it possible? Could she really be dead?  I had experienced death before when my gerbil died.  Of course I thought it was just sleeping and got mad at my dad for feeding him to the evil ground, which swallowed him up.  I hoped Dad wouldn’t do that to Josie, too.

My mom told me to go off to bed.  I lumbered up the steps complaining about how I wanted Josie to come up too.  It took me awhile to fall asleep.  I kept glancing back at Josie’s empty bed and wondered why my sister was so peculiar as to want to sleep on the floor.

I heard weird noises.  The door opened and I heard the sound of running and shouts of men.  I knew I shouldn’t disobey my mother, but curiosity finally won over.  I crawled to the top of the stairs and peered down.  I saw men heading this way and that, examining everything.  Josie was being put in a big car with flashing lights (which I found made the strange noises.) “Gosh, Josie is a heavy sleeper,” I thought wondering how she could possibly still be asleep through the entire racket.
The next morning I ran down the stairs to where I found my dad sitting in his great big chair staring at the fire with red and puffy eyes.
            “Where’s Mom?”

My dad, either ignoring the question or not hearing it at all, didn’t move.  That’s when I got the horrible feeling that I would never see my mom again.  I didn’t cry, or get mad, or anything.  I just stared at my dad.  Without moving anything, but his mouth, he spoke, “What are you staring at?  Get out of here and make yourself useful!”  I took one step back, still staring at my dad.  “Go on, go!” My dad bellowed.
I turned around and ran out of the room.  I ran outside and kept running. I ran through the town yelling for my mom.  She couldn’t be gone.  I couldn’t imagine life without her.

Finally, after hours of running and shouting, too exhausted to move I plopped down on the sidewalk, “Maybe Dad is happier now,” I thought, “Maybe if I go and apologize to him he won’t be angry anymore.”  So I got up and walked back home.  When I arrived, though, my dad was nowhere to be seen.  “Well, maybe I will make him dinner,” I decided.

I opened the fridge and pulled out a slab of turkey and mayonnaise.   Luckily, a turkey sandwich was my dad’s favorite.   That’s all I knew how to make.  I was in the living room for hours awaiting my dad.  I got really bored so I decided to go exploring.  There must have been one hundred rooms that had gone untouched.  I decided I would start on the left side of the house.  The first few rooms weren’t very interesting and I was about to stop, but got the urge to check out the next room.  I slowly opened the door and peered inside.  What I saw made me gasp.
Hanging on the walls were pictures of a girl and boy.  In all the pictures they were smiling, laughing and having fun.  In one picture the girl was holding a baby girl.  Next to that were more pictures of her playing at every age.  The last picture was of the girl blowing out the candles of her twelfth birthday cake.  I looked for more pictures, but there were none.  As my eyes circumnavigated the room I saw a little table in the corner of the room.  I saw a little table in the corner of the room with a white cloth on it and dying rose in a vase.  There were many other things in the room that were all packed away in boxes.  I took my time to carefully unpack each one and examine the contents.  I arranged everything beautifully in the room and even watered the dying rose, which looked much better afterwards.

I loved the tiny room and went there whenever possible.  My father came and went just to get something to eat or to stare blankly at the fire crackling in the hearth.

You may wonder how I live such a lonely life, but the truth is that it’s not that lonely.  I have befriended all the little critters such as mice and rats.  That’s how I came to realize something was wrong.  All the creatures started to act strangely and wouldn’t come out of there houses, not even for a piece of turkey!  Apart from that I sometimes feel as if someone is following me.  The scariest part of it all is that mytwelfth birthday is in a week. I don’t know for sure yet, but I’m pretty positive that I’m finally putting the puzzle pieces together. There’s something or someone who has something against twelve years old birthdays and wants an end to them all.

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OCTOBER 25, 2012
My Trick-or-Treat Experience
I was walking down Aubrey Ave. when I heard it. CREKKKKKKK! .It was a sound. A sound I would never forget. I dropped my bag of candy and ran all the way back home. That was last Halloween, and tomorrow was next Halloween.

My best friend George and I were supposed to go trick-or-treating with tomorrow, but after I remembered last year’s Halloween, I wasn’t sure I wanted to go. It was during study hall that I thought of this, so I wasn’t interrupted in thought, and the teachers weren’t giving a boring lecture in division. I’m in the 3rd grade, so it was still new to me.

2:49. that’s what the clock said, only the red hand wasn’t moving. Today was Friday the 30, so I was already getting on my bike, even though we were not supposed to do that until after the bell rang. Finally, after what seemed to take an hour, it rang. I was half way home before the teacher said good-bye. My house was only a block away, but still.

After dinner, George called. He wanted to tell me to meet him at the fire hydrant. The fire hydrant, where it happened last year. It was conveniently half way between my house and his. After that I went home to put my costume on. I was going as a hot dog. George was going as ketchup.

I went to the fire hydrant to wait for George. I waited 30 minutes until he came. It was already starting to get dark out. We made our rounds around town and came back to the fire hydrant to divvy up and trade the candy. It was dark, but I always bring a flash light, so we used the light. CREKKKKKKK! The noise filled my ears. That same terrible noise. I pointed the flash light at the hydrant, and what I saw, was a rabbit, trying to dig into the fire hydrant. George and I could not stop laughing after that.

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OCTOBER 25, 2012
The evil robot and haunted house
One spooky night on Halloween there were three teenagers trying to dare kids named Jerry, Grace, and George to go in to the basement of a haunted house. They said they would kill them, so they went in to the basement. They saw a front half of the truck, and a robot came up with glowing red eyes in the front of the truck and took Jerry and Grace to the underworld.

So George followed the robot to the underworld. When he got there, it was creepy. He saw dead bodies and ghosts. He was very scared until he found a Halloween pumpkin that talked. He helped George find his way to the evil robot’s place.

When George and the pumpkin got there, they make a plan for George to distract the evil robot and the talking pumpkin, and then get the kids. At that time the teenagers were going down the stairs to check on them. The evil robot saw George, and started to chase him. The pumpkin quickly found Jerry and Grace and ran to find George.
George saw them and said, “Follow me guys.”

They quick jumped out of the underworld. The evil robot was still behind them until he saw the three teenagers and took them to the underworld to eat them. The curse of the three teenagers, the haunted house, and the evil robot will haunt Halloween for ever and ever.

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OCTOBER 25, 2012
Viejo Mal
I sit in my penthouse suite, while my crew prepares my private jet for my latest and greatest discovery yet.  I’m already well known for my success, but this will give me global recognition.  I will be the richest man in the world.  I step out of my limo and board my plane. 

The ground is wet from the dew.  I see a faint glow in the distance.  As I approach the glow begins to move toward the swamp.  I step into murky, dark green water.  I don’t want to but something is forcing me there.  The glowing rises above me and I look around.  I see bubbles rising under the water.  All of a sudden something jumps out and I scream. 

I wake up with a start.  My head smacks against a cold metal object.  I realize I am blindfolded.  I try to move my arms but they feel like rubber and they resist.  I try my legs with no luck.  I hear voices all around me.  A dark, low, scratchy voice whispers, “Please, please.  I love to hear them scream!”  Another voice, a voice of authority answers, “Ok, this time.  I too love to hear the screams.  I also love it when their eyes pop out in horror!”  A third voice yells in panic, “But the master said...” He is cut off by the scratchy voice, “I don’t care!”  I yell out, “I don’t know what you want.  I don’t have anything.  Let me go!”  The room grows quiet.  “No!” they all answer. 

The blindfold is ripped off my face.  I stare in horror at what is above me.  A blade, dripping with blood is swinging from a pendulum.  I watch as every second it lowers toward my bound, motionless body.  Not too far from where I lay, I hear voices, quietly arguing.  And then a door slams and no one is in the room with me.  The blade begins to move.  I regain some feeling in my arms and legs and will my body to move.  I feel the binds on my hands coming loose.    The edge of the blade is close and I move out of instinct.  One arm is free, on to the legs.  I can feel the breeze of the swinging blade.  My leg is twisted in the knotted ropes.  I scream, “No!” The blade drops.

I open my eyes and realize the blade didn’t kill me, it came close enough to cut through the remaining ropes and I watch them drop to the floor.  I slowly roll off the side of the table and lean against the wall, take a deep breath and sigh with relief, “I’m alive”, I say to myself.  I stand up slowly, leaning against the wall.  My legs quiver below me, not wanting to move.  I see two doors.  Which one to take?  Creek…creek.  The sound is coming from the door on the left.  I have to move fast.  I dive for the door on the right door but it won’t open.  The door next to me is forced open and in marches a large figure.  I pray, “Please don’t see me, please.”  The large, shadowy image yells out, “Ah, there you are!”  I’m dead; I just know it.  To my surprise, he isn’t talking to me but to a bird sitting high in the rafters.  I breathe a sigh of relief.  When he leaves I pry open the door and step out into the cold darkness. 

I can’t see a thing.  I keep walking until my eyes get used to the dark and I spot a faint light.  I step closer to the light and it moves with me.  I feel a tingle at the back of my neck.  The light moves quicker and I follow it.  Suddenly the light stops and I stare and wonder, “Where am I?  What is this light?  Where is it taking me?”  With each step I take the light moves farther away from me.  I keep walking until I the bottom of my feet are soaking wet.  I am standing at the edge of a small body of water.  I see the light stop in the middle of this dark space.  Suddenly, I remember my dream, the lagoon, and the bubbling water. 

I realize now I am standing waist deep in dark green murky water and the bubbles are beginning to rise once more.  I turn to run and don’t get far before the creature jumps out of the water.  It grabs me and pulls me under the water.  I look up one last time as the glowing light fades away.  I am sinking lower into the water and I am running out of air.  My eyes feel heavy, but I fight the urge to close them.  I sink lower, into the dark.  I try to fight, punch and kick at the creature but it does no good.  At the bottom I spot a sharp rock.  With all my strength I wiggle free, grab the rock and smash the creature on the head.  He is temporarily distracted.  I kick some sand loose in the water to create a cover and swim to the top.   When I reach the top I swim to shore.  Out of breath I throw myself onto the beach.    

There is the light again.  Blinding me.  A loud voice comes over the speaker, “This is Angel 1.  We are here to rescue you!”  A ladder drops down and a man holds on to me as we are lifted into the air.  They explain I’ve been missing for the past week and they have been searching the area of my last contact.  I faintly remember my mission.  The discovery of a new island in the South Pacific; me; my crew; what happened?  They inform me our plane went down in a mysterious storm.  Natives from a nearby island tell us no one dares to go near that island.  They call it Viejo Mal or old evil. 

That night, I fall asleep in my hotel room and think about how great this discovery will be for my career.  Fame, fortune!  I wake in the middle of the night; it’s quiet.  In the corner of the room stands a shadowy figure.  He walks closer and I see he’s carrying a sharp knife.  I recognize the voice when he speaks, “No one has ever escaped us, and I’m not going to let it start with you!” 

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OCTOBER 25, 2012
The Ring de la France Circus Mystery
 Hi I’m Marne. In the summer of 2011, I and my best friend, Sabrina, went to a circus in Hollywood, California. Sabrina loves circuses, but I hate them. I mean who wouldn’t with creepy clowns, animals everywhere, men swallowing fire, magicians, and contortionists. I could go on forever. I went to a circus when I was seven, and it didn’t turn out so well. I was twelve when I went to the circus again. Here is the story of what happened. You might not believe it, but it’s true.
“Come on Marne!” Sabrina said to me. She had been bugging me for awhile about this.
“Okay fine!” I said to her. “I’ll pick you up at six. Bye Marne!”
“Bye Sabrina!” I said. Then I slowly walked over to the #21 bus. I got home and went straight upstairs to my room and texted Sabrina for a little while.
“Marne! Dinner’s ready!” my mom yelled from downstairs.
“Okay I’ll be down in a minute!” At dinner, I told my mom about the circus and she let me go.
“BEEP! BEEP!” I heard Sabrina’s Jeep outside. I said good bye to my mom and she gave me $20 to spend. We drove all the way down to where they always have the carnival. We walked in and people of all ages were cheering and clapping. We got our seats and then it started.
A man stepped on the stage and announced. “Welcome to the Ring de la France Circus! I am Ronjóno. This has been the greatest circus on earth since 1931. Please enjoy the show!” There was a puff of smoke and then ladies in beautiful beaded costumes were on elephants. They then danced on top of them without even falling as the elephants circled the stage.
Then came one of the worst parts, the clowns. A tiny yellow car came onto the stage, and a clown named Bubbles jumped out of it. He was tall with red curly hair, a white face, and a giant smile. Then he squeezed his nose and it beeped twice. Another clown came out of the car named Bobo.
We watched them fall over each other, and then we watched Shiina, the contortionist, fold herself into a pretzel into a tiny box. People were amazed and they clapped. Then a man with a tall hat came on the stage. He was the magician, Raul. He called for a volunteer from the audience, and little kids were raising their hands and screaming, “PICK ME! PICK ME!” While I was just hoping he didn’t pick me.
Then, of course, I hear him yell, “You! In the pink and white striped shirt!” and pointing at me. I slowly walked to the stage and he whispered, “What is your name?”
I said, “M, m, Marne.” He directed me over to a box and said he would cut me in half with a saw. I was scared, but next thing I knew, I was standing up in one piece.
The next trick was to make everyone disappear. “Now I’m going to have Marne step into this box and I’m going to make everyone disappear!” said Raul
I stepped into the blue box.
He took his spell book and said, “Didery doo malayka boo molachia fear make everyone in this room disappear!” There was bolt of lightning, and I was alone. He said it would only be for a little while, but I looked at my watch and over an hour had passed. I went and got cotton candy and right as I was about to turn around, I felt someone grab my shoulder and yank me towards them. My cotton candy dropped to the ground as I screamed. It was then pitch black. My eyes were covered. We walked forever and then I was sitting down and I could see again.
I was in a never ending hall of mirrors and then I looked at it and saw someone just like me sneering. She jumped out and pushed me into the mirror. I stood up and tried running forward, but I ran into the glass. I tried running the other direction, but and it was pitch black so I couldn’t see where I was going. A light suddenly turned on and Bobo was in front of me with an evil smile plastered across his face. I was in shock, but I was picked up and set down on a chair.
Ronjóno was in front of me. “You’re going to listen to us or you’ll never see your friends again!” Ronjóno said.
“If I don’t where will I go?” I said nervously.
“Back to 1931 where this circus started and you will work as a slave for me!” said Ronjóno
“So many people have gone there that I have had to get rid of some.” Ronóno said. I sat quietly. Shiina was sitting in front of me as the clowns and Ronjóno mixed potions.
“You will be quiet! I should let you know I’ve been part of this since 1931.” Shiina said to me.
I still didn’t say anything because I was so shocked. Then the clowns grabbed me, Shiina opened my mouth, and Ronjóno put a green potion down my throat. Then they were gone, and I was surrounded by mirrors again. I felt something on my face, so I looked in the mirror and beetles and spiders were on my entire body. I shut my eyes as hard as I could and then looked again and my arms were drenched in blood with Sabrina’s head in my hands. I dropped it and screamed. I looked again, but everything was black and I couldn’t hear anything. I figured I was asleep. My eyes were closed, and I couldn’t hear anything, but I was awake. I tried opening my eyes, but it was like they were glued shut.
I heard a voice in my head speaking to me, “Marne! Marne! Move forward and fall! Trust me!” so I scooted forward with the chair with me. The voice said, “STOP!”
Then I stopped and fell forward. I felt someone try to grab me, but they were too late. I fell freely for a long time and I could see again and hear. I was sitting in the magic box. I saw my evil clone right next to me.
“You might have escaped them but you can’t escape me! And even if you did, you would have nothing to live for!” said my evil clone.
“I killed Sabrina by cutting off her hands and feet and throwing her off a cliff.”
Your mother is dead too. I controlled her and made her force herself to stab herself in the neck. She died instantly!” said my evil clone. I started crying then I got angry and shoved her into the mirror in the box, and she was gone. I ran as fast as I could to get the spell book that Raul had used. I opened to the page and said the spell backwards. That was what the book had said to do. “Make these people reappear molachia fear malayka boo didery doo!” Everyone was back and clapping for me but it was different. Men were wearing black coats and women were wearing pale pink and blue dresses.
Was I stuck in 1931? Today I still don’t know the answer. I’m still stuck here though and I have been for twenty years. Raul, Bubbles, Bobo, Ronjóno, and Shiina still despise me for what happened in 2011. Ninety more years passed, and I died. Ronjono pushed me off of a tightrope, and I was trampled by elephants. After I died, I started haunting the circus. I haven’t found out the secret to how all of the circus people stay alive this long and not age at all, but I will someday and get my revenge on the Ring de la France Circus.

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OCTOBER 25, 2012
Cavern Horror
What if you were trapped in a cave? What would you be scared of, bats, the darkness, or cave bugs? Well do I have a story for you.

It all started on a bright Halloween morning a kid named Joe was going with his family to Lewis and Clark canyons for a family vacation. They went on a tour to see the entire canyon, but while they were on the tour, Joe got lost. He was looking for a way out, but while he was looking he found a door covered in sand, so he opened it and went inside.

He was looking around and he found a skeleton with a note in its hand, so he took the note and read it.
It said,” To get out pull the levers.” Joe did not understand what it meant, but he kept going forward to find out what it meant. He came to a hallway and there was a ladder, so he climbed it, and there was a small room at the top of the ladder. There was a lever inside the room. The ceiling was falling very quickly so he pulled the lever, and a compartment opened with a fragment of a stone inside it. He grabbed it and got out of the room just in time. After he was out, he wondered what the stone was for. So he went back towards the door and saw key hole. He realized that more fragments stone were needed, so he went on to find another leaver. Next he came to a room with many levers, but he did not which leaver to pull. Finally, he saw writing on the wall, it said, “Trust the stone.” He had no idea what that meant. So he took out the stone and walked by one of the levers. The stone started to glow, so he pulled it and a small compartment opened.

Inside was another fragment, so he took it and put it next to the other stone. They fused together. He thought that was pretty cool, and he kept going. When he came to the next lever, he pulled it and a lot of compartments opened. He took out the stone and put it next to a fragment but the stone did not glow, it was not the right fragment. Finally he found the right one, and he took it. He pulled one last lever. It opened a small compartment, and Joe took the fragment of the stone.

After he took the stone, a big door opened and a monster stepped out. He started to chase him. He ran as fast as he could. He was about to be eaten when he woke up. It was all a dream. He was glad it was only a dream, but he looked at his hand and he still had the stone in his hand.

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OCTOBER 24, 2012
Victoria stumbled upon her feet as she walked in the chilly night, back from the club with her co-workers. "La la laaa.." She sang slightly buzzed from drinking. Her red dress clung to her body tightly, showing her curves. "Aah.. what a beauty the night time is.." The girl mumbled to herself, walking herself home passing a tiny alley way.

Victoria continued walking pass the alley til she heard her a low growl. Growing curious she took a few steps back peeking into the dark, seeing red neon eyes glow in the shadows with white fangs peeking through its lips, kneeling down holding a girl in its arms that was no longer alive. Thinking her mind was playing tricks on her she took a few steps closer into the alley. The monster she was seeing dropped the lifeless body onto the cold ground and stood up, making it's way to Victoria. Knowing her mind wasn't playing tricks anymore, frightened, she hugged her purse for dear life, frozen in her spot as her mind became blank not knowing what to do any longer. Soon enough the monster was to be seen in front of her. White porcelain skin, blood shot eyes, blood stains on his white button up shirt, dark brunette hair that swept over his ferocious eyes. In a low growl he spoke, "Your blood doesn't seem so bad." He smirked, sniffing her neck as he paced around her slowly. Victoria shivered feeling his hot breath hit against her earlobe. "W-What do you mean?" She stuttered still processing his words through her mind. "You know exactly what I mean..." The man grinned, swiping her hair to the side, "..Victoria." His fangs grew longer, digging them into her neck forcefully.

Victoria woke up gasping for breath, breathless from her nightmare. Beads of sweat dripping down the side of her face. 6:00 AM read the clock. "Just in time for work.." She thought aloud to herself as she was regaining her normal breathing pattern. Getting out of her bed still feeling groggy she slipped into the bathroom getting ready for a new day to begin.

The petite girl slipped into the car, starting the engine to warm up the vehicle. After seat belting herself she peeked at the rear-view mirror seeing a glance of a familiar face. Victoria took a double-take in the rear-view, making sure she didn't see anything she wasn't suppose to. She shrugged it off and backed out of the parking lot onto the road.

"Victoria!" Nick, her friend, called out to her. "Hey!" She replied with a smile. "Are you okay?" He asked her noticing her face was quite pale. "Yeah, i'm fine!" She flashed a quick smile then walked past him to her office. "You sure?" The boy asked again jogging to her. "By the way...did you get bit by a bug?" Victoria raised a questioning brow, "What do you mean?" Nick pointed at her neck. Quickly, her fingers went to her neck, feeling two bumps. "Oh crap.." She muttered beneath her breath. "What was that?" Nick questioned in curiosity. "Nothing. I'm uh.. actually not feeling well." She lied heading back to the car. "Wait! What're you gonna tell the boss?" "I'M SICK!" Victoria shouted as she hopped into her car. "What a troublesome girl." Nick shook his head and headed inside his workplace.

"Seriously?! Did I get bit or what?" Victoria grumbled as she drove back home. Finally, arriving home she she got of her car with a slam. "That dream couldn't have been real.." Frustration and confusion was boiling in her blood. She stomped her way into her home.

Sitting upon her roof he watched her, gliding his thumb over his lower lip. A grin plastered upon his face. The anonymous man stood up, thinking of various plans to get her into his hands as soon as possible and as easy as possible. "You'll be mine soon enough, Victoria. Dead or alive."

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OCTOBER 24, 2012
The Trap of Woodsville
Annie Stien was a sensible 12 year old girl with brown hair and blue eyes. She did not believe in haunts, the dead who keep on living like they are still alive, ghosts or zombies. She believed in science and that there was a reason for everything on earth. But, on a road trip with her mother, all her ideas in life changed.

“What’s that sound?” Annie asked her mom, tilting her head to hear, “it sounds like the engine.”

Annie and her mother were on a road trip to the Grand Canyon from Wisconsin and were really excited. Annie hoped this would not ruin their trip. They had left very early that morning and hoped to arrive by tomorrow.

“We’d better pull over and take a look,” Mrs. Stien stated. But, before she could put on the brake, the car lurched forward and came to a dead stop. Mrs. Stien looked at Annie. Annie looked at her mother. Then, they both looked out the front window.

“Well at least we stopped in a town,” murmured Annie staring out past the window and at a small sign. The sign read, “Welcome to Woodsville Population: 98”.

The Stiens crawled out their doors and entered Woodsville. Woodsville was a clean town with a tall, white fence running around it that appeared to have been recently painted.

“Let’s eat there,” said Annie pointing to a restaurant with a sign that clearly read, “The Good Eats”.

Over lunch, they agreed that Annie would try and find a repair shop and her mother would find a suitable hotel to spend the night in.

“After all,” said Annie, “this small town should have a repair shop in it, I doubt that many people just drive out here on their own!”

“The car should be fixed in about a week,” Annie reported to her mother later that night in the hotel.

“Alright,” sighed Mrs. Stien, “try and get some sleep.”

The next morning, Annie was up before her mother. She yawned and dragged herself to the window. She looked outside, and doubled back as if she was hit by a basketball. She saw that the once elegant, white fence was now gray and peeling. Letters fell off signs, and plants lay dead on the ground. Even some of the houses in back of the hotel had broken glass and no doors at all!

Hearing her daughter’s gasp of fright, Mrs. Stien sat up in bed.

“Mom! Come see! Everything outside…! It looks… rundown. Overnight! How…!” Annie struggled with her words. Her face the perfect picture of horror.

“My my, your right dear, well, let’s grab some grub and see if someone at the Breakfast ‘n Brunch has an idea of what is going on here,” yawned Mrs. Stien.

Annie sprinted, and her mother trudged, down to the breakfast café. Mrs. Stien took a seat next to her daughter at the counter. There was a man behind the counter, his back to the Stiens.

“Excuse me,” started Annie, addressing the man behind the counter, “would you happen to known how this town got so rundown overnight?”

He brought his head upward and started to turn towards Annie with painful slowness. Annie heard his head squeak, she cringed. When she finally saw his face, she screamed. It was rotting off while he stood! Blood oozed from one ear, he was missing an eye. A big, long bug crawled into his open mouth and out his nose.

“What?!? How?!? Impossible!! But…your…no... not a… a… HAUNT!!” Annie jumped off her stool in unison with her mother. They made a mad dash to the door. Annie noticed that everyone else in the restaurant were haunts, they stared through her with cold, dark eyes. It gave Annie the chills.

Once outside, they tried to escape the way they came in, but haunts blocked their way!

“Follow me,” cried Mrs. Stien to Annie urgently. They dashed down the street, turned, sprinted down another, and before they knew it, they were boxed in by the tall, gray fence and the backs of buildings. The mob of angry haunts were slowly closing in.

“Yo, Bill, wake up. We’re 10 miles from the lake, start packin’ up yer’ stuff. I’m gonna stop in this here small town to fill up on gas.” Three months after Annie and Mrs. Stien entered Woodsville, Billy and his Uncle Joe started driving out to a special lake where they would spend a week alone together. Uncle Joe turned into the town, and Billy blinked his eyes open. Out the window he saw a small sign, printed on it was, “Welcome to Woodsville: Population 100”. Next to the sign stood a girl that looked to be about 11 or 12, with brown hair and blue eyes.

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OCTOBER 24, 2012
Viejo Mal
I sit in my penthouse suite, while my crew prepares my private jet for my latest and greatest discovery yet. I’m already well known for my success, but this will give me global recognition. I will be the richest man in the world. I step out of my limo and board my plane.

The ground is wet from the dew. I see a faint glow in the distance. As I approach the glow begins to move toward the swamp. I step into murky, dark green water. I don’t want to but something is forcing me there. The glowing rises above me and I look around. I see bubbles rising under the water. All of a sudden something jumps out and I scream.

I wake up with a start. My head smacks against a cold metal object. I realize I am blindfolded. I try to move my arms but they feel like rubber and they resist. I try my legs with no luck. I hear voices all around me. A dark, low, scratchy voice whispers, “Please, please. I love to hear them scream!” Another voice, a voice of authority answers, “Ok, this time. I too love to hear the screams. I also love it when their eyes pop out in horror!” A third voice yells in panic, “But the master said...” He is cut off by the scratchy voice, “I don’t care!” I yell out, “I don’t know what you want. I don’t have anything. Let me go!” The room grows quiet. “No!” they all answer.

The blindfold is ripped off my face. I stare in horror at what is above me. A blade, dripping with blood is swinging from a pendulum. I watch as every second it lowers toward my bound, motionless body. Not too far from where I lay, I hear voices, quietly arguing. And then a door slams and no one is in the room with me. The blade begins to move. I regain some feeling in my arms and legs and will my body to move. I feel the binds on my hands coming loose. The edge of the blade is close and I move out of instinct. One arm is free, on to the legs. I can feel the breeze of the swinging blade. My leg is twisted in the knotted ropes. I scream, “No!” The blade drops.

I open my eyes and realize the blade didn’t kill me, it came close enough to cut through the remaining ropes and I watch them drop to the floor. I slowly roll off the side of the table and lean against the wall, take a deep breath and sigh with relief, “I’m alive”, I say to myself. I stand up slowly, leaning against the wall. My legs quiver below me, not wanting to move. I see two doors. Which one to take? Creek…creek. The sound is coming from the door on the left. I have to move fast. I dive for the door on the right door but it won’t open. The door next to me is forced open and in marches a large figure. I pray, “Please don’t see me, please.” The large, shadowy image yells out, “Ah, there you are!” I’m dead; I just know it. To my surprise, he isn’t talking to me but to a bird sitting high in the rafters. I breathe a sigh of relief. When he leaves I pry open the door and step out into the cold darkness.

I can’t see a thing. I keep walking until my eyes get used to the dark and I spot a faint light. I step closer to the light and it moves with me. I feel a tingle at the back of my neck. The light moves quicker and I follow it. Suddenly the light stops and I stare and wonder, “Where am I? What is this light? Where is it taking me?” With each step I take the light moves farther away from me. I keep walking until I the bottom of my feet are soaking wet. I am standing at the edge of a small body of water. I see the light stop in the middle of this dark space. Suddenly, I remember my dream, the lagoon, and the bubbling water.

I realize now I am standing waist deep in dark green murky water and the bubbles are beginning to rise once more. I turn to run and don’t get far before the creature jumps out of the water. It grabs me and pulls me under the water. I look up one last time as the glowing light fades away. I am sinking lower into the water and I am running out of air. My eyes feel heavy, but I fight the urge to close them. I sink lower, into the dark. I try to fight, punch and kick at the creature but it does no good. At the bottom I spot a sharp rock. With all my strength I wiggle free, grab the rock and smash the creature on the head. He is temporarily distracted. I kick some sand loose in the water to create a cover and swim to the top. When I reach the top I swim to shore. Out of breath I throw myself onto the beach.

There is the light again. Blinding me. A loud voice comes over the speaker, “This is Angel 1. We are here to rescue you!” A ladder drops down and a man holds on to me as we are lifted into the air. They explain I’ve been missing for the past week and they have been searching the area of my last contact. I faintly remember my mission. The discovery of a new island in the South Pacific; me; my crew; what happened? They inform me our plane went down in a mysterious storm. Natives from a nearby island tell us no one dares to go near that island. They call it Viejo Mal or old evil.

That night, I fall asleep in my hotel room and think about how great this discovery will be for my career. Fame, fortune! I wake in the middle of the night; it’s quiet. In the corner of the room stands a shadowy figure. He walks closer and I see he’s carrying a sharp knife. I recognize the voice when he speaks, “No one has ever escaped us, and I’m not going to let it start with you!”

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OCTOBER 23, 2012
The Haunted Graveyard

August 27, 1985; there were four teenagers that were coming home from school; Lisa, Terrence, Jake, and Jenna. They all soon ran into each other and started a conversation. Jake started to talk about a story they saw online, where these kids were visiting all of these haunted places. He suggested that the four of them go to that place that was haunted but with a special twist! But was it so special??
When they got to the graveyard, it was pitch black with fog everywhere. Everyone wanted to go back except Jake, whom said that there was nothing to be afraid about. But was there? When they started to walk through the graveyard, Jake led them to a place that had to do with the twist. He stopped at a tomb that read “Harold Johnson 1934-1954 Was murdered by wife for wealth”. Jake told everyone to sit on top of the tomb so he could tell him the twist. He said that “If you sit on top of the tomb long enough, you might get pushed off by a spirit; known as Harold Johnson.
As minutes passed, nothing happened. But then… everyone fell off. They all started to freak out and noticed that there was a crack in the tomb with a blue light streaming through it right down the center. Terrence tried to see inside the tomb but he couldn’t see. So he carefully hopped on top of the tomb with out making any noise and peeked inside but there was nothing to see with all of the light shining in his eyes. He tried to see from all angles but nothing worked. All of a sudden he got pushed off. They all decided to leave and NEVER come back.

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OCTOBER 22, 2012
The Hog Farmer
The farmer knew he had been right all along when he felt the pain from the bite surge through his body. It had all started in May. He had been walking about, doing his daily work, but always felt like he was being watched. He never suspected what was coming. The farmer lived a fairly normal life. He had a wonderful wife, a cat, and children in far away Seattle. He lived like any regular person would. He got up at 7, milked his two cows, fed his chickens, and tended to all his other animals. He tended to a tiny cornfield, a pumpkin patch, and a small greenhouse. He lived a very content, easy life. But it was only a matter of time until it happened.

He first noticed the strange feeling when he was servicing an ancient tractor that was parked in the old barn. He was just tightening the bolts on the wheels when he noticed something. He turned around. All was normal. His chickens scratched at the dirt, his cows grazed in the meadow, and his cat was stalking a mouse in the cornfield. Everything was like it always was. He told himself that he was feeling things and turned back to work. But he still had that feeling.

He went on working. The next day, he told his wife of the strange feeling, but she explained that she had been watching through the kitchen window to see what he was doing. He dismissed the news and told her that it was more than that, like he was being stalked by something. He continued his daily routine, and for the next few days, he never noticed any strange feeling anymore. He told his wife the good news, and she hugged him and said that he would always be sane to her. But that night, around 2:00 A.M., the farmer heard what sounded like a cat hissing.

It was loud in the cold silence of night. He thought that it was just his cat fighting the male cat the neighbors had. They frequently fought over the female cat across the street, because they were both complete with all the reproductive organs. He thought that his cat would be fine. In the morning, he went outside to see what all the ruckus was !

He saw no sign of his cat. He was not worried. His cat had once been missing for weeks on end. But for the next week, he still saw nothing of his beloved cat. The last time the cat went missing, the cat food in the barn had always been gone and he had still seen glimpses of him as he disappeared into the field, but this time he saw nothing. The cat cat bowl was still full and more mice than ever ran around his barn and house. Still he was completely unaware of what was happening.

On the morning of the fifth week, he walked into the pig pen to water his pigs when he noticed a conical white object lying in the straw in the back of the pen. He walked over to it and picked it up. It was a cat’s ear. He immediately looked around for more remains, but found none. He carried the ear to the house and showed it to his wife. She broke down in tears. They made a cross in the backyard to remember their cat by. They thought it was a coyote that had killed their cat, but it was not. They never knew the true cause of death.

The next morning, the farmer began to ponder something. What if he hadn’t been thinking strange things when he was fixing the tractor? What if he was actually being stalked? The farmer knew he hadn’t just been feeling things. He knew that he was actually being watched. That night, the farmer went outside one last time before bed, around 8:00. He went to the pig pen. He started to fill up the water trough with a hose, spraying the inside of the trough with cold water. He suddenly felt a chill on his neck. He turned. Nothing.

He went back to the hose. He heard a low rustling and grunting coming from the corner of the small shed which served as shelter for his pigs. He turned again. One huge hog came out of the pen, staring at the farmer. The farmer looked back at the hog. The hog began to walk slowly towards the farmer. The farmer realized that it was no coyote that had killed his cat. It had been something much, much larger.

Slowly, the farmer set down the hose, and started for the gate of the pen. But the pig blocked his way. Suddenly, the farmer realized what had been stalking him the whole time. He backed against the fence, scared out of his life. The pig let out a loud squeal and barreled toward him. He tried to shield himself but it was too late. His head slammed hard against a fence post, causing his brain to turn to pulp within the confines of his skull. During his last few minutes of life, the farmer realized that he had been stalked for a whole summer by his hogs.

He felt the first bite on his leg. Blood seeped out of the wound and onto his pants. He felt the second bite, this time on his arm. Then a shadow blocked out his vision and the last sound he ever heard was the loud crunch of his skull shattering. The next morning, his wife wondered where her husband had been the whole night. Then she looked in the pigsty and saw his dentures, and his bloodied right hand, wedding ring still attached to the mangled appendage.

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OCTOBER 22, 2012
The Revenge of the Purple Eyed Thing
It was a cold, eerie October night when Ron went for his midnight walk through the woods. It was a just a normal Monday night. Ron walked and thought about how his day went. Well Ron was not a good student. AT ALL! The only thing he did was get bad grades and get in trouble. He once even lit his teacher on fire. So he had quite a bit to think about. But, something didn’t feel right.

He felt like there was something watching him. He looked around frantically. About an arms length away he saw to huge eyes starring at him. He jumped up and ran as fast as he could and never ooked back. He knew if he did it would only make him more scared.

He couldn’t sleep when he got home.  The next morning when he got up, there was a news report about three guys who were missing when they went for a walk in the Purple Woods State Park. Purple Woods State Park was in Ron’s backyard. Ron saw that and ran to school to tell his friends.

None of them believed him, except for his best friend Joe.  That night Joe and Ron went to the woods at exactly midnight. Joe was shaking and his teeth were chattering. Ron tried to comfort him, but he was shaking, too. Every noise made the two of them jump. Ron got that feeling again and saw the purple eyes.

He saw a huge arm with nails sharp as knives grab his friend. For the first time he saw the full purpled eyed thing. It is a huge red and black beast, five times Ron’s size. He thought he could out run it but then the beast’s piercing nails jab his side and right then Ron had been killed. Ron and Joe were never heard of again.

Or were they.

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OCTOBER 22, 2012
The Curse of the Doll Dairy Farm
“Get your coat Lizzie,” said Mrs. Jade. “We are leaving.” Lizzie’s family was going to her uncle’s dairy farm. Lizzie had never met her uncle. She didn’t even know his name or if he had any kids. Lizzie really didn’t want to go.

When the Jades arrived, they were greeted by Lizzie’s aunt, “Hello, you must be Lizzie,” she said pinching her checks till they were as red as a cherry. “I’m your Aunt Tiffany.” They all walked into the barn past a guy milking a cow. The guy was stout and had a straggly beard. He muttered a few words as the Jades walked by.

“I hope that’s not my uncle,” Lizzie whispered to her dad, “Something is strange about him.”

They kept walking pass the cows till they got to this tall guy with ears as pointy as an elf. “Hey Lizzie, I’m the farmer here at Todd’s Dairy Farm. I’m your Uncle Todd,” he said very fast.

“It’s very good to see you again,” said Mr. Jade.

“Here Lizzie, let me teach you how to milk a cow,” Todd sat down on a stool and carefully taught her. Suddenly a little boy ran in.

“The the the doll Molly has just talked to me. It said beware!” stuttered the boy.

“You just heard something, Jacob,” said Uncle Todd.

Lizzie looked around and her mom and dad were staring at her. She looked up and saw the cow she was milking. The cow was floating. Then the cow screamed, “Get out you stupid kid.”

The strange guy that Lizzie saw, walked out. Lizzie was watching him, and then she chased after him. He stumbled to the ground with a thud. Lizzie shouted, “What are you doing?”

He pulled out a knife and said, “I didn’t do anything. Now leave me alone!”

She ran back to the barn, but everyone was gone. Where have they gone, she thought to herself.

She tip-toed to the house, but no one was there. Then she heard a faint whisper, “Get out! Beware!” Lizzie remembered what Jacob said about the doll, so she walked up the stairs. She walked into a little girl’s room. There was thousands of dolls all over the place. She didn’t know which doll had talked to Jacob.

Lizzie looked around for a while then this one doll on the bed caught her eyes. She picked it up and pulled the little string on the back and it said, “Help me but beware!” The closet door creaked a little and Lizzie ran out of the room, down the stairs, out of the house, and to the barn.

“Is anybody here?” she cried.

“I’m here,” said the shadow coming toward Lizzie. As it came closer, Lizzie saw this girl with button eyes, wobbly legs, and a painted smile.

“Who are you?” Lizzie stuttered.

“You will never know,” said the girl.

Lizzie ran away from the doll. She didn’t know where to run, but she ran. She ran back to the house into the bedroom. She grabbed the doll it said, “I’m Molly, Todd’s daughter. Glad to meet you cousin, but we need to run.”

“Where?” asked Lizzie.

“Away from the doll,” said Molly.

“The girl with the button eyes,” said Lizzie.

“Yep,” said Molly, “Now run!”

Lizzie ran out of the room, but she heard the stairs creak. She ran back to the bedroom with the doll in her hand, out the window, and down the tree that about touched the house. Lizzie talked to Molly as she ran, “So why are you a doll?”

“Dana, the doll, turned me into a doll and herself into a human,” said Molly.
“I can’t run anymore,” sighed Lizzie as she jogged across the grass. She tripped and tried to help herself up, but she couldn’t.

Dana walked up to them and grabbed Lizzie’s leg. Lizzie pulled and pulled, but she couldn’t escape. Then Lizzie grabs Dana’s arm and pulls it off. Lizzie gets up and runs far away. No one knows where Lizzie, her parents, Todd, or anyone went. It all remains a mystery

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OCTOBER 22, 2012
The Killer Girl
My friends, Luke, Lily, Johanna and I were going on a trip to Ireland on Halloween. We planned to stay there for a couple of months because I had been having nightmares of a muddy little girl.

I went to bed and said, “Oh my gosh!” There was a muddy little girl standing there, and she was the one in my nightmares. All down my hallway, there were drawings of unicorns getting killed or struck by lightning. She shushed me right before I was going to scream.

When we got to Ireland, we went to many delicious restaurants, got a rental home, bought many souvenirs, took many pictures, and had a great time.

Then Luke said, “I’ll be right back, I have to use the restroom. I’ll meet up with you later.”

So we continued on without Luke. It was about 9:00 PM that I started getting worried about him. He had been gone for nearly five hours, so my friends and I went looking for him. When we got to the bathrooms, he wasn’t there. We looked everywhere for him! Finally we gave up and went to a police officer, but he was in some kind of trance. So we tried to question him, but we gave up when he didn’t answer.

“Come on guys, let’s go.” I said. But Lily didn’t move, the police officer gave us a creepy look.

“Run!” I shouted. Lily didn’t move. The police officer stabbed her six times to death.

Johanna and I ran until we came upon a sewer. We heard Luke screaming. We jumped down and I saw the muddy little girl smiling back at me.

“Get away or I will kill you.” The little girl said sweetly.

Now I was getting scared out of my wits.

I came closer, “Get away from my friend!” I shouted.

“Now I will kill your friend,” said the little girl.

“No!” I shouted. It was too late. She grabbed Luke and stepped on his neck killing him on the spot. Johanna and I ran out of the sewer and went to our rental home.

When I woke up the next day, there was a message written on the wall in Luke’s blood. It said, “You didn’t listen to me, now I have to kill you.”

“Johanna we have to get out of here,” I said.

So we got the next plane out of Ireland and went home. When I got home, my house was a mess, there was blood everywhere! I thought there had been a murder, well, I was right. I saw Johanna lying on the floor in piles of her own blood. There was another message written in Johanna’s blood. “You’ll be next.”

When I went to bed later that night, I was scared. But the muddy little girl never came and killed me, but she still haunts me in my dreams.

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OCTOBER 22, 2012
The Curse of the Zombie
Once upon a misty night, there was a sixteen year old girl named Zoe Barbelliam. Everyone in Scaraniaville called her zombie, because she liked to scare people, while she was dressed as a zombie.

One day she started to go crazy. She dressed as a zombie, sprayed ketchup on her ripped clothes, and set off.

“I can’t wait to scare my best friend, Victoriam Portage,” she thought to herself.

She pranked everyone on her street, until she got to Victoriam’s house. Zoe loved to call her vampire, because her full name had the letters to spell it out.

Zoe thought that carrying a knife would be even scarier. Then all of a sudden, Victoriam’s little, six year old brother jumped out and scared Zoe so much she accidentally stabbed him in the heart. There was so much blood, it looked like a rushing river.

“Ahhh! What happened?” vampire asked.

“I, I accidentally stabbed your brother in the chest, because he scared me,” Zoe explained.

Vampire said, “We better go, because my dad’s coming.”

“Come on,” Zoe whispered, “Let’s go!”

Zoe and Victoriam walked and walked, until they got to a small rounded top house. This was next to Zoe’s boyfriend’s house. Her boyfriend’s name was George Ballain.

“Hey,” he said.

“I’m going to scare the man inside this hubble,” Zoe said quietly.

Then all of a sudden, it started to thunderstorm. George was just standing there, and then a burst of lightning comes down and strikes his head.

“No my baby!” Zoe cries, “Oh well, let’s go inside.”

So they walk inside.

“GET OUT! I curse you and your offspring for a thousand years, but if you leave I won’t.” Goroh the Sorcerer yelled.

“Who cares,” Zoe and Vampire laughed.

“You’ve been warned!”

“Hey,” Zoe whispered, “Let’s grab some black magic stuff.”

“AHHHH! Get out!” Goroh screamed.

He started to chase them. On his way out he grabbed two knives. They ran all the way to an old cemetery. Goroh caught up to Victoriam, and started to cut up her legs.

“Forget about me Zombie” Victoriam cried.

“No! I won’t forge……Argh.”

“No Zombie, you’re turning into a Zombie! It’s the CURSE!” Vampire screamed.

By the time Victoriam was done screaming, Zoe had picked her up, and jumped into a saltwater lake.

Goroh jumped in to, but then a shark came up and drowned him.

“Go,” Victoriam said quietly.

So, Zoe got out of the water and started to walk away, as she was walking away, a shark snatched Victoriam and swallowed her. Zoe then fell down and died.

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OCTOBER 22, 2012
The Haunted
One spooky Halloween night Benjamin went up to a creepy looking house. The door opened but no one was there. Benjamin then stepped into the haunted mansion. He could here faint crying from upstairs. He slowly walked up the stairs. He could here the sound of crying a little better know. He slowly opened the door to a room. He quickly jumped under the bed! He could see shadows in the bathroom. He then ever so slowly emerged from underneath the bed.
He grabbed a rifle mounted on the wall, and slowly opened the bathroom door. No one was there, but carved into the wall were words that said stay away. All of a sudden the bathroom door shut on him, and he was trapped. He then used his rifle and shot the door down. He could here laughter in the other room. He stepped into the hallway. The door shut behind him. Someone grabbed him behind the neck and started choking him. He turned around and there was guy in a white mask dripping in blood. He then shot the man, but he didn’t even flinch. He then started walking right towards Benjamin .He was so scared. He then ran into the other only to find another man in a white mask dripping in blood. All of a sudden millions of them rose from the ground and started walking towards him. They eventually trapped Benjamin and killed him.

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OCTOBER 22, 2012
House of Horrors
In a peaceful town, in the little house, at the end of the street, with the long driveway, there lived a family. The mother was Annabelle, the father William, and their two children James and Clara. Everyday James and Clara would go outside and play ball or hide-n-seek, and everyday they would say hi to their neighbor, and old woman named Mary. Every now and then the kids would have to ask Mary’s permission to retrieve a ball that was hit into her yard, and of course Mary would say yes. Mary loved the kids, but she never did trust the parents.

Early one Sunday morning, in the middle of June, Annabelle and William drove to all of their neighbor’s houses and told them that they were moving. They said their goodbyes, and nobody noticed that their kids were missing, except for Mary.

“Where are your kids?” questioned Mary.

“What kids?” inquired William, “I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

And then without another word Annabelle and William quickly rushed to their car, and drove off, never to be seen again.

“Hi you must be Mary, we’ve heard all about you from William and Annabelle!” said Stacey and Christopher, Mary’s new next door neighbors.

“Oh, have you now! You must be the folks that bought the house next door!” exclaimed Mary.

“Yes we are, we heard what a great house it is!”

“Well, let me tell you this, I don’t trust that house, or the people who lived in it! They had kids, and they would visit me everyday, but when they moved they didn’t have the kids with them, and they denied ever having kids!”

“Mary, don’t be sil-”

“I’m not being silly!” Mary wailed.

Stacey comfortingly rubbed Mary’s shoulder. “Don’t be so distressed Mary! Just tell us everything you know. Let it out. You’ll feel better if you do.”

Mary Sighed.

Just then one of the Robinson children yelled from the car, “Mom! Where should we put the big lamp?”

Stacey looked over at her three kids, “You can put it anywhere in the living room and we can move it if needed,” she answered. “Now, Mary, what’s the story about the last couple that lived here?”

“It wasn’t just a couple…”

“What did you say?”

“Nothing,” Mary replied, and then she started to tell them everything she knew.

A few weeks later, once the Robinsons finished moving in, the three kids were playing hide-and-seek in the house. The oldest child, Lana, was the seeker, and the two younger ones, Kevin and Jane, were hiding. As Lana counting, the other two went through the house, trying to find a good spot to hide. As Kevin was walking up the stairs, he could have sworn he heard someone coming up behind him.

He quickly turned saying, “Jane! Go back downstairs! You can’t hide with me!” but when he looked back no one was there. He didn’t really think about the incident much after that, but when he was hiding upstairs he kept hearing another boy talking. The boy was talking about baseball. Then Kevin heard the crack of a bat.
Kevin shook his head, “No, Kevin, it’s just your imagination!”

Meanwhile, Jane was still downstairs looking for a spot. As she skipped down the longest hallway in the house, she thought she heard a noise behind her. Jane spun around and caught a glance of light going into a bedroom. Jane continued looking for a spot, but again she heard a noise behind her. She spun around and saw a little girl about her age, only this girl looked different! She had a white hair, white eyes, a white face, and white clothes, and then she disappeared.

Jane ran back to the “start.” “Lana! Lana!” Jane screamed.

“What?” asked Lana.

Kevin came down the stairs, “What’s all the commotion down here!” Kevin yelled.

“I saw, I saw a g-g-g-ghost!” stuttered Jane.

“You too?” questioned Kevin.

“What are you two talking about?” questioned Lana. “You two are crazy, now please go hide!”

When Mrs. Robinson got home Kevin and Jane told her the full story, and after they left the room Mrs. Robinson called Annabelle.

They had a long talk about the kids that the children had “seen” and heard,” and, like William, Annabelle denied everything.

Three weeks later around midnight the two Robinson parents woke to the sight of a cars headlights coming through their curtains. Two minutes later they heard a gunshot and they ran outside. Walking out of Mary’s house were William and Annabelle. Mr. Robinson tackled William, and Mrs. Robinson held Annabelle so she couldn’t escape. Lana, waking up after hearing all of this commotion outside, called the police, and when they came they investigated and then arrested William and Annabelle for the murder of Mary Comstock, but not for the murder of their kids because there was no proof.

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OCTOBER 22, 2012
      In the middle of October right after school, I went straight home. Strange things were happening lately. Glasses on the counter were tipped over, the garbage was taken out of the can, and some of Mom’s cookies were on the floor with bites taken out of them. Weird noises were keeping me up all night. It sounded like someone or something was scratching on doors.
      I finally had enough of it, so I went and looked around. First, I checked the most obvious place anyone would look, the basement. I never did like the basement, it was so dark and creepy, but it had to be done. I checked in all the closets and even in the wood shoot. The only thing I found were spiders, cobwebs, and more spiders.
      Next I checked the main floor. Still, I couldn’t find any clues about what was keeping me awake.
      The last place to look was upstairs, where I looked under five beds. Then onto the fifth bed, which was mine, I looked under and saw three sets of green eyes, with sharp pointy teeth, letting me know that I was not wanted. I dashed downstairs and grabbed a flash light and a hockey mask just in case. When I returned upstairs I walked to my bed, cautiously turned on my flashlight, secured my hockey mask, and looked under the bed. With a “whack” something scratched my arm. I took no hesitation and pointed my light again. There I saw the most adorable baby kittens anyone has ever saw. The mom was still hissing, but I didn’t care. I immediately grabbed the two kittens and called them my own.

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OCTOBER 22, 2012
The Grimsly Manor Horror
 They went in, but they never came out--The Grimsly Manor Horror

On a Spooky night, a couple of teens… Oh wait, too far into the story, rewind.

Ring, Ring. “Recess is over. Everyone, come inside,” the teacher said.

It was the last day of school. Everyone was excited, especially Luke and Jerry. They were going to spend their summer running around town and pulling pranks on everyone. Derrick was not too happy about his summer. He was going to summer school.

After school Luke, Jerry, and Derrick were walking home from school. “Hey Jerry, do you think we should go knock on the door of that creepy house, and run away,” Luke suggested with a grin.

“Yeah, we should, that would be so cool!” Jerry exclaimed.

As the boys started up the driveway, Derrick spoke up. “Guys, that’s Grimsly Manor. Some people think it’s haunted.”

“Yeah right,” Luke nagged.

The boys pounded on the door and ran away. The door opened. No one was there. The door slammed shut. Derrick gasped, Luke had to change his pants, and Jerry laughed mainly because Luke had to change his pants.

“I think we should come here tomorrow and go inside,” Jerry suggested.

That day at Derrick’s house, he talked to his parents about his what his friends wanted to do the next night.

“I think it’s a great idea,” Derrick’s dad said, “It’s an adventure.”

On a spooky night, Luke, Jerry, and Derrick went to Grimsly Manor. “Let’s go,” Luke called back.

“You guys go. I’ll stay here,” Derrick whimpered.


Luke and Jerry went up the driveway, opened the door, and went in. The door slammed shut.

“Hoo, Hoo!”

“Whoa, um guys, wait up!” Derrick yelled.

Derrick went inside and slammed the door. He could smell blood.

Scurry… scurry….

“It’s okay, it’s just a mouse,” Derrick thought.

Clang… clang….

“A big mouse, wearing chains.”

Suddenly, a drop of something fell on Derrick’s cheek. It was blood!

He looked up. It was Luke! He was hanging on the sharp chandelier, blood covering his face. He was deader than disco.

Suddenly, Derrick heard a scream. He ran towards the scream.

“O my gosh!” Derrick yelled.

It was like a horror movie, when someone falls in a pit, and the walls to close in, but this was different. The walls had spikes. And Jerry was in there. It was clear that Jerry tried to escape, but only his hand made it out, and it was not connected to his arm. “I have to get out of here!”

“You won’t make it out alive,” a scratchy voice screamed.


Unfortunately, they all died. You are probably wondering how Derrick died. Right before he got out he fell through the rotten floor and fell three stories. They think the old owner of the house whose last name was Grimsly died there because he was killed when a couple of teens put dynamite in his mailbox. Legend has it; he still roams the building waiting for a couple of teens to come knock on its door.

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OCTOBER 22, 2012
The Hotel on Miller Street
It was a dark, quiet Saturday night in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1983. I, Ron Sesame, was walking home from my friend’s house. I was walking by the Miller Inn when I heard a really harsh scream coming from the old hotel. I couldn’t stand the noise, so I creeped over and jumped into a dumpster in the ally next to the hotel. I could still hear the harsh scream even when I was buried in trash with the dumpster’s lid shut. The screaming turned into a really weak cry. So I opened the lid and looked up at the ten-story building to see what was happening.

Suddenly I heard “GET OUT” in a deep, manly voice. A teenage girl came flying out of the window, breaking the glass of the window, and landing in the dumpster next to me. I didn’t want to look, but I couldn’t help myself. So I dug myself out of the trash and glanced over into the other dumpster. She was gone. I felt like she was watching me from somewhere, so I settled back into my spot in the dumpster. I heard a strange thumping noise next to me. I looked over to see what it was, and I saw the two big eyes of the teenage girl. Her face had scratches, scars, blood marks, and bruises. In her hand she had an ax with blood running down onto her hand. She was lightly tapping the side of the dumpster with the ax. I didn’t know what she would do if I tried to escape, but I at least had to try.

So I slowly made my way out of the dumpster. I was almost out when she grabbed my foot and pulled me back in. She held the ax tighter, and began pointing it at me. It was slowly getting closer and closer. Suddenly she raised the ax up and slammed in down, but I moved out of the way just in time. The ax came down and slammed right into her foot.

The harsh screaming started again. I couldn’t stand it, so I quickly climbed through the trash and jumped out. I started to run back home, but I saw a ladder that lead to the window that the girl fell out of. I really wanted to go home, but I also wanted to stay. I thought that I would never have another opportunity like this, so I slowly climbed the ladder to the window. Then I crawled through the window and into the hallway of the fourth story. I slowly walked down the hall. Every step I made the floor creaked and echoed down the hall. Suddenly, all of the lights went out, except for one little candle flame at the other side of the hall. It was slowly moving closer and closer to me.

Then the light slowly disappeared. It looked like someone blew it out. I was looking all over for it. I felt something land on my head. It felt like really hot wax from a candle. So I looked up and saw an old, scared faced man in a black cape. He was floating there in mid air. My mouth dropped in fear and amazement. Suddenly, one of the man’s eyes dropped into my mouth. It felt really slimy and mushy. I quickly spit it out and went to throw it at the man. I was about to throw it but realized that the old man was gone. I put the eyeball in my pocket for future use. I was starting to get even more scared.

I found a staircase at the end of the hall and took it down to the third story. The lights were actually working on the third story. I looked down the long, creepy hall and saw a body lying on the floor. I walked up to the body and saw that it was the teenage girl. There was a key tied to her bloody ax. I untied the knot and grabbed the key. Carved onto it said “Frank E. Miller.”

I thought about the name for a while and started walking to the staircase. My legs were getting really tired from everything I have been doing today. Luckily I saw an elevator that was just calling my name. I pressed the button and the door opened. I walked into the elevator and the door closed. There were cobwebs everywhere. I hit the button that had a “G” on itand the old machine started to slowly creep along.

Out of know where it stopped on level two, and the old creepy man slowly limped on. He was carrying the teenage girl’s ax. There was a piece of tape on the back of his cape that said “Frank E. Miller” on it. I thought about the name and took the key out of my pocket and gave it to the man. The elevator opened on the “G” level. I took out his eyeball from my pocket and threw it at him.

Then I ran as fast as I could out of the hotel. I ran four blocks to my house and stood on the porch, out of breathe. While I was standing there, an old black car drove by. The old man who was driving it, wasn’t even looking at the road. He was just staring at me the whole time. I tried to open the front door, but it was locked, so I broke my bedroom window and crawled through it. I hung a blanket in front of the window, but I knew that someone could easily crawl through it.

The next morning my parents came into my room to wake me up for school, but they told me that I wasn’t there. They told me that the only thing left in my bed, was the key that said “Frank E. Miller” on it.

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OCTOBER 22, 2012
My Best Friend Jack
My best friend Jack is missing. He lives right next door to me and he has not been seen. The police have been to his parents house numerous times and what do they get? Nothing but a dead end. No trace of their son or my best friend.

The first night he was gone I was in my room with my little sister. She was sound asleep. As I was lying on my bed I couldn’t sleep because I just kept thinking my best friend is missing I cried and cried. I wake up to someone crying. I got up to ask my sister “what’s wrong?”..No answer, she’s sleeping. Then again the noise came. I jumped back into my bed. Then I noticed the noise was coming from my closet. I hide under my sheets and my hearts pounding so fast I can barely breath. The weeping got louder and louder. Then it stopped and for the longest time it’s done.

I woke up the next day zoning out from the crying and I get so scared even thinking about it. I walked outside and sat in the rusty old car Jack and I used to always sit and smoke a cigarette in. I pull one out and lit it and started smoking and thinking of how much I miss him. Where he could possibly be.

That night I hear knocking on the door outside my house. Who could possibly be knocking on the door at 12:00AM? Then the knocking gets louder! I roll out of bed and go to the door and try to see who is possibly there? I whip the door open but no one is there I walk outside and yell “Who’s there?!”….no response. BAM! The door slammed! My hearts is racing and I see a shadow figure run across the farm land. I scream run back to the door and try to open it but its locked and I cant get in.

Then I hear the door start to open and my dad comes out with his shot gun fully loaded he yells at me, “What are you doing?!”

I tell him “There was knocking and I saw something and the door slammed on me!”

He yells back at me, “Hanna get in the house I don’t have time for this it’s midnight we will discuss this when its breakfast time.”

I nod my head and run back upstairs and cry myself to sleep. 

I begin to tell my mom and dad but they didn’t even believe me so I ran outside and just started walking. I saw the police at Jacks mom’s house I walk up and ask if I can come in, His mom is balling. I hear Jacks mom say, how can you not have any trace at all It’s been three days! Then the officer outside says “I think it’s best if you don’t come in right now.”

I look at Jacks mom one last time and she holds up a finger telling me to wait a second. I wait outside but it seems like it takes forever I am so anxious to see what she has to say. It takes too long so I just walk away. I walk in my house and go up to my room and decide just to watch T.V. That was pretty much all I did because I decided not to go and visit Jacks mom. I didn’t want to overwhelm his mom, She has gone through enough already today.

I walked to my bed and start drifting off to sleep. Click! My bedroom door shuts. I shoot up and there is no one there. Just me leaning in my bed and my sister sound asleep in the bed next to me. I sat there leaning and all of a sudden my bed sheets whip across the room. I scream, then I see dimples going down on my bed and I fly up run and wake my sister and run down stairs. My parents come out of their room and are screaming, “WHATS GOING ON!”

They hear the loud stomping upstairs. It stops and my little sister is scared out of her mind and I’m crying. My parents say, “you girls can sleep in our room. We will find out what’s going on upstairs when its morning and this better not be any funny business Hanna”.

The next day my parents didn’t know what to say but for me and my sister to move our bedroom into the family game room downstairs. I was so bored that day so I just went and lit up another cigarette. I started smoking it then I heard weeping around the corner and it was daylight so I was not scared.

“Who’s there?” I called out. No answer then the figure that was dripping wet came from the corner. “Jack!” I screamed. “Where have you been for the last week?

Me and your family and friends have been worried sick!”.
Jack responds in a voice that is so scratchy and sounds like dripping water “What are you talking about I have been knocking at your door at night and my mom’s!”. As I light him up a cigarette he tells me “I don’t get it I walk in your room to wake you and you just sit there like I’m some monster I threw your sheets off to get your attention and you just flew up and ignored me. I’m so confused. this is just so weird to me”.

I sit there in shock as I hear loud crying from Jacks house 100 feet away. I get up and go to the corner of my house and see them carrying Jacks body from the river into the house. “What” I think to myself I turn around to see Jack and he’s gone. I run up to his house and the police are telling Jacks mother that he drowned in the river he was swimming in. As I look at his body I realize have seen Jack’s ghost. I get the chills.

Then Jack comes out of nowhere and says, “What’s going on? That’s me!”. And I look at him and say, “Jack your dead you’re a ghost,”…I stutter I didn’t know what to say.

Hours go by and I’m still sitting on the side of the house crying and telling him things will be ok and then his mom comes over. “Hanna I think Jack would want you to have these. They are pictures and art you made while you were kids and they are good memories.

I look at her and cry, fly up and give her a hug and tell her thanks. I look at Jack and he’s crying too, then his mom walks away. I go back down and say to him “I guess my best friend is a ghost but at least I get to see you. I know this will be hard and all but at least you have me”. “Its going to be weird attending my own funeral”. Jack told me We both laughed. As the years go on we got used to it and here I am right now telling you my story about my best friend JACK.

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OCTOBER 22, 2012
The Haunting of Sue
On Drake’s sixth birthday, she got a doll from her grandma. She named her Sue. Sue had blue eyes, brown hair, and huge smile. At night Drake and Sue went out in the woods and played until Drake’s Mom called her in. Every night Sue would come to life and stare at Drake the whole night. No one knows how Sue came to life, but Drake is really scared. Her eyes turned red, and her teeth turned to fangs with blood dripping down her face. Drake tried to tell her parents, but they didn’t listen. So Drake told her parents over and over again until they listened.

Drake gives Sue to her parents. Her parents put Sue into a metal chest, locked away in a safe down in the basement. Sue eats through the metal day by day. Then Friday night Drake goes to sleep and she hears the Door creep open CREEEEEEK. She looks on her nightstand and Sue is there with her eyes wide open.

“Why would you lock me away? I have been so nice to you. If you scream then you die and so will your family,” said Sue.

Drake didn’t know what to do. So she hid under her covers until the morning. Drake went to her parent’s room.
“Mommy, Sue is back!” said Drake.

So Mom goes downstairs with the key and opens the safe. She opened it up and Sue jumps out and kills Drake’s mom by eating her eyes, biting on her face, and draining her blood.

“ I told you not to look for me again!” said Sue.

Drake got killed too, by Sue cutting her limbs off and drinking Drake’s blood.

Sue was in another garage sale and a grandma got Sue for her little nephew. Sue is moving on from house to house. So watch out it might be in your house. So get rid of all your dolls.

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OCTOBER 22, 2012
I Hate Spiders
At bedtime, I went into my room. There was an extremely hairy, big, black spider. I went to get my mom. She went into the room, but the spider had disappeared. Each one in my family came in to help me find it. Furniture was up turned, closet emptied, and covers were taken off the bed and shaken. The big, black spider was nowhere to be
found! I returned to my room and, of course, the spider reappeared. It was creepy, and I did not want to sleep in there. My mom began to suspect that something was not right with the appearance and disappearance of this creature. She questioned my big brothers and threaten them with loss of their electronics if they knew what was going on and did not tell her. They confessed that it was just a Halloween joke to torment their sister and
that they were sorry.

It was not a real spider!

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OCTOBER 22, 2012
On a Halloween Night
 There once was a girl named Grace. She was with her friends one night when they ditched her
in the woods. It was in the year of 2000. In the woods there could be werewolves, vampires, bats, deep
holes and more. She was walking trying to find her way back home when she got caught in a trap
hanging upside down. All the animals could hear her scream and went to go find her because they were
very hungry. They all started to come at her. Then she saw something very unusual coming at her. It
was called a pumpkin head. He had only a head and did a crying scream when he bounced.
He jumped and almost got her head because he was even more hungry than the others.
She started to scream even louder, and she heard a howl. It was a wolf.
She saw something coming at her again, but it was only two deer. Then she heard something that
wasn’t an animal, but it was her friends coming to say it was only a joke.

They never knew about all the animals or pumpkin head. On their way to get grace when she
found a sharp rock and cut the rope. She ran to find her friends, met up with them and told
them everything. She yelled to the animals in the woods that she was safe, but they yelled back and
said there coming to get her. Then they ran to the road for safety and went to get some more
Halloween candy.

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OCTOBER 22, 2012
The Haunted TV
One day there was a girl named Blossom. Blossom was staying home alone because her parents were on a date. When her parents left she was very tired, so she went to sleep. As soon as she fell asleep, she heard a noise outside in the living room. Blossom went into the living room. The TV was turned on. She saw a girl with blonde hair, blue eyes , and bloody fangs. Blossom screamed, ran to her room, and called her parents. She heard the downstairs door open.

“No mom and dad don’t come any closer!” said Blossom.

“What’s wrong?” said the dad.

Blossom looked over at the TV and saw nothing. Blossom thought she was imagining the little girl.

“Nothing. I just had a bad dream,” said Blossom. She felt so bad for interrupting their date. The parents went to give her a kiss and said goodnight. At about three in the morning, she got a phone call.

“Hello?” she answered tiredly.

She heard the voice of a little girl, I’m coming after you. You can run but you can’t hide! Ha ha ha ha ha!” said the little girl.

“Who is this?” said Blossom.

The little girl hung up the phone. Blossom ran to her bed. She was wondering who could be on the phone. It was a hot summer night. All of a sudden she felt a chill go down her spine. It got really cold. Blossom pulled her blanket up. Blossom looked at the foot of the bed and saw the little ghost girl she had seen earlier.

“You can run but you can’t hide!” said the little ghost girl. Blossom screamed as loud as she can.

Her parents came running in, “Honey, what’s wrong?” asked her mom.

“I saw her! I saw the little ghost girl again!” cried Blossom.

“No sweetie. There isn’t a little girl trust me. You were just dreaming,” said the dad.

“No I wasn’t Dad I saw her earlier! That is why I called while you guys were having dinner! You have to trust me!” cried Blossom.

“Ok. I believe you. How about this, you can sleep with me and your mother today and when you wake up tomorrow no more stuff about the little girl. Deal?” said the dad.

“Deal,” said Blossom.

In the morning, she woke up and her parents weren’t in bed. She checked the living room, and they weren’t there. She looked to the left and saw the little ghost girl by the TV. It looked like she was guarding the TV. Blossom almost screamed, but she covered her mouth just in time. Blossom ran to her room. She called her parents.

“Hello?” said Blossom.

“Blossom! Is that you baby?
Help us! Please help us! She is going to eat us! Shhh! She’s coming! No! No! Please don’t hurt us! Ahhhhhhhhhh!”

Blossom screamed and ran to her bed. She wanted revenge. She looked on the internet all day. Surprisingly she found a webpage about the little girl. Her name was Arianna Dablain. She was shot and died in 1922. The exact same thing happened to another family. The little girl took the parent’s daughter, and she was an only child. The parents wanted revenge like Blossom did. They did find a solution, but they didn’t make it. You have to turn off the TV or else she will keep taking your family members. If she catches you, you either get eaten by her, turn into a demon like her, or become her prisoner.

The next day Blossom was ready to get rid of the ghost girl. She went outside and snuck up behind the ghost girl. She was so close to turning off the TV, but then she felt something cold on her back. She looked up and saw the girls face. Everything started going crazy. The blinds went up, the phone rang, and the furniture was flying up and down. All of a sudden, BAM. She was locked in a cell.
She saw her mom and dad, “Mom! Dad! You’re alive!” said Blossom.

“Yes. Yes we are,” said the mom and dad. The mom and dad’s eyes turned red as they grew bloody fangs.

“Hahahahahaha,” laughed the mom and dad evilly.

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OCTOBER 22, 2012
The Possessed
 “No! Don’t kill me!” screamed Percy. It then went dark and silent.

The next day Percy woke up on the kitchen floor with a knife. He felt different after the dream he had the night before. The dream was about a demon that had possessed him. The demon was angry. He wanted control of the world. He told Percy to be his companion or else he would be killed. Percy said yes and followed the demon’s command. Percy was wondering why he had a knife and the sense of urgency to use it.

Another man woke up later in the day and he felt different, too. He felt that there was someone besides his family present in his house.
This man was about to leave for work when he heard a blood curdling scream from the living room. He ran to see who had screamed, but when he got there he found nobody was there. The man was only there for a few seconds. It then went black. He woke up and he was very hot. He looked around and saw flames. “No! My house is on fire,” cried the man.

“Ha, Ha, Ha! You are now my follower, but before I send you out to the world and kill many others, you must get the mark!” boomed the demon. The demon took the man’s hand and engraved the mark in the man’s skin.

The north side of the town was where the followers lived. They left their good homes so they could be closer to their master. On the day of Halloween the followers all went to the street and murdered kids and adults.

“Who has not fulfilled my dreams today and didn’t kill someone?” interrogated the demon.

“Me, sir, I didn’t want to kill my daughter and wife,” cried the short stout man.

“Then you shall be my slave and follow my instructions to prepare yourself for death!” informed the demon. “First, you must find a dagger to pierce the heart.”

“No, I will run away! I will tell everybody your plan!” shrieked the man.

“Don’t be stupid. You will die a slow painful death!” laughed the demon.

The man did not care. He deserved to die. All he wanted to do was tell somebody who could help. The man found John, a ghost and demon buster.

“Help!” cried the man. “A demon is possessing people to kill others.

“Ah!” screamed the man and then he died.

“So a demon that is possessing people to take over the world?” thought John, “I must investigate.”

The next day John went looking for the demon’s hideout. John eventually found the demon’s hideout on the outskirts of town. He grabbed his dematerializer and left everything else behind. John went in but never came out. To this day nobody knows what happened to John or the demon.

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OCTOBER 22, 2012
The Tragedy in New Orleans
One afternoon, two boys named Bob Smo and Cade Kimball were off to New Orleans to see their family. When they got to their hotel, it was about twelve o’clock midnight. They started to walk to the door of the hotel, and a husband and his wife ran out of the hotel screaming, “Help us, help us, help us”!
They went inside the hotel; Bob Smo went to check in. The man at the front desk was turned around. When Bob rang the bell the man turned his head all the way the way around like an owl. The man had one green eye and one black eye. He also had red skin with a big bruise on his forehead. He gave them a key and said, with a laugh “Have a nice stay”.
Bob and Cade started up the stairs and when they got to the room, the door wouldn’t open. When Bob and Cade went downstairs, but the man at the desk wasn’t there and desk wasn’t there either. They tried to open the front door, but it was locked.
They both went upstairs to try to open the door again. It was open. They walked in. The door then shut behind them and they saw and green glowing figure in front of them. They didn’t know if it was real or not. Bob then reached for the figure and the figure ate him.
The figure said, “I am Blood Shock, hear me roar. “I am your worst nightmare! Cade ran quickly out the room and went to the pool area and in hid in the sauna. He locked the door and sat there breathing heavily. The monster stayed upstairs. Cade got as many beach balls as he could hold and ran upstairs the monster was waiting for him. The monster ate Cade and no one has ever returned to the hotel in New Orleans.

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OCTOBER 22, 2012
The Apparition
My name is Michael. I just moved into a house that was just sold for an extremely low price. I wonder why? I walked in expecting that new house smell. You know like fresh white paint. Instead I got a chill up my spine, and I got frigidly cold. I checked the thermostat, but it was set at a warm 72 degrees, and it was that middle of summer! Plus, all the windows were shut. Of course, I knew what this was. It was a spirit’s presence.

That’s right, I was a paranormal investigator when I was eighteen. My accomplice, Bill Smith, had traveled with me and filmed with night vision video cameras. I had gotten this feeling quite a lot. Our group of paranormal investigators traveled the world to find some of the most highly active paranormal locations. We even go as far as Italy. Anyway we decided to further investigate this, so my friend got his video camera out and filmed for about three hours. When reviewing the film we saw in the background a closet door shut with no one even touching it. At least, that’s what we saw. I checked the door to see if there was some sort of mechanism that triggered this to be some sort of prank a fool set up, but the door was normal. We had confirmed this was a spirit.

While we were walking up the steps we saw something sitting at the top that looked like a boy or girl dressed in long white robes. His or her hair was covering its face, so we couldn’t tell. I looked at the camera, then back again, and sure enough it was gone. Dang it! We could tell it was an apparition, because we could slightly see through it. I went to bed that night instead of staying up and trying to communicate with this apparition like I usually do. Funny nothing happened, or no strange noises were heard that night. The next day, I set Bill’s camera on the table towards me. I got out a piece of paper and wrote on it: “Who are you?” and: “What do you want?” I saw that the cabinet doors were opening and closing again and again and again. I went to check it out, but this wasn’t set up either. I turned around, and there it was. The apparition I’ve been seeing the whole time. I could tell it was a girl because her hair was cleared from her face, and I could see it more clearly now. She smiled a demonic smile. I flinched and closed my eyes preparing for the worst. I opened my eyes, and she was gone. I looked at the paper, and there was other writing on it, but I also noticed the pen was snapped in half and spewing out ink all over my fine new table. I read the message, and under Who are you? It had what looked like a fancy signature. I couldn’t read it. Under What do you want? It had written cruelly on it GET OUT.

While I was standing there thinking: “What the…”, a chair from the living room was picked up and thrown at me by an unseen force. It came flying at my head, but I ducked just in time, and it smashed to pieces on the refrigerator. I couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted to live in peace, and so did she. I left the house that day. You know after being a paranormal investigator, you begin to have a lot of sympathy for spirits. I almost have same amount of sympathy, for the living…

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OCTOBER 22, 2012
The Haunted Mansion
There once was a family named the Mercy’s: Hannah age 13; Kathy, her mom; Adam, her dad, her older sister Becky, 18 years old; her younger brother Connor, 11 years old; her older brother Todd, 16 years old; and Luis, her 1 year old dog. They live in a city named Hooterville. On Friday November 13, they went on a drive to visit their Aunt Phoebe. She lives in Casket Town. On the way there, the Mercy’s got lost. They kept going around in circles Then their daughter Hannah realized this and told her dad to take a left turn, but right after they turned, their car ran out of gas.

Hannah was sick of riding around in a car, so she got out and started walking. She came to a house know as “THE HAUNTED MANSION.” She went up the stairs and rang the door bell, but she didn’t hear it, so she knocked on the door. A couple minutes later still nobody answered, so she tried the door handle and it was open. Becky, Kathy, Hannah, Connor, and Luis her dog all went inside.

Then Hannah heard something outside. It was a wolf. Her dad made it in but Todd didn’t. The wolf ate him. Five minutes later the wolf had left. Her dad and Luis went outside to see if the wolf had left anything behind. While they were outside, a bear came. It charged at Luis but he ran away, so it went after her dad it got him. Then Luis came back, and the bear got him too, so after that they all stayed inside, but they all starved to death.

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OCTOBER 22, 2012
Dragon in Distress
 I slowly crept down the hall, praying that the clicking of my talons wouldn’t wake my parents. The torchlight reflected off my scales, casting strange shadows dancing along the cave walls. The mouth of the cave was just ahead of me. I slowly stepped out onto the small cliff edge. I was going to do it. Tonight, I was going to fly. My parents still wouldn’t let me practice because I hadn’t mastered my transformations yet, but so what? Lots of young dragons couldn’t help transforming into humans, it wasn’t our faults.
I took a running start and leapt into the starry night. My wings spread wide, and I soared on a down draft, drinking in the cool air running over my face and scales. It felt like heaven. Then it happened. One second I’m soaring, the next I’m dropping like a rock. I tried flapping my wings to stay up; but to my horror, they’d turned into gangly human arms. Branches scratched my bare arms leaving stinging cuts behind. Leaves and twigs got snarled in my hair and ripped open my gown, leaving my legs exposed to cuts and scratches. I hit the ground with a jarring OMPH! The wind left my lungs, leaving me stunned. My arm felt like it was on fire and my leg was dislocated for sure. I closed my eyes, praying everything was going to be all right.
I didn’t remember blacking out, but I must have. Where was I? All I remember was the empty clearing where I had fallen. Long iron bars blocked my view. To my dismay, I realized that I wasn’t being rescued, I was being held prisoner. Right in front of me was a shelf full of glass jars. Little bit of who knows what floated inside in sickening color liquids. I looked away hurriedly. I didn’t want to know what was in those jars!
“Oh, you’re finally awake. For a few minutes I thought you were dead, which in a way would have made my job a whole lot easier,” said a scratchy voice. The woman who was speaking was bent over a bubbling cauldron. Her frizzy grey hair was snarled, and her gown was spattered with stains.
“W-W-What do you want with me?” I said, hating that my voice was stammering. I didn’t want to look weak, especially in my current situation. “ Oh, you know, a leg, maybe an ear or two, and especially your eyes. Nothing works better in a prince- to- frog spell than little girl eyes,” The witch said absentmindedly throwing ingredients into her cauldron as she did.
“Someone will come to rescue me,” I said confidently. Thankfully, someone did, but it wasn’t who I had in mind. The wooden door of the cottage gave an ear shattering bang as someone tried to force it to open.
“I’m coming damsel!” a proud voice announced as the door was pushed another time. “Just hang on.” After the third try the door splintered onto the floor in small shards of wood. “ Here I am, damsel in distress,” a knight from the kings guard announced. He looked me over a few times then slowly lifted the visor of his helmet. Two bright blue eyes gazed me up and down then disappeared behind the visor again. “You’re not the prettiest thing are you? Well, you’ll have to do.” As the knight rambled on about my beauty pros and cons, I noticed the old witch slowly inching towards the now gaping hole where the door had been.
“Stop her you big oaf,” I screamed. The knight was taken aback by my outburst and crashed into the shelf behind him in surprise. All the bottles on the wooden shelf shattered sending disgusting smells and creatures onto the floor. Multicolored vapors rose into the air like a thick fog covering my vision. My eyes watered, and my body went numb. Suddenly, I shrieked and fell onto the floor. My body erupted in pain as my skin painfully changed into scales and wings poked their way out between my shoulder blades. I closed my eyes and waited for the pain to end. When I finally opened my eyes, I was thrilled to see I was back to normal. You never now how much you miss a tail until it’s gone.
The cottage, witch, and my cage had disappeared, leaving us in a small moonlight clearing. A shallow pond reflected the moonlight, and I discovered that someone else was here after all. A young woman was leaning over the pond staring in horror at her reflection. Her long, blond hair slowly rippled the surface as she clutched her golden dress in her hands.
“No, NO,NO! WHAT’S HAPPENED TO ME!” she screamed into the night. Suddenly, I realized that this maiden was the witch! When the jars had crashed, her own potions had turned her beautiful, just as they had turned me back into a dragon. Well, then where was the knight? He was sitting across the pond, sobbing and blubbering into his hands. I slowly backed into the shadows of the trees, realizing that if either the witch or the knight saw a young dragon, they would try and kill me. The witch also saw and knight and stomped over to him.
“I j-j-just d-d-don’t understand!” he blubbered. The witch gave him a stinging slap that I could hear even within the covers of the trees.
“Stop your blubbering you toad-faced snail brain! You don’t have any problems. Look what you’ve made me you bat-dung. I-I-I’m beautiful!” she shrieked. The knights face lit up.
“Hey, I could take you home instead of that other girl. She wasn’t even close to how pretty you are!” the knight started rambling on about all my flaws. Even though I didn’t like the knight, it still hurt a little. I mean, you have to admit I was pretty as a dragon. My purple scales were just too cute. Anyway, wile I was thinking about that the witch had grabbed a huge fallen tree branch and smacked the knight on the head.
“Hey, what was that for. You know, if you do that when you’re my wife..” He didn’t get to finish his sentence because the witch hit him with the branch again muttering curses and fowl names that if I ever repeated, I would have my tail whipped. The knight sprang up and raced into the woods with the witch running after him repeatedly beating him with the branch and cursing him. I could still hear them as I started the long walk home. I knew I would be punished for trying to fly and getting captured, but hey, at least I wouldn’t be a dragon in distress anymore. C

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OCTOBER 19, 2012
In the tower room
I sigh as I drag my luggage up the driveway to the large old house.  The house belongs to my Aunt Florence.  I had never seen my Aunt Florence, nor had I even heard of her until yesterday.  My parents are writers.  They were invited to a conference in Northern Europe.  They thought it would be too expensive for me to come along so they dumped me here, a desolate city somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

I reach the large door and knock.  The house was even bigger up close.  It had to be at least 3 stories and had a winding tower at the top.  It was a cold and windy fall day.  Not the pretty fall time, the fall time where all the trees are barren and the grass is dead.  The door finally opens, revealing a short woman, with greying hair pulled back in a bun.  She holds out her hand and says, “You must be Nicole.  I am your aunt Florence.  Come in”. Hesitantly  I step into the house.

She leads me down a long hallway.  On the walls are portraits of people I don’t know. My boots make a swishing noise against the lush red carpet.  Aunt Florence makes a sharp turn into a yellow room with flowered wallpaper.  “This will be your room”, she explains sharply.  “Dinner will be severed at six.  The dining hall is on the end of the corridor”.  Before I can respond she had walks out of the room.

After I unpack my belongings, I put on my heavy coat, gloves, and a scarf.  Skipping down the hall and out the front door, I break into a run as I hit the front yard, crisp leaves crunching under my feet.   I run until I reach the edge of the woods I had seen earlier, cautiously stepping forward.  The woods seem safe, so I hike onward.

I leave my mind to drift.  I think of my parents, probably enjoying themselves in some unique place not thinking about me at all.  my feet shuffle through the leaves  uncovering  a gleaming silver pendant.  I bend down and grab the necklace, rubbing its smooth surface.  A ruby glitters in the center of the pendant.  Engraved on the back is a date and a name: Cora 1996.

I check my watch, 5:50pm!  Dinner was in ten minutes!  I rush back to the house, stumbling aimlessly.  Panting and wheezing I quickly race to my room.   Sliding  off my coat I hurry to the dining hall.  The smell of food wafts through the hallway as I burst into the dimly lit room.  I sit down in a velvet chair and fill my bowl with a sour smelling soup.  “Now I do have some rules”, started Florence, “One, the tower room is off limits.  Two, you may not enter my room.   Three, you may not leave the property without permission.  Do you understand me Nicole?”  “Uh, yeah”, I reply.

We eat in silence for a while, until I take the necklace out of my pocket.  “Aunt Florence, what is this?” I ask kindly.  “Where did you find that?” She snaps, yanking it out of my hand.  “This belonged to my daughter Cora.  Unfortunately, she was killed in a fire two years ago.  Now off to bed with you.” I get up and walk to my room, my mind racing. Aunt Florence had a daughter? What was in the tower room?

I pull up the covers and try to close my eyes, but can’t. Hours pass by and then something strange happens. I smell something burning. A chill runs down my spine. A faint bluish light washes over the room. I hear hushed whispers. A girl is standing in the doorway. Her white dress and soft white hair floats around her as if she were underwater. Her ghostly features illuminated the darkness. Her dress was burnt and torn, and then she was gone, as quick as she had come. It seems odd to me because I wasn’t particularly scared. Soon after that I fall asleep.

 The next morning I stumble out of bed and lumber to the dining hall. “Nichole, we are running low on milk! Can you run to town and get some?” Aunt Florence calls down the hall. “Sure,” I reply.  “There is an old bike in the garage you can ride.  Just follow the road until you come to an intersection, go left and there you are!  Now off you go!”  I wander until I find the garage.  I peer inside, see the bike and open the door.  The wheels are slightly flat, but I don’t care. I hop on and start to pedal.

 It doesn’t take me long to reach the market.  I walk in and grab a carton of milk.  A small boy in a cap says to me, “I know who you are!  You are the one living with that creepy lady who killed her own daughter!”  “What?”, I say astonished.  “You don’t know? She locked her up in the tower and started a fire. That’s what everyone says at least”, he explains eagerly.  I quickly stalk out of the store and speed back to the old dreary house.  I had a lot to think about.

I flop down on the bed.  I was curious. Right then I made up my mind to visit the tower room and see if the boy I met was right.  I briskly walk over to the long winding stairwell.  Taking a deep breath, I begin to climb, one step after the other.  It takes me several minutes to reach the top.  To my right is a large wooden door.  Reaching out and I grab the handle….it is locked.  Looking around, I see a key peeking out from under the doormat.  Snatching the key, I unlock the door.

 My heart skips a beat.  The floor is coated with ash and the walls are blackened.  Loose papers float about the room.  I grab a photograph of a young girl smiling and laughing.  On the back written in curly handwriting is Cora age 8. There is large mirror on the other side of the room; it is cracked down the middle.  Another sheet of paper floats past me.  It looks like a journal entry of some sort.  I hear footsteps and then…

 I sit up in bed.  My forehead is covered in cold, clammy sweat.  I am in my room at Aunt Florence’s.  Everything is okay.  No fire, no ghost, nothing to be afraid of.  I notice that I am clutching something tightly in my hands, a picture of a young girl smiling and laughing.  On the back written in curly handwriting, Cora age 8.

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OCTOBER 19, 2012
A Night at theGraveyard
One day a girl named Clare went walking through a graveyard. She was lost and looking for a way home. She walked past hundreds of graves. Now she looked at a dead tree with an owl in it. All the owl said was “Who?” She kept walking. She heard a scream in the distance.                                                                                    

She had no idea what to do-Should she run away or keep walking? She decided to keep walking. As she grew closer to the sound she started to tremble in fear. What if it ate her or chased her? She got closer and closer to the sound and suddenly it stopped. She was really scared now! Right behind her was a spooky green glowing ghost!                    
She gasped at the sight. The ghost commanded “Leave this place or you will be here forever! WAHAHA!”Then the ghost vanished. Clare was so shocked she ran to a mansion she never saw before. Inside bats flew at her head. She ducked just in time. Then she saw a staircase. She ran over and on the third stair she stopped. The stairs creaked and cracked beneath her. She ran up the stairs and decided to sleep there.                                                                                                            
When she woke she was not in the mansion but in the graveyard. She looked up saw the ghost again. She didn’t know what to say. The ghost looked angry now. The ghost said to Clare “I told you to leave this place! You have one day to leave! This is your last warning!”                                                                                    

The ghost vanished and left Clare shocked again. She then saw a gate! A gate out! She ran to the gate and opened it. She ran down the block to find her house. She decided not to tell anybody.

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OCTOBER 19, 2012
“No!” A loud shriek came from a broken down street on the west side of Tinton. “Please, no!”
It was a regular day in regular old Tinton. Believe me, Tinton is pretty normal. The only weird thing about it is a sideways street that was part of a lost town from about fifty years ago. Then Tinton was built shortly after. The only thing left from the old city, Casaba, was this odd, rugged place.
Ishmael and I were walking to our house (my parents adopted him) with Kylie, a girl in our class.
“Let’s check it out,” Kylie said eagerly, darting down the street with her blond braids flying. She’s a bit impulsive.
Ishmael and I reluctantly followed her down the street. She was staring up at a huge black and purple building that looked perfect. How could that be? No one had lived on this street for years. Who would keep it up?
“Let’s try the door.” Kylie walked up the steps which creaked ominously. She hesitated before taking the last few slanted stairs.
Ishmael followed her slowly, skipping the step that creaked. Kylie opened up the door with no trouble.
The out side was so much better than the inside. It looked like a tornado burst through the interior! Reluctantly, I followed them into the house, which had no furniture except for some torn curtains.
“Kylie, are you sure –“ I got cut off from the slamming of the front door. Ishmael raced to the door and tugged on it.
“It won’t open!”
I shivered in the cold atmosphere. Everything was so creepy on the inside. Even Kylie looked a little nervous.
A blood-curdling shriek rang out from behind a door below the staircase. I covered my ears; the scream was louder than anything I’d ever heard.
I saw blood slither from below the door. Kylie’s eyes grew wide, her face pale.
Ishmael ran toward her; she was tipping over slowly.
“W-what’s going on?” I stuttered as Ishmael set her down on the floor. She’d fainted.
I knelt over Kylie and shook her softly. “Kylie!”
Ishmael turned towards the door with blood slowly winding its way towards Kylie’s sleeping body. My eyes grew wide as the blood drew into her open mouth.
Then a bright light burst from her, sending me flying backwards. I landed in a heap near the corner of the room. Ishmael was flung near the door.
Kylie slowly stood up and let out a full on scream. It wasn’t her voice. Her eyes were glowing like burning coals and her body was shaking violently.
“No!” I heard Kylie’s real voice explode from inside. She was wriggling and holding her head. Then, she collapsed.
        Ishmael looked stunned, and he was turning a little pale. I ran towards him and shook him, trying to keep him conscious.
        “No, Ishmael, stay awake!” His eyes grew dim, but his skin came back to its original dark color.
        I saw him shake his head and come to. That didn’t stop a trickle of blood from Kylie’s mouth from racing towards us.
        “Run!” I screamed as we bolted for the stairs.
        “It’s chasing us!” Ishmael cried as I turned to see it loop up the wooden steps.
        We got to the top and dashed around towards the back. The blood still tracked us.
        The two of us were backed into the corner of a room. We took a final step back.
        It inched, slowly, up Ishmael’s legs. He clamped his mouth firmly shut. It appeared at his waist, then his shoulder. Finally, it crept up to his chin.
        Then I heard another bewildering screech. Nothing moved. I held my breath as I saw the blood dry up from the doorway, all the way up Ishmael.
        He slowly wiped it from his body as I bolted down the staircase towards Kylie.
        I shook her and screamed her name. “Kylie! Oh, come on, wake up!”
        Ishmael appeared at my side with a book. “I found this stuffed on a bookshelf in the room we were in. Just look at the title!”
        I took the battered hardcover, the binding almost off the book. It read Spell Master. I opened it up slowly and flipped through it.
        “This seems to be some kind of witchcraft book or spells.”
        “See if there’s something to cure Kylie,” Ishmael whispered, staring at his friend, lying on the floor.
        “Okay…” I looked at the index. “Ah! There’s a Reverse Death Spell!” I turned the page and read the spell.
        “All right, all right…” I took a deep breath and stood across the room, thinking of the curvy calligraphy spelling out the chant.
        “One, two, three, four…” I knelt down and closed my eyes, breathing heavily. “Come alive forever more!”
        The last word I spoke shot out a wave of air into Kylie’s body. She instantly stood up, blinked a few times, and ran over to me with a hug.
        “Thank you,” she whispered. “Thank you.”
        Ishmael smiled and walked over by us. “What happened?”
        Kylie crossed her arms. “Whatever that… thing was, it was trying to kill us all! I really don’t know how you saved me.”
        I held up the book. “This book… it’s a spell book. It showed us how to save you.”
        Ishmael looked at me. “Wait a minute! How was that able to work? It’s not like you’re a witch, are you?”
        I gasped. It came to me. I don’t know how I did that! It was just, you know, something that happened.
        “It doesn’t matter, Ishmael; I’m alive! I don’t really care how it happened!”
        I laughed. “All I care about is that you’re safe.”
        Ishmael shrugged. “Yeah, I guess that’s fine. Now I know how all those people disappeared. It was all over the news.”
        I nodded. “That’s right! You know what? I’m glad we stopped it.”
        Kylie nodded. “I couldn’t agree more!”

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OCTOBER 19, 2012
The Attic
Tak-tak-tak-tak- clunk!
        The ceiling ladder stopped in front of Nate’s feet. Looking up at the entrance of the attic he started to climb up, the rungs groaning from the work. Reaching the landing he pulled himself up coughing, the mus air and the dust making his nose, making it feel stuffy. He grumbled as he adjusted, the only reason he’d even gone up in the attic is his mother had wanted an old photo album and had sent him to retrieve it. Nate took a few steps in to the pitch black room, his hands searching out in front of him, when he felt it touch his hand. He grabbed what touched his hand quickly and pulled.
        The room came to view as the light bulb above him came to life, the cord dangling from his pull. He could see the path he took to it, the floor was so dusty his footprints were visible in them, leaving small clean patches where he had stepped. He noticed some things had been moved, likely by his mother, as the bookshelf was now next to the entrance. Nate grumbled again, he’d never liked the attic even when it had been his grandfather’s room for a year. He took time to look around the old room again; his grandfather’s word war II items filled most of the right side of the attic. The bed lay in the middle of the memorabilia underneath a small single pane window. The left half of the room had the boxes of our belongings that they  didn’t have room for or never used, just look the photo album.
        Walking over to the right of the room Nate saw his grandfather’s old military uniform, the dark green jacket and helmet, the symbol on the front worn off, he had to look at the jacket to remember his grandfather had been a captain. He touched the sleeve remembering when his grandfather had still lived in the tiny attic. It had only been a year that he had the room before he was told his grandfather had been taken to a psych ward. Before he had been taken, he had babbled about how Nate’s parents were trying to kill him, how they were acting like Nazi’s. Nate knew the family had a strong German heritage but he doubt his parents were Nazi’s. His mother could seem like a lady Hitler in his opinion, but he was sure his grandfather had surely lost his marbles.
        Strangely after his departure Nate was told that the attic was off limits unless you had permission to be in there, Nate figured it was cause of some his grandfather’s war memoirs like the bayonets and the other dangerous items. Nate took his hand from the sleeve and started towards the boxes on the other side of the room. The boxes all labeled with different names due to their content, after shifting a few around he found the box labeled photo albums. He opened the box and peered inside, he quickly gave his arms a few quick rubs from a chill, but he felt the chill deeper than his skin. He couldn’t explain why but Nate’s attention kept getting drawn to his grandfather’s side of the attic, it was as if the that side of the room demanded his focus. Giving up his search for the photo album he abandoned the box and made his way for his grandfather’s side.
Nate noticed that when he came over to this side the musty smell got even stronger than it was anywhere else in the room. It smelled worse than just old dust, almost like old garbage that had been left out for too long, he felt strange for not noticing it earlier. He reached the foot of the bed and stopped.
        “You’ve finally come as well” whispered a gravelly voice
        Nate spun quickly on the spot, nearly falling from the dust that coated the floor, leaving it slippery and slick. No one was near him or in the room for that matter but he knew the whisper had sounded from right behind him, right into his ear. He could feel the hair on the back of his neck stand on end, something wasn’t right. He took a quick glance over his shoulder towards the bed again.
        Snapping his head around Nate felt the color in his face drain. The book shelf by the door was now jammed into the way in and out of the attic, leaving him trapped in the attic. He quickly turned away, thinking of something else instantly, if he wanted to keep calm he couldn’t dwell on thoughts like the bookcase blocking his path out. He took another glance at the bed, this time taking in details of it, he couldn’t believe he missed it earlier. The sheets were misshapen as if something was underneath them, what could be causing that, Nate wondered. Curiosity taking over he moved to the side of the bed and reached for the sheet, his fingers just touching the fabric.
        “She never liked me” came the same gravelly voice, it emitted from the middle of the attic this time. “she stuck me in here, tried to smother me. When that failed she broke my legs to keep me from moving around, she tried many times to finish me off, each ending in failure. Save for one.”
        “I know that voice…but from where” Nate muttered, fear now gripping tight at his heart.
        “I’ll show her pain as well, such pain, unbearable pain” replied the voice again.
        Nate finally realized the voice, it couldn’t be. He quickly tore back the sheets from the bed and felt his stomach wrench inside of him. On the bed laid a skeleton now, its legs, both of them broken at the shin. He didn’t get it, he knew his grandfather had been crazy, it couldn’t have been true what he said, he was crazy! He shook from the fear of what was going on, his thoughts racing like lightning.
        “time for her to know what the pain I endured was like, her suffering will come from you, your body will be the medium for my hate, to live the same hell I had too” roared the gravelly voice. His grandfather’s voice.
        Nate screamed as the light bulb exploded, the black void of darkness swallowing him, alone in the dark.

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OCTOBER 19, 2012
Haunted Night
It was almost midnight that night.  A slight breeze blew through the town.  Everyone was sleeping, except me.  Nobody knew I was lurking around this strange town.  Something else did though.
        As I walked up to the only house in that town, I knew something was there.  Not just a normal thing.  It was a ghost, from what I recall.  I heard it say my name when I got up to the door.  It kept saying, “Go away.”  I was very confused.  So, I decided to peak around the house.  Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad.
        I was wrong.  Everywhere I turned, mirrors were facing me.  In most of the rooms, China dolls stared at me.  Bloody knives were on the hallway floor.  As I made my way upstairs, a closet door creaked open.  Then with a loud bang, it closed without any warning.  I was so frightened I fell down the stairs.  That thing knocked me out in a rug.
        I was still weary from the fall.  I thought I was back at home away from harm, but sadly I wasn’t.  I was in the house’s basement.  I heard a chainsaw in the distance.  All I could think to do was to run.  I tried with all my might, but the ghost wouldn’t let me go.  When I tried to scream, a sharp pain went into my leg.  I didn’t want to look, but I had to.  Dark, rich blood leaked out of my thy.  I didn’t know what to do.
        The faint noise of the chainsaw died down.  Everything was silent.  I realized it was morning.  The ghost went and hid from the light.  I sprinted out as fast as I could.  The knife was still in my thy.  I pulled it out and ran home as fast as I could.
        I was never so frightened in my life.  As I started to fall asleep I heard my name again.  It said in a whisper, “Now I now where you live.  See you in your dreams!”  Now that you have read this, you will be possessed by ME!  See you soon!

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OCTOBER 19, 2012
The Scary Night
One night on Halloween four girls went trick or treating. The four girls’ names were Amy, Nicole, Stacey, and Sierra.  They were roaming around their town collecting candy at about 6:00 at night. Sierra was having the girls stay overnight at her house.
        “It’s getting late, girls,” Sierra announced, “I think we should head back to my house for the night.” The girls all agreed and went back to Sierra’s house.
         “Let’s walk a little faster. I think someone is following us,” Amy proclaimed.
        “I think I see shadows behind us too!” Nicole agreed. The girls finally reached Sierra’s house and locked all the doors.        “We should be safe now,” Stacey said.
        “How about we watch a movie to get our minds off of things,” Sierra suggested.
                “That sounds great!” the girls agreed.
        The girls huddled up and started to watch the movie. All off a sudden they started to hear tapping on the window. They just thought it was a tree branch hitting the window, but they were all wrong. Then, the phone started to ring. Sierra answered, but no one was there.
        “Someone must’ve just lost service,” Sierra said. She walked away and sat down to watch the movie again. Then they heard loud stomping noises upstairs. Sierra started to get freaked out, and the look on her face showed it.
        Stacey asked, “There isn’t anybody home, correct?” Sierra shook her head slowly. The girls started to freak out. The doorbell then rang five times in a row. Nicole ran to get it and saw a man with black clothing.
        “I’ve been watching you, and you better watch out,” the man said violently. He then ran away into the dark of the night.
        Nicole then screamed at the top of her lungs.
        “Sierra, call your mom now!” Nicole screamed again. Sierra rushed to the phone, but her mom then walked in. Sierra’s mom ran to her and hugged her. She was full of tears. They had just found out that Sierra’s sister had been kidnapped! It was so tragic! All of the girls were then brought home to their families. The police were on the hunt looking for Sierra’s sister, Jordan. Everything became so crazy and odd! Sierra and her mother rode with the cops looking for Jordan. They finally found her in a dark alley. They caught the man with the dark clothing on. He was sent to jail for stealing and kidnapping from others also. This Halloween was definitely crazy and spooky!

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OCTOBER 19, 2012
The Haunted Spot
Once upon a time on this very spot of land, there was a plane crash.  The plane crashed because thieves had robbed the plane.  Everyone had seen it happen, so the thieves cut of everyone’s hands and killed everyone.  Even  pilots got killed.  The thieves fled the plane, shot the engines, and shot the gas tank, too.  After the crash the thieves landed.  Then the cut off hands started to walk to the thieves.
           The thieves screamed like super scared little girls next to super scared little boys next to super scared adults with babies that are screaming.  Next the dead people became zombies, walked to the thieves, and killed the thieves.
            From, that moment on this spot of land was haunted and anyone who came on this land would be killed.

        The End?

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OCTOBER 19, 2012
The Girls Soul
The Darkness … is falling into the sky, breaking out the suns light. I look out my window; it was filled with kids, I felt like there was a painting on my window because of the amount of kids. Couldn’t find where I was, what I was doing, or who was around me. My mind was twisted by the wind that blew right threw my soul. I heard a sound, a sound so bad that I couldn’t even think of how it happened. I heard a girl scream but now that I think of it I’m over that stuff I’ve been through it all. I heard a knock! WHAT! I yelled. I yell mom! But I forgot that they left three hours ago. Shoot! I say. I start quickly tip toeing down stairs trying not to make a creek or even a single yawn, breath or whatever .I was staying quiet. I see the emergency phone “oh thank goodness” I said. I dial in the numbers thinking my mom’s old number is her new one. Calling, ring, ring, ring it goes. Someone answers, before the person could even say anything I sobbed “help me help me mom!”He says “WHAT!” and our conversation went on.”Im sorry goodbye!” Heard the person knock again and yell “open the door!”  I sobbed “he he hel hello???????Whoever you are please don’t hurt me.” What? I’m not gonna hurt you. I just want some candy ,good bye“ “wait!” I open the door. “Here you go” I give her a piece of candy. She looks at me “Well can I come in or what?” I looked at her and said “fine”. She sits without a word. She’s scratching the table, taping her foot on the wood floor, and has been picking up her glass every ten seconds. I ask her “What’s wrong?” She wouldn’t answer. I look the other way and look back. Blood on the floor, glasses cracked, and tv cracked, what has she done? She has vanished!

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OCTOBER 19, 2012
      “Three murdered! One Injured!” screamed the headline. The news story went on, explaining that the two children and their parents who had just moved in to 1752 Park Lane were viciously attacked. The family was covered in claw and teeth marks, and only the father survived. The article ended with the ominous questions, “Who is this mysterious murderer? And where will he strike next?”        

Detective George Sketer frowned and put the newspaper away. He had been hired by close relatives of the attacked family, the Holts, to solve this mysterious case. He had already learned that the Holts were attacked in the attic, right where the movers reported that they felt like, “Something’s watchin’ us.” But who knew if they were being truthful?                                                        

All of Sketer’s suspects had an alibi, and the well-known detective was intrigued by this case. He decided to pay a visit to Mr. Holts, the one witness.              

 “So, Mr. Holts, how are you?”                                                                  

Mr. Holts stared silently back at him.                                                          

Sketer clenched his teeth. The interview had not been going well. Ever since the attack, Mr. Holts hadn’t said much.                                                            

George Sketer cleared his throat. “So, uh, would you mind telling me about the attack? Was it an animal, or-”                                                                 
Mr. Holts looked Sketer straight in the eye. “It wasn’t human, but not like any animal I’ve seen either,” he rasped. “It haunts my dreams. It’s laughing…and smiling at the prospect of a new victim. It’s coming for me, Detective!”                  

Later that night Sketer was researching the house on Park Lane. He learned that the original owners were immigrants, and the second owner, Dr. Fraug, was a scientist. He did his experiments in the attic. (Sketer chuckled at the thought). He had passed the house on to his son, who died of natural causes.                             

Sketer thought for a moment. What to do? He didn’t have many leads. Sketer decided it wouldn’t hurt to investigate the attic, the scene of the crime.          

Two days later Sketer was trudging up the driveway of 1752 Park Lane. He glanced up at the silver moon and shivered. !
He walked inside the house, his flashlight’s glow not missing a single detail. As Sketer ascended the creaky staircase, he couldn’t shake off the feeling that something was watching him.            

Sketer turned the doorknob, and the door swung open. He stepped inside.        

The attic was large, with only a broken lamp and a cracked window for light. Sketer noted some cages stuffed in a corner.                                                      

Click-CLACK click-CLACK                                                                        

Sketer spun around, but saw nothing but a few scraps of paper. Sketer shifted uneasily but continued his investigation. As he leaned over to inspect a piece of cloth, he heard it again.                                                                      
Click-CLACK click-CLACK                                                                        

The door whooshed open. Sketer froze. He slowly shone his flashlight so he could see what was by the door. He instantly regretted it. Standing there was a dog. It was tall, and its ribs jutted out. Its eyes were a bright amber that stared straight into Sketer. With a chill down his spine, Sketer saw that it was covered in scars. And, worst of all, it was smiling. Smiling in a way only a human can.                        

The flashlight slipped from Sketer’s sweaty palms. His mouth opened, but no sound came out. He stood there, paralyzed with terror as the creature advanced.                                                                                                    

The smiling beast opened its mouth, revealing pure white teeth. And the sound that came out was only too human.                                                        

“Heh heh heh,” the beast laughed. “Heh heh.”                                          

 Then new sounds came. Screeches. The agonized screeches of tortured monkeys. Sketer went cold. The scientist… oh no. Experiments in the attic…of course! The screeches got louder, on the verge of madness.                                    
Sketer screamed aloud and raced for the door. He felt tiny claws snatching his legs, holding him back. He thrashed wildly. The tiny hands’ grip tightened. Black started to fill his vision. The dog snickered.                                                
Suddenly, Sketer broke free. He sprinted to his car and sped home. His heart threatened to beat out of his chest.                                                              

Once Sketer got home, he locked the doors and windows. His heart kept pounding fiercely. But he had survi! ved. For now.                                                  

Then the door opened. Sketer started to shake.                                          

Click-CLACK click-CLACK                                                                        

“Heh heh heh.”                                                                                

Sketer’s scream pierced the night.

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OCTOBER 19, 2012
The house that was possessed
It was a cold night, the full moon was glowing onto the sidewalk, and the trees whistled in the wind. It was only a few more days until Halloween. I was taking a nice, long walk with my boyfriend, Finn McMissile. We could see our breath in the air as we breathed. We walked past a house, all broken and torn. The windows were cracked or broken, and the grass had overgrown. It seemed abandoned. I took my hands out of my pockets and wiped away the hair in my face. I stared at the house as we walked. It was like the house was screaming. Something I couldn't understand. I stopped walking and Finn looked at me.

"What's the matter?" He asked.
I took a steady step forwards the house.
"I-I don't know..." I answered, still looking at the house. "I feel....like that house..... Is...telling me something that I can't understand." Finn himself looked at the house but apparently all he saw was an abandoned old house.
"You're joking..... Right?" He sounded as if he weren't sure if I was joking or not.
I started running towards the house. Finn followed.
"Erica, stop! You don't know what's in there!" He yelled after me. I opened the door and almost ran into a large statue. It was of a human. Just a regular human man. His hands were over his eyes.

"I know him. I.... I just can't... Think of his name....." I said silently.
"Please, can we leave? It's getting colder in here." Finn whispered to me.
I suddenly felt very warm and cold at the same time. The wind blew from outside into the house and I started feeling dizzy like I couldn't even stand! I took a step back and wobbled. Finn caught me. "Erica, are you alright?" He asked. I could barely hear him. I was drifting into black. I couldn't stop it. I slipped into blackness.
"Erica!" Finn yelled. He carried me into his arms and quickly got out of the house. Little did he know that the statue of the man had moved his hands lower and his cold, blank eyes stared after him.

Finn carefully layed me on the overgrown grass. He moved my hair away and tried to give me CPR. It didn't work. He tried it again. He gasped. "Erica, please wake up!"
I opened my eyes. "Finn?" I said in a raspy voice. Finn sighed of relief and hugged me. I pushed him away and felt myself standing up.  "Erica, are you okay?" He asked me worriedly.  ​
​"Uhm... I can't feel anything. Is that bad?"
​Finn stared at me questioningly.
​"What?" He asked. I started to walk towards the house. The statue was in the doorway, arms stretched out, as if it was trying to give me a hug. Tears started to roll down my cheeks. The man was now wearing a suit and a tie. "Finn, help..." I whispered quietly. Finn didn't hear me. I guess he was still in shock on what I said before.  I moved closer to the statue.  I could feel its arms moving closer around me, even though it was standing very still. I suddenly could feel myself again. I stopped moving. Finn came up to me. He tapped my shoulder.

"Erica...?" He asked gently. "What's happening? You okay?" I whirled around. I suddenly felt angry. Very, angry. I didn't know why. I didn't know how. I suddenly slapped Finn across the face. He looked surprised. Tears rolled down my face.
"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." I said and ran into the house, dodging the statue. Finn followed after me.
"No, wait!" He yelled.
I ran up a set of old, creaky stairs and almost fell through a step. I ran into a room and felt coldness all around me. Everything went black. I could hear the door slam behind me.
Finn pounded on the door.  "Erica!" He yelled frantically.
"Finn! Help!"
I was suddenly pushed up against the wall by an unknown force and I could feel compression on my chest. It was choking me! Whatever it was...
"Finn.....!" I screamed. Though it was barely heard. Finn crashed through the door and held me tight. The compression on my chest disappeared and I hugged him tightly. We both made our way quickly down the stairs. The statue had moved over to a corner. It looked as if it were crying. One of its legs were cracked and it was damaged everywhere. We quickly got out of there and I could feel the cool air of the night wind. We started heading home, Finn holding tightly onto my hand. I never wanted to go back, or near, that house again. But it always bothered me, to this day, who that statue of the man was, for I know his name, I just couldn't remember it for the life of me.

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OCTOBER 19, 2012
The House
My house is a two-story home. It has four doors that go to the outside. My parents check and lock them every night because we live in the country off a really busy highway. During the day, I can fly down the stairs to the lower level without a blink of an eye, but when the sun goes down and the house gets dark, everything that light touched is no longer the same!
        Time was taking us closer and closer to Halloween and everything about the house was getting more and more spooky and scarier. One night my mom asked me to go downstairs and check the main door by myself. I protested trying to deny showing how afraid I was of entering the long, dark stairway. This led into the dimly lit hallway, the recreation room with three big windows peering out into the darkness of the night. This was next to the unlocked door that opened up to the world of pitch, black night. It was filled with unknown noises and shadows that made the hair stand up on the back of one’s neck. It did not seem to matter much how I hated this task, my mom gave me the look and I knew I had to face it. The first step creaked and my heart began to pump. I swallowed hard and took the second step. My mind was racing with ideas of frightening spooks waiting around every corner at the bottom. The third step I stumbled and slipped down to the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh on my behind. I screamed! My heart was pounding so hard in my chest, it sounded like a pair of bongo drums. I got back up and heard a knock on the other side of the wall or so I thought. The light I had turned on was taking its own sweet time to brighten up. I was almost to the bottom when all of a sudden a huge shadow of a spider popped out and came across the wall in front of me. I ducked and swatted at the air in fear it was going to crawl onto me. I reached the platform and turned into the hallway. All of a sudden, the light popped into the hallway.
        There was total darkness! I reach for the walls to guide my way to the doorway of the recreation room. Sweat was rolling down my forehead. I found the light switch and flipped it on. The light was slow to fill the room.   Finally I saw shadows of rapidly moving objects moving toward me against the far wall. I screamed again and it disappeared behind the piano. What was it? I knew I had to make it only across the room, press the lock, and twist the bolt and race up the stairs, but it felt like it was miles away.
        I moved to the middle of the room and tripped over the electric scooters, stubbed my toe, and screamed in pain as the lights flickered.
        The cat wailed outside and I was more afraid than ever to get to the unlocked door. The wind was picking up outside and I reached for the air hockey table to help myself up when something sharp fell on my hand. I pulled my hand off the table quickly and looked to see what possibly could have been there, but there was nothing! Just then, the door unlatched and flew open with the wind! The cat came racing in and jumped on me, claws gouging into my skin. Something was out there and had spooked it. Was it coming for me? Would anyone hear my screams? I slammed the door with all my might and secured the locks. I thought I was free of the clutching nightmare I was living, but I turned around, holding the cat. I had feared this all along…! I sunk down by the door only to find I was not alone!

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OCTOBER 19, 2012
A Different Kind of Weird
Every year on Halloween I’m a cat, a simple black cat (I was a cat because cats are so graceful and I’m so clumsy!).  Emily was always a fairy.  We were the kids who you remembered every year because we wore the same costumes.  But this year we didn't want to be the dorks in the cat and fairy costume while everyone else was something more exciting.  We wanted to be something scary too, and we knew just the place to go.
        One day after school, Emily and I rushed down Thirteenth Street to get to One Eye Costume Boutique before they closed.  When we got there the ‘open’ sign was lit so we walked in.  We were surprised at what we saw next.  There were racks and racks of any costume we could think of.  There were also accessories galore!  After we got over the awe of it all, we walked in and looked around.  There were also displays with little cards explaining each costume.  I couldn't read one of them so I walked forward a bit, then -BAM-!!!  Clumsy old me tripped on juggling balls for a clown costume.  Right after I went down we heard an old man’s’ voice yell, “Who’s There?”
        I was too scared to talk so Emily, being the outgoing girl she was, yelled back “Paying costumers!”.  The old man then came out of a room that appeared to be a storage room and introduced himself as Geoff Wolf. (He was much more friendly after the comment.)  He was wearing an “I heart Halloween” t-shirt.  He also had one glass eye.  When we told him what kind of costumes we were looking for he showed us three costumes in our budget: a vampire, a zombie, and a witch.  Right away we knew “witch” one we wanted.  So he showed us some accessories to go with our costumes, including green body paint, fake warts, wigs and broomsticks.  Of course we bought all of it.  After we purchased everything we talked to Geoff for a little while.  He seemed kind of weird but the perfect kind of weird to work in a costume shop.
         After we left the store Emily and I walked in silence for a while.  During the silence I was thinking about the other kind of weird I saw in Geoff.  Not the kind of weird you have to be to run a costume shop, but the other kind of weird.  I just couldn’t put my finger on it so I just blew it off.
        On Halloween night an hour or two into trick-or-treating, I just couldn’t keep my mind on trick-or-treating or on my bag full of every sort of candy on this earth.  Emily confronted me about it a few houses later.  I told her that I just couldn’t stop thinking about Geoff.  She admitted that she noticed something weird, too, but hadn’t given it much thought.  After a little while of quietness we both decided not to worry about it because we’d probably never see him again.
        A few days after Halloween Emily and I were going back to One Eye Costume Boutique to return the extra can of green body paint that we didn’t use.  We walked in and saw a red-headed girl standing behind the counter.  I walked over to her and gave her receipt which had the salesman’s name on it and said “That’s odd, no one named Geoff ever worked here.”.
         After that comment Emily and I looked at each other with wide-eyes and mentally said ‘uh-oh’.  Then we ran home.  Now we understood that feeling we had about the “different kind of weird”.

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OCTOBER 19, 2012
The Spooky Witches
There was once a little girl and three witches. The witches loved sucking little kids’ souls.  It was Halloween night, and the little girl went straight up to the witches’ house for Trick or Treating.  She rang the doorbell and waited and waited.  Three witches came to the door.  Slowly they opened the door and all you could hear was the door screech and the witches’ chuckles.  The girl was so scared she began to run.  Just when she thought no one was following her, a weird feeling came over her.  She stopped and fell to the ground.  She looked up and saw the three witches standing over her.  Just as one began to reach out to her, a black cat jumped out of nowhere and scratched the witch.  The cat said “follow me, I will lead you to safety.”  The girl was so surprised and scared; she had no choice but to follow the cat.  The cat lead her to the graveyard and disappeared.  The girl ran back home and never went Trick or Treating again.

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OCTOBER 19, 2012
The House Across the Street
Leaves were changing; fall was in the air and we had just moved into our new house on 36th street.  It was a big blue house with a small yard in a little town called Voxer.
        The rumor in Voxer was that the house across from our house was a haunted house.  Nobody lived in the house; it was a tall two-story house with gray siding.  Some windows were shattered and others were boarded up.  The porch was falling off; the lawn looked like it hadn’t been mowed in years.  It was the scariest looking house in town.
        Halloween was quickly approaching and I was planning a sleep over with a couple of my friends.  We were going to go trick or treating, play some games and hang out.  We were all looking forward to the party.
        It was the night of the party.  We had just gotten done trick or treating and were sifting through the heap of candy in the middle of my room.
Out of the blue Mara asked me, “Is it scary living across from the haunted house?”
I thought for a minute and realized I had never really thought about that.
        With wonder in our eyes we were all thinking the same thing!  Next thing we knew we were heading across the street to check out the “Haunted House.”
        It was dark out and there just happened to be a full moon.  We didn’t need any flashlights.  We slowly stepped onto the creaky porch, and slowly approached the front door.  Nobody wanted to open the door; I took a deep breath and reached for the door knob and turned it slowly, and to our surprise the door was open.
        One by one they followed me in the house; as we stood in the entrance the light of the moon led us toward the steps.  As we started up the cobweb-covered staircase a faint cry brought us all to a halt.  Abbi thought she heard the cry coming from the living room, so we went and looked.  When we were all in the living room we all saw a shadow and screamed.  We ran as quickly as we could back to my house.  Once we got to my bedroom we decided to never tell anybody.

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OCTOBER 19, 2012
Never Ask Bob
It was that time of year again for the annual Halloween party.  The host this year is my friend Bob.  The event location will be Bob’s old run-down farm at the end of Willow Creek Road.  Bob wanted to have it at a dark, scary and spooky place.
        At parties in the past many of the children were sad because, they became bored.  The parties were not scary enough.  What Bob did not know was that 100 years ago on that same spot a young girl named Clair Olsen had died tragically.
        At the party everyone came dressed as skeletons and we could not tell who was who.  One of the skeletons went to find the restroom and tripped on the young woman’s gravestone and fell into a pit.
       Later on we noticed one of the skeletons was missing.  When we went outside to look we saw a mist go over the farm and it was singing a haunting melody.  It said over and over, “I can’t believe it killed me”.  The mist was never seen again.  Without a doubt the kids attending this year’s party were not going home bored this time.

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OCTOBER 19, 2012
The Night of Halloween
It was Wednesday, October 31. It was twelve o’clock at night. I was home alone because my parents were at a party and my sisters were at that party too. I was watching TV then all of a sudden the lights went off. I was so
 scared. I heard the door slam open, “Bang”. Then it closed with a loud “Thug”. I ran in my room and locked the door. I heard footsteps coming closer and closer.
          A GOBLIN came running in and dragged me outside and started to suck my blood. Then my neighbor Jaron hit the GOBLIN in the head with a bat and its head came off.
We looked down the street and we saw a whole army of GOBLINS!!! They were running after us and they were sucking our blood, we died. I was hearing my mom’s for some odd reason and then I woke up! It turns out it was only a dream.

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OCTOBER 19, 2012
The Bloody Night
It was a sad and rainy night. My parents were asleep in their room. I had stayed up to watch my favorite movie. I had no idea what would happen next. Suddenly there was a knocking on the door. The door fell down, and big red bloody shadows came in. They went straight for the room that my parents were in. They killed almost everyone in the house and in the neighborhood. They were restless. They wouldn’t give up. I was the only one left alive. Everyone else was possessed and turned into slaves. Some were sacrificed to the devil. If one of them were sacrificed, the body would be turned into dark slimy blood. Soon the whole world would be killed and turned into slaves and one day be sacrificed. I had come up with a mixture that would let me live forever. I had to come up with a plan.
   This went on for thousands of years. Soon everyone including me was killed and sacrificed. When it was my turn to be sacrificed, my spirit tried to fight against being burnt and turned into slimy blood. When they finally got me to go, I remembered that I didn’t take the mix that I was supposed to take every one hundred years. I died, and dark slimy blood oozed out of my mouth, nose, and ears. I was terrified of that look. I was reborn from a zombie. That zombie’s name was Devils. The day after I was born I got killed and possessed. The spirit that possessed me had made many friends, but in their world friends meant killings. Every blood drop that dropped was dark, slimy, and oozing out. Everything was dark and depressing.
   The scariest thing that ever happened to me was when the devil had risen, and the sky rose to black when the blood rained and the ground flooded. It was terrible. Blood was everywhere. The blood wouldn’t stop flowing from the ground. It went on for many years. When it finally stopped, everyone had turned into dark bloody shadows. The world disintegrated after two trillion years. There was thick black and dark blood floating everywhere. One day this may happen to the world.

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OCTOBER 19, 2012
An Excerpt from: The Journal (Part one and two)
Once again the flashlight shone ahead, but gave us very little help.  I kept my hands on the cement wall around us to steady myself, and even then I bumped into Blake a few times.  Once we arrived at the bottom of the staircase, we began to walk blindly through the open space.  After a few steps I felt something tickling my head as if a spider was crawling upon it, and I screamed.
     Blake immediately turned around and asked frantically, “What is it? What’s wrong?”
    I pointed to my head and kept screaming.  He reached over my head, jerked his hand and the room became illuminated with light.  I stopped screaming and looked over head.  Right above me was the cable to a pull cord light bulb.  The string hung just low enough to reach my 5 foot 4 inch stature, but it hadn’t touched Blake, although he was at least a head taller than me.
     He smiled at me, jokingly, but didn’t laugh.  I only said, “It’s not funny,” and began searching for clues.  Blake took my cue and began searching as well.
      After a few moments of hunting, Blake yelled out, “I think I found something,” from across the room.
     I ran over to him and looked at the pieces of paper lying on an old mahogany desk.  It was a treasure map.  “Blake, I think we just found our first clue.”

     I stared at the map for a long time.  The words on the top read: The Lost Treasure of Springfield.  I looked even closer and saw that the map was missing a giant portion of the lower right hand corner.   “It’s missing a piece.  Maybe the rest of it’s in here somewhere.” I said with hope in my voice looking up.
     I looked on a nearby countertop and gasped as I saw a case full of knives.  Blake came running over and froze as I pointed to an empty space where the largest knife should have been.    Suddenly, the few clues we had found started coming together.  I suddenly knew that Nolan the Great magician of Springfield had indeed made Nora Langston, an innocent woman, disappear for good.

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OCTOBER 19, 2012
Oh, the Horror!
It was Friday, October 13th, the worst month and day to visit the run down part of town. Leeya Johnson and her friends went to Woodrow high in Forks, Washington. They were freshman. The seniors at the school were horrible. Here’s what happened from the beginning:
        “Hey, Leeya, have you heard of the Shrieking Shack?” asked her friend Molly.
        “Yes, I have. Isn’t it the scariest place ever?” Leeya replied.
        Chelsea (their other friend) said, “Yes it is, but I hear that the seniors go there every Halloween. Sometimes they even go, if they’re lucky, on the 13th.”
        “THAT’S TODAY!” Leeya and Molly screamed.
        Now these girls were very pretty girls, but they didn’t talk to other people very often. The seniors thought they’d be the perfect bait for their trick.
        Lola (the most popular of the seniors) walked up the girls and said, “Hey, girls, would you like to become popular?”
        Of course they said yes. So Lola and her friend explained what they had to do. The girls were freaking out.
        “Leeya, how are we supposed to do this?!” Molly asked.
        “We just have to suck it up and go. I mean how scary can a shack be, right?” Leeya said as she gulped.
        Chelsea said, “Oh I have no idea. It seems pretty creepy. And you realize that it’s Friday the 13th right?”
        “Yes, I do. That’s why I’m a little bit afraid,” Leeya said.
        Well, the girls went off to class. As mentioned before it was not a normal day. The skies were gray and the trees were blowing in the wind. It seemed like a typical day for everyone, but they would soon realize it was not.
        It was about 1:43 P.M. and everyone was in class. The bell rang at 1:45 to go to a school assembly; it was hard to hear because it started storming. As the students were walking in they saw the speaker. He was a creepy, five feet and nine inches tall man with a hook for a hand. His name was Mr. Drake. Some of the students thought he resembled Dracula (which totally makes sense). The students didn’t think anything of the man because it was getting closer to Halloween. When the man spoke it sounded wispy and dark. He said that the new school field trip was going to be to the Shrieking Shack. Everyone gasped.
        “Leeya, now we have no choice but to go!” exclaimed Molly.
        “I know. At least we go with other people,” Leeya replied.
        The man continued talking. He said that only four people could stay at a time.
        “What’s the coincidence of that?” Chelsea said angrily.
        “Well, I have no clue. At least we girls can go together plus one more. Maybe it’ll be Toby,” Leeya said.
        Toby was a junior and the cutest guy ever.
        The man was done talking, said good day to everyone, and all of a sudden…BOOM! Thunder and lighting struck, the lights went out, and everyone screamed in terror. Leeya and her friends were holding each other tightly. The janitor got the lights back on; but when he did, the creepy man was gone. And the only thing left was Mrs. Soul lying dead on the floor. Students were ordered to leave at once. Everyone was shaking in fear that they were next. The vice principal said that everyone must go home; and the only students that may return to school were Leeya, Molly, Chelsea, and Elli (the four students going on that field trip).
        The girls went home and were trying to tell their parents why they were home so early, but no one believed them. Their parents just said that it was all just a school prank to scare everyone. Leeya was the first to arrive back at school. Molly and Chelsea came at the same time. Now, before their nightmare began, they were waiting for Elli. He finally showed up. The girls were a little annoyed because he wasn’t any Toby Hopkins, but he would do. Their way to the shack was an old bus. It had graffiti on the outside. It was gray and the seats were torn. The door squeaked every time it was opened or closed.
        The man on the bus said creepily, “All aboard! It’s time to get your scare on…BOO!”
        Everyone jumped when he said that. Slowly walking one by one onto the bus, they were shaking. All their hearts beat like drums (BOOM BA BOOM BA BOOM over and over again). The bus made its way to the shack. It was still storming out, which didn’t help.
        Finally they arrived at the shack. It was dark and cold. After getting off the bus they had to make their way to the front door. It was really hard because it was muddy. One wrong step and they’d be in a mud hot tub. There was one teacher who went along, Mr. Jones. He was already at the house because he happened to own the estate.
        The front door was big and pale green with chips missing out of it. There was a door bell, but no one wanted to ring it so they used the door knocker. It was a vampire head (that was another rumor going around that the house was owned by a family of vampires). They pounded on the door, but no one came. So they decided to ring the doorbell (which was a mistake). The noise was scary and made the wolves howl. A big tall man, the in-keeper, let them in.
        The name of the shack really made sense. Every step they took shrieked. It made the hair on their arms stand on end. Mr. Jones was getting the rooms together. Since there were three girls and one boy, they would sleep in one room. Their room was decorated in red and black (very vampire-like). The students, once they settled in, went down to the living room and sat on the floor waiting for Mr. Jones. He finally came down.
        “Hello, students,” he said.
        “Hello,” they all replied.
        He then spoke, “I am going to tell you the story of this house. Back in about1840, the time of cowboys and ranchers, this house was here. It was owned by the Draco family. They were said to be some kind of monsters. They weren’t the type of monsters you are probably thinking off. The Dracos were vampires. That is why your room looks the way it does. They were killed a few years after they moved in. The story says that they still live here, and they dispose of anyone who steps foot in their house.”
        Leeya asked shyly, “Is this true?”
        “Yes it is mauhahaha!” Mr. Jones laughed with that evil chuckle.
        Everyone was really afraid. It was about ten o’clock when they decided to go to bed. They checked under their beds and in their closets, no monsters. They all got in their beds and tried to sleep.
        As time passed, it was 1:32 A.M. and the wind picked up. It howled like a wolverine. All of a sudden…BAAAMMMM! The door swung open and hit the wall. Everyone screamed and hid under the covers. They saw a shadow standing in their doorway saying in a wispy dark English accent, You can’t hide. Get out of our house or you will payyyyyyyy. It faded away as it said pay, and they all got out from under their covers to see if it was gone. Elli wouldn’t come out. He was scared to death.
        They tried to go back to sleep, but they just couldn’t. About an hour later the window blew open and the wind said Heed our warnings and get out! After that they couldn’t take it anymore. They ran out of the house screaming. They didn’t run the right way. Heading straight for the graveyard, Molly fell and broke her ankle. Leeya came back for her. They hopped away, but then a breeze came and said go faster. Leeya and Molly couldn’t. Stopping at a big stone, they saw a figure behind them just standing there. He was tall with large shoulders. He didn’t move an inch. Molly took a deep breath. Then the man moved. He was running towards them (with his loud foot steps echoing, BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM). The girls tried to get up, but Molly couldn’t. She shouted at Leeya to leave her behind.
       Leeya got away and would always wonder what happened to Molly. Leeya ran as fast as she could. She finally got to safety and tried to forget what had happened. No one ever heard from Elli, Molly, or Chelsea again. No one spoke of that night either, not even Leeya. It was just a memory now. Some said that the children (Molly, Elli, and Chelsea) died from being hurt and were never found. Their ghosts are said to haunt Forks every 13th of the month. Leeya moved on.

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OCTOBER 18, 2012
The Monster Inside
I saw the light from the door before I heard the creature come charging at me. The room was small, and I was prepared for his attack, but I still couldn’t help the blood-curling scream that came out of my mouth. I became numb, staring into those red and black eyes. I forgot where I was, who I was. My legs became jelly-like stumps under my body, and I wasn’t entirely sure I could remember how to move them. I knew this was going to be a brutal and bloody battle, so I mentally shut down. I blocked off every feeling, every memory. I shut every emotion out of my brain, and just began fighting.
He had reached me by that point, and came with a powerful kick to my gut. It brought me all the way to the back wall of the little apartment, and I hit my head on the wall just before falling to the ground. Springing up as fast as I could manage, I charged towards him flailing my arms. Not the most reliable plan, but it definitely caught him off guard. He had expected such chivalrous and planned out punches from me, which was my normal technique, but I didn’t have the time right now. I blocked some of his punches, but took a few of them too. He quickly produced a small, silver knife from his coat pocket. I flinched away from it, trying to figure out a plan. I looked around for a weapon, anything I could cause a blow at him with, and saw a bat tucked away in the corner. I lunged for it, and when I had it in my hand I turned to face the man. He stood near the door, his grimace gleaming through the small light in the dark apartment. “I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time.” He said. His smile became bigger, more evil as he lunged at me. He was very fast and skillful, and even managed to come after me while always blocking the door. I had always been a fast runner; that he knew very well. He wouldn’t let me escape this time.
We started a little bit of a dance, back and forth, both trying to get the upper hand. I made sure to keep my eyes locked on his glare, but it was very hard to get around in this small, dark apartment. We kept circling and circling, until I took a couple steps to the left, stumbled, and made the mistake of looking down. Immediately after our locked eyes separated, he was on me, holding me down, and smiling like an idiot while he did it. He threw a few hard punches at my head, and my vision began fading. It was like a black fog was coming in from all sides of my vision. I reluctantly closed my eyes and almost drifted out of consciousness, but not before the man got one final blow on my stomach. It knocked all the wind out of me, and I remember choking on air while simultaneously passing out. The world went dark, and I dreamed of the beach. The sand felt wonderful under my toes, and the water was a beautiful blue. I could smell the salt and feel the wind blow through my hair.
I woke up in a dark, musty basement. The stench of blood and rust and mold was strong, and I was mostly worried about the first smell. I tried my best to assess my damages, but it was a difficult task to do while tied to an old, wooden chair. My wrists and ankles had been tied together, and the rest of my body was tied, very tightly I might add, to the chair with very sturdy rope. The pain from the back of my scalp and the large headache I had told me that the blood must be coming from somewhere along the back of my head. After I fully finished my body evaluation, I started to look around the musky basement. The only light source was a large, overhead lamp that was right above me. I gazed up into the light, and winced away from it. The more I stared into the light, the more my head ached. Besides the strong musk of rust and salt and the chair and I, the basement was empty. Because no light was shining in from the top of the stairs, I concluded there was a door blocking any light coming from upstairs. My assumption was proven when someone opened the door, allowing a small light to shine down the stairs until the door was shut again.
I heard someone stepping down the stairs, and a face finally appeared. I was surprised that I did not recognize the man, but when he viciously smiled at me it seemed like he knew my face too well. He came striding up to me gracefully, taking long steps, which seemed easy for him with such long legs. He must have been at least seven feet tall with a dark head of hair and brown eyes. I was too busy studying the man, trying to figure out if I’d seen him before or not, to notice him pull his hand to the side and give me a hard, cold slap on the face. I let out an awful, gargling noise, and wondered if I’d be able to speak if I wanted to. My throat was full of something I hated tasting, blood. When the man slapped me I could feel that my mouth and cheek were all puffed up. I probably would have worried about my appearance if I weren’t so concentrated on finding a way out of my confinements. He slapped me again, this time from his right hand, hard, and my vision started to blur and darken. I saw stars and my head began spinning. I begged for him to please stop, which made him laugh. His laugh was icy, and I began shaking and shivering.
“You did this to yourself,” he spit at me. I choked up, unsure of what to say.
“How?” I squeaked. His punch into my side told me I wasn’t going to get any answers. He continued jabbing into my side, and tried to face the fact that I might die. The only thought running through my head was that dying was a better option than becoming who I used to be. The more he punched me, the more I cried. I began to choke on my tears and blood, and gasped for air. The punching stopped after I slumped down as much as possible while being tied to a chair. My head reeled, and I closed my eyes. I tried to picture the beach and the sand and the water and the sun. I was walking towards the water; it’s salty substance welcoming me with open arms. I stepped one foot into the water, and I felt overwhelmed with joy and warmth. The sun so bright and warm, the sand and water the same, and I felt content and at home. I could stay here forever. Then it all went away, except for the bright light. It wasn’t warm like the sun, but it was still bright and above my head. When I was near the ocean I had been alone, but here I was not alone. I was with a predator. I was the only prey around and he was hungry. I could feel the creature taking over my mind, body, and soul, and I knew I would regret this later, but it wasn’t later yet. It was now. I had tried for so long to be normal, a human like everyone else. I always despised being the way I was, and would’ve given everything I had to be human. But those feelings all went away as the creature inside took the reins. It was controlling my thoughts and feelings. I was no longer a sensitive being; I was a natural born killer. I waited until he turned around and mustered all the strength I could as I ripped out of the ropes. I lunged for his back with lightening speed and snapped his neck before he could even turn his head towards me. I had tried so hard to run away from these creatures, from me, but that was all over now. I jumped over the dead monster in front of me and leaped up the steps. I paused at the door and took a deep breath. For years I had been able to sta!
y out of this mystical world, but I knew it would catch up with me eventually. I knew I would be that monster again, slaughtering for blood and power, just like my father. The thought of it brought a shiver through my body, and I was glad there wasn’t a mirror around. I wasn’t ready to face those red and black eyes in my reflection yet.

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OCTOBER 17, 2012
“Three murdered! One Injured!” screamed the headline. The news story went on, explaining that the two children and their parents who had just moved in to 1752 Park Lane were viciously attacked. The family was covered in claw and teeth marks, and only the father survived. The article ended with the ominous questions, “Who is this mysterious murderer? And where will he strike next?”

Detective George Sketer frowned and put the newspaper away. He had been hired by close relatives of the attacked family, the Holts, to solve this mysterious case. He had already learned that the Holts were attacked in the attic, right where the movers reported that they felt like, “Something’s watchin’ us.” But who knew if they were being truthful?

All of Sketer’s suspects had an alibi, and the well-known detective was intrigued by this case. He decided to pay a visit to Mr. Holts, the one witness. “So, Mr. Holts, how are you?” Mr. Holts stared silently back at him. Sketer clenched his teeth. The interview had not been going well. Ever since the attack, Mr. Holts hadn’t said much. George Sketer cleared his throat. “So, uh, would you mind telling me about the attack? Was it an animal, or-” Mr. Holts looked Sketer straight in the eye. “It wasn’t human, but not like any animal I’ve seen either,” he rasped. “It haunts my dreams. It’s laughing…and smiling at the prospect of a new victim. It’s coming for me, Detective!”

Later that night Sketer was researching the house on Park Lane. He learned that the original owners were immigrants, and the second owner, Dr. Fraug, was a scientist. He did his experiments in the attic. (Sketer chuckled at the thought). He had passed the house on to his son, who died of natural causes. Sketer thought for a moment. What to do? He didn’t have many leads. Sketer decided it wouldn’t hurt to investigate the attic, the scene of the crime.

Two days later Sketer was trudging up the driveway of 1752 Park Lane. He glanced up at the silver moon and shivered.  He walked inside the house, his flashlight’s glow not missing a single detail. As Sketer ascended the creaky staircase, he couldn’t shake off the feeling that something was watching him.

Sketer turned the doorknob, and the door swung open. He stepped inside. The attic was large, with only a broken lamp and a cracked window for light. Sketer noted some cages stuffed in a corner.
     Click-CLACK click-CLACK
Sketer spun around, but saw nothing but a few scraps of paper. Sketer shifted uneasily but continued his investigation. As he leaned over to inspect a piece of cloth, he heard it again.
     Click-CLACK click-CLACK
The door whooshed open. Sketer froze. He slowly shone his flashlight so he could see what was by the door. He instantly regretted it.

Standing there was a dog. It was tall, and its ribs jutted out. Its eyes were a bright amber that stared straight into Sketer. With a chill down his spine, Sketer saw that it was covered in scars. And, worst of all, it was smiling. Smiling in a way only a human can. The flashlight slipped from Sketer’s sweaty palms. His mouth opened, but no sound came out.

He stood there, paralyzed with terror as the creature advanced. The smiling beast opened its mouth, revealing pure white teeth. And the sound that came out was only too human. “Heh heh heh,” the beast laughed. “Heh heh.” Then new sounds came. Screeches. The agonized screeches of tortured monkeys. Sketer went cold. The scientist… oh no. Experiments in the attic…of course! The screeches got louder, on the verge of madness. Sketer screamed aloud and raced for the door.

He felt tiny claws snatching his legs, holding him back. He thrashed wildly. The tiny hands’ grip tightened. Black started to fill his vision. The dog snickered. Suddenly, Sketer broke free. He sprinted to his car and sped home. His heart threatened to beat out of his chest.

Once Sketer got home, he locked the doors and windows. His heart kept pounding fiercely. But he had survi!
ved.....for now.

Then the door opened. Sketer started to shake.
Click-CLACK click-CLACK “Heh heh heh.”

Sketer’s scream pierced the night.

(Scary Story Contest | 2nd Place / Grades 6-8)

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OCTOBER 17, 2012
Slender Man
I'm doing work at the library, just like I do every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, but today, I don't know...I just can't help but feel uneasy, almost as if I am being watched. As I look out the second story window, I am looking into another building that is neighboring the library. Everything seems normal, but whenever I see someone in his/her office move, or just turn, I flinch, I don't like this...this feeling I have. Every time I turn it’s like I catch a glimpse, of someone or something, but I can’t quite tell, my heart is throbbing inside of me and I don't know why.

I'm getting kinda scared so I decide to search on Google for any cases of this paranoia. I'm getting nothing out of my Google search except for this mythical “slender-man”. Since “he's” the only thing that is catching my attention, I decide to do some research. People claim to see a tall, thin man, but can never describe his face. Oh, cm-on, really?

I try to go on with my business , like everything is OK, but every time I blink it’s like I'm dreaming. I really have to get this slender-man guy off my mind.

I leave the library early today, seeing as I can't get anything done. I leave, and walk out the back entrance of the library to get home. I usually take an old train track bridge that leads through the forest, but with such high paranoia, I'm almost too frightened to. I tell myself to quit being a baby, and just go. As I'm walking, the bushes seem to be muffling as though something is running behind and through them. I think to myself, that I'm over reacting and it’s probably just the wind. Still feeling uneasy, I start to jog. I take out my cell phone and call my girlfriend, feeling as if her voice might calm me down. As she answers, I quickly explain that I'm feeling frightened and she calms me. Just talking to me, telling me how her day is going, I forgot about the whole mess and slowed down to a walk.

All of a sudden the phone starts cutting out. I tell her that I might lose service because I'm walking through the forest, but as I look at my phone to see how my service is, the screen starts flickering, and is getting staticy. It seems to be getting worse as I keep walking, then all of a sudden the screen turns black! I try turning my phone on, nothing happens. Now, I'm back to being just as scared as I was before I called her.

As I pick up my speed again, I notice something in a clearing behind some trees, and what I saw made me cringe! I saw someone, and yelled, “Hey!”, but I didn't get a response. I got nearer to the trees to peek through them, but what I saw made me start to sprint as fast as I could!! As I was running, I thought to myself, “What I had just seen?”, but I couldn't even describe what I had just seen, especially the face, to myself. All I could recall was just a tall, thin body.... the slender-man...

I ran to my friend Josh's house as fast as I could, and frantically rang his doorbell. Right away he asked why I was breathing so heavy, and sweating, knowing it's a cool fall, in Wisconsin. I tried to tell him the whole story, but while I was stuttering and flinching at every movement, he began to laugh, telling me I'm a good actor. I told him I can prove it if he just came with me, so we went back down into the woods.

I'm still breathing as heavily as I was when I first arrived at Josh's house. I took out my phone and said, “See it won't turn on!” As I pressed the power button, my phone turned on like normal.

I ran to the spot where I saw the figure, and said to Josh, “Come here! Quick!” As we looked through the trees nothing was there, just trees and bushes. I didn't know if my mind was deceiving me, but I know what I saw...or do I? Now that I think about it, what has happened to me today is exactly what was described on the website. No one will believe me. I didn't believe in it when I read about it.

I asked Josh to come into the clearing with me, because I didn't want to go alone. We walked in to the thick woods and there was a piece of notebook paper on the ground, with a picture on it. The picture looked like it was drawn by a first grader and it showed two people; one who was laying on the ground screaming, 'NO SLENDERMAN!! LEAVE ME ALONE!! The other person in the picture was just standing above the other, and I immediately noticed this second person had no face! I showed Josh and said, “This is proof!” He still didn't believe me and told me I was lying, and that I put the drawing there on my way to his house. I took my defeat, and we started walking back to his house. During the whole way back to his house, I was thinking to myself, “I know what I saw.”

Later that night I was at home, still paranoid. I didn't want to leave my room, much less my house. While I was sitting in my room, my mom asked me to go get the mail, and I proceeded to do so, but what I saw next made me go into shock! The picture that I found in the clearing was in my mailbox! How can this be happening? Am I getting pranked? “Yea.. that’s it, “I told myself, “I'm getting pranked.” For the rest of the night I barricaded myself in my room.

The next morning, wasn't the slightest bit unusual. I woke up, made breakfast, and it was almost like yesterday didn't even happen. Most of the day was as usual as ever, but I felt kind of confused. What happened yesterday, kind of scared me. Was it all a dream? I decided not to even worry about it.

That night I had a dream, I woke up in the middle of the night. The room was completely dark. Something must've awakened me, because I never just wake up like that. I heard a tap on the window, so I sat like a statue for only about 10 seconds, then I went to my gun cabinet. I felt I needed to face this fear, and that this needs to be taken care of, NOW! I grabbed my .32 caliber pistol. This ends tonight! I ran outside in nothing but my boxers, yelling.”Come out! You can't hide from me!”

I thought I saw a branch move in a group of trees in my yard. I ran over with the gun pointed, nothing...I looked into the trees for a minute, but still nothing. I turned around to go back, and about 15 feet away stood my worst nightmare! I started blasting! I could feel my adrenaline pumping throughout my whole body. Suddenly, I realized, nothing was happening to the figure!! It was as if the bullets were passing right through him!

I bolted to the house, flew in the door, and everyone inside was freaking out, asking what the gunshots were about. Before I knew it I was in the back of a cop car, someone must have called the cops when they heard my gunshots. They asked me what the gunshots were for, but I decided if I told them they would put me in the loony bin, so I just stayed silent, shaking. This whole episode seemed so unreal. I'm starting to wonder, “What IS real anymore?”

Since I wouldn’t tell the cops the events from the past two days, I ended up in secure detention, where they were going to keep me until I had a court date. Around midnight, on my first night in secure, I was locked in my cell, eyes wide open wondering if I’d every sleep again.

Every time I blinked, I'd see him. I didn't know if I could even close my eyes for more than a millisecond! I went under my covers to try to sleep, but I couldn't. When I took the covers off of my head, he was there... in the corner!

So, here I am locked in a cell, WITH MY WORST NIGHTMARE! I flopped on the floor, freaking out, as I felt my only defense was to yell at him.

Before he could reach me, I grabbed a piece of paper from the desk, and while I was laying on the ground screaming, I wrote exactly what I was screaming, “NO! SLENDERMAN, LEAVE ME ALONE!!”

(Scary Story Contest | 2nd Place / Grades 9-12)

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OCTOBER 17, 2012
Mr. Potter was Nervous

It was late one Thursday night, and Mr. James Potter, a business man of sorts, was just returning to his apartment after working late at the office. He worked his way up the old, worn out metal stairs that made up the back entrance to his apartment building, fiddling with his keys the entire way. Each step groaned under his weight, a complaint that he would have taken to heart any other night. He rushed up the last four steps, only hitting one of the four; launching himself at the door. He tried the first key in the dead bolt.
"Success," Potter thought to himself.
He quickly maneuvered around the creaky floor board to his right, a good three strides from the back entrance, and was in front of his door in seconds. He quickly looked over his right shoulder, then his left to make sure he was alone. He dug the second key into the door knob and with a quick flick of his wrist the front door to the apartment flung open, making contact with one of the ugly, poorly insulated walls in Potter‘s apartment with a loud “crack!” Without taking a step forward, he leaned around the door frame and felt for the light switch, still glancing behind him to see if he was alone. He was sure he had been followed.
This was not the first time Potter had felt this way. About a month ago he had walked out the front door to the office, saying a final goodnight to the janitor who had been mopping at the time, and had felt, for the first time since he had moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, as though there was someone watching him.
"That was a Wednesday. He always mops on Wednesdays."
“Click!” He found the switch. Potter quickly stepped through the doorway and threw the door shut. The loud “Bang!” that seemed to erupt from the door as it fell into place against the polished wood door frame made him jump. His nerves were on edge.
Potter grabbed at the door knob quickly and locked the knob and the dead bolt. He was sweating, his dress shirt and tie stained and his hair soaked. Potter was a heavy set man, maybe 6’4”. He flicked the lights on in the short hallway that led from the entry way to the living room and kitchen.
“Click.” He jumped again.
"I’m fine. There is nothing to be afraid of," Potter thought to himself, more out of fear and reassurance than anything else. He slowly made his way down the small hallway and turned towards the living room expecting the worst. He could hear the blood pulsing through his ears. His chest felt as if it would explode any second. It was cold in the apartment, yet he was still sweating, as if he had just climbed out of a swimming pool in the middle of July.
He scanned the room multiple times. Nothing.
"I need to lay off the coffee."
Potter walked over to the old phone that hung on the wall of the kitchen, directly above the counter. It had once been white, but had turned a filthy yellow and brown color from the number of hands that had held it, the rough plastic rubbed smooth from wear over the many years of use it had been put through. The thing only worked half of the time and he had reminded himself he should invest in a new one, but he had never found the time to get around to it, like many of his other projects. The small screen on the answering machine flashed crimson red at him to make Potter aware of the messages he had missed.
"Four new messages?"
He pushed the only button on the machine without a symbol on it. There surely had been a small black triangle on it before, but it had been worn away. Potter worked his way over to the fridge, its color matching that of the phone, as quietly as he could so he could hear the soft voices of the four new messages the old machine had recorded for him.
The electronic woman came on first.
“First missed messaged.” The loud “beep” followed immediately and Potter held his breath and waited for the message. Nothing.
Potter’s head was still stuck in the fridge, slowly looking over the large variety of leftovers for something of substance.
The woman was speaking again. “Second missed message.” Potter waited. “Beep.”
He removed the lid of the Tupperware container he had retrieved form the fridge containing the remainders of the pork roast, peas, potatoes, and carrots he had had last Friday night and tossed it in the microwave, the only new appliance in his apartment.
“Third missed message.”
"Is this some kind of a joke!?"
The microwave went off and Potter jumped. He tugged at the microwave door and removed his dinner. He pushed the door shut a little too hard and Potter jumped again.
"I am just paranoid. All I need is some sleep."
He stepped across the kitchen, the hard soles of his uncomfortable brown dress shoes hitting the tile, throwing off loud “clacks” that made his ears pound, and reached for a fork he had left out on the counter earlier. His hand was shaking.
“Fourth missed message.”
Potter waited. There was a long pause and the machine beeped. Potter’s heart sped up.
Another pause. By now, Potter’s heart was leaping from his chest, threatening to take off and leave him there to die. The loud pulse that screamed through his ears was almost too loud for him to hear the soft laughter coming from the machine, but not quite.
The laughter grew louder and louder and Potter dropped the Tupperware container. He was sure that the voice was getting closer. He took off across the kitchen, his shoes complaining the entire way. The laughter, louder yet, was clearly not coming from the machine.
Potter ran out of the kitchen. The loud beating coming from his chest was too irregular to be a heart beat and it pulsed through his body, making him hot, off balance, and unaware his surroundings. He felt as if he were drowning. His lungs burnt as though the air in the apartment was poisonous. He flung around and faced the living room. The laughter still growing louder and louder.
"Where are you!?"
He turned down the short hallway that would lead him back to the front door of his apartment. The lights were off, but Potter was too dizzy to notice.
He had almost reached the entry way, and the laughter grew louder. Potter’s head was spinning and he felt faint. He was almost at the door when he stopped. The laughter had reached its climax. It still rung through his ears, haunting him. He stood, frozen in his tracks, facing his predator.
"Why? Why me?" He thought.
The fear that now coursed through Potter’s veins was the only thing that kept him in place. The figure stood in the doorway with Potter’s jacket and keys, laughing the loud cackle that had slowly became Potter’s last thoughts.
The figure moved closer and Potter wanted to run back down the hallway, back through the living room, past the kitchen, down the hall to his bedroom, and throw himself down the fire escape. But he stood there as she moved closer, and closer, and closer still. In five small steps she had closed the gap between them.
Potter’s coat fell to the floor followed by his keys. Something in her hand was reflecting the light from the dim bulb in the entry way back on to her face. Her beautiful face.
"Why are you doing this? This is all a big mistake! I wasn’t the one who hurt you! I loved you," Potter tried to convince her, but the words would not come.
She was still laughing, the smile on her face now was different than the one that had taken its place only months ago. With a quick flick of her wrist, the shiny object was hidden in Potter’s midsection and his knees gave out. The smile on her face was so sinister, but she was still so beautiful. The light bounced off her strawberry blond curls as it always had and her dark brown eyes shown with a new determination he had not seen before. She had not said a word. She was still laughing and Potter fell to the floor. His dress shirt and tie were still stained, his hair still soaked, and his dress shoes still remained uncomfortably on his feet.
"I love you," Potter thought.

(Scary Story Contest | 1st Place / Grades 9-12)

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OCTOBER 17, 2012
The Hunter
When Lauren finally woke up after blacking out at the Halloween party, she could feel her pepperoni pizza preparing to make a second appearance.  Well at least that’s what she thought.  When Lauren finally cleared her emerald green eyes and brushed her thick brown hair out of her face, she found herself in a cold, dark room.  Probably a prank, she thought, but then she felt a chilling wind go through the air.  This couldn’t be!  She stood up to see what was going on, and she bumped into something cold, hard, and overgrown with tangled, branches.  She took out the glow stick they were given at the party she went to with her friend Kate.  She gasped.  This was no room.
        The graveyard was dreary and desolate.  The gravestones were deteriorating and etched with names unknown to her.  The moon shone brightly, and the stars glistening in the black cold night.  In her peace, she failed to notice the rustling in the thick ancient forest behind her.  She swiveled around. There they were, staring into her eyes, gleaming with delight and intelligence, piercing into her every thought.
        The hair on each of the wolves was thick and twisted and in need of a desperate washing.  A musky sour aroma mixed with rotting meat churned with the air.  Her stomach rolled.  The moonlight gave a ghostly appearance to each of them making Lauren even more terrified.  For some reason they wouldn’t attack, almost as if they were waiting.
Suddenly a massive shadow rose up from the pack.  The wolves backed away, their tails tucked in submission.  Their eyes gleamed, patiently waiting for a command.  The figure had shredded worn clothes, and his muscles looked as though he lifted cars with ease.  His body was covered in thick matted hair.  Lauren knew exactly what it was.
        The werewolf gave her a glare, it was a glare that made her want to scream out in terror. She wanted to tear herself away from those stabbing yellow eyes.  So she tore off through the brush her heart slamming in her chest, and her legs burning like wild fire.  She gasped for breath, sweat dripping down her forehead.  They were getting close; she could hear them racing through the trees howling with pride.  She thought she could climb up the stout elm tree in front of her.  But she couldn’t.  No matter what she did, she couldn’t move.  Something was wrong.  This reminded her of the movie she was watching at the Halloween party. The girl gets clawed by. She was getting desperate.  Suddenly she was surrounded.
        All of them lunged at her with snarling white fangs anxious for the kill.  The werewolf shoved them aside.  The wolves quickly backed out of his way.  The werewolf came up to her.  Again he stared at her, but this time, it was almost sympathetic.  Suddenly a scowl came across his face and he slashed her calf.  She hollered out in pain.  Quickly she scampered up the tree.  There was a searing pain going up her thigh, and she was getting heat flashes.  She was so scared and confused.  She felt like prey.
        Lauren is in the movie she watched at the Halloween party she went to.  She can’t control much and all the wolves appear to be people she loves like family and friends.  In order to get out of the movie, she has to kill each wolf by midnight or she will be trapped in the movie forever and become the new werewolf.  The werewolf is the person that got stuck in the movie last.  He is trying to help her, but given his gruesome appearance and what the movie made him do to her leg, Lauren doesn’t know it.  The werewolf is the only way out of this movie.
        It was so cold and eerie.  The wolves were desperately trying to grasp at her legs.  What was she going to do?  There was such a numbing pain from her leg she felt like she couldn’t breathe.  Suddenly the werewolf looked at her, catching her attention.  She watched.  He singled out one of the scrawnier-looking wolves and clawed him leaving a gruesome slash on his side.  The wolf looked like it was mumbling and then it disappeared like dust.  He looked at her again, and then suddenly everything came rushing to her like a freight train.  She knew what she had to do, but how?
        Lauren had pinned two of the smaller wolves in between two massive oak trees.  But then one of them looked like her baby sister, frightened and cold.  She wanted to comfort her and, all of the sudden the wolf turned back into its rotten self. He tried to lunge at her face when a dark black figure raced in front of her.  He shredded them both right in front of her with no mercy, as if both of them were at fault of something terrible.  There it was staring down at her.  The smell of rotting meat was so pungent, it was almost unbearable.  But she couldn’t focus on that.  The werewolf ran off towards the others, and one by one slammed them into trees and clawed their sides howling to the moon.  But then, some of the others leaped onto him lashing out and snarling.  He yelped out in pain.  She had to help.  Lauren took some sharp stones and threw them at the wolves with all her strength.  Each wolf disappeared like dust.  She looked down at her leg and saw that it was turning a vial green color.  Something told her she should hurry.  The werewolf looked injured, but she thought he would be okay.  She turned.   It wasn’t going to be okay for her yet.
        Her gut churned.  She stood there unable to move.  He was black with thick matted hair and gleaming amber eyes.  His right ear was torn and his lips were curled showing his barbaric incisors.  He looked much larger and thicker built than the others.  She was going to have to get rid of him on her own.  But she was so frozen with fear.  He circled her and twitched his tail slyly.  He launched his body toward her, his claws were out and ready to grip.  She instinctively picked up a strong sturdy stick and speared him in his side.  The wolf collapsed  on the ground, laying in a pool of blood.
        "Lauren, Lauren!  The party's over!  Your mom is here!" said Kate
        "Kate?", asked Lauren.
        "Hey you were out for awhile!  Did you have fun?" asked Kate.
        "Um, yeah I...", Lauren trailed off, her head spinning wildly.

(Scary Story Contest | 1st Place / Grades 6-8)

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OCTOBER 8, 2012

I fight.

I fight for what I do.

For what I have.

I fight.

Fight to be happy.

To survive without the ones I love.

I fight.

Fight to help people out.

To show I care.

To show I have feelings.

I fight.

Do you?

Do you fight for what you do

For what you have?

Do you?

Do you fight to be happy

To survive without the ones you love?

Do you?

Do you fight to help people out

To show you care

To show you have feelings?

Do you?

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