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AUGUST 25, 2011
Summer Princess
There comes a maiden dancing,
Warmth and cheer follow prancing.
Heard tell of Summer Princess?
You’ve at least seen her, more or less.

She wears a skirt of petals,
Colors purple to iron metal.
Golden hair like a sun ray,
Her eyes are bluer than a blue jay.

She awakes at an early hour,
To visit her favorite flower.
Then as the moon rises,
She bids goodnight to stars of all sizes.

The Princess has a great smile,
But get her angry, stay away for awhile!
For when she loses her temper,
She gets hotter than hot pepper.

Nothing brings the lass more joy,
Then to pluck on her favorite toy.
It’s her harp you hear in the calm wind,
So pretty to make you stay still, pinned.

Her hospitality is renowned.
At her door you need never pound.
The Summer Princess makes welcome all,
From the grocer man to Queen of Fall.

Her reign is long and plentiful,
As she feeds the deer to stuffed full.
The Summer Princess hates goodbyes.
“But I’ll be back, by and by!”

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AUGUST 23, 2011
Prince of Spring
Have you heard tell,
Of the Prince of Spring?
Have you seen his ruddy cheeks,
As he sneaks past Winter King?
Taking his place,
On the Season Throne,
His impish grin grows wider.
“Let’s get warmth to my bones!”

There is nothing,
The young prince won’t do,
To make the flowers blush bright,
Or coax the sky to turn blue.

All the animals,
Are his friends, you see.
From the grouchy, hungry bear,
To the busy humming bee.

Throughout the world,
For the Prince all do cheer.
Happily, he jokes with the soil,
For their gardens, none need fear.

My, what a lad!
Is anyone not glad,
To see jolly Prince of Spring,
As he winks though the good and bad?

The Prince of Spring,
Thinks all his work is play.
He runs about, clothed in green.
“This will be the best, best day!”

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AUGUST 20, 2011
Queen of Fall
When you hear Queen of Fall,
You’ll know it is she,
By the great leaf cloak,
That follows wherever she be.
At the touch of her pale hand,
Stemmed plants bow low.
During her turbulent reign.
They have no time to grow.

What Queen of Fall likes varies.
She can be sunny.
But stroking her auburn hair,
Means it will rain aplenty.

Her grace causes many,
To form ballads in her name.
But she doesn’t often smile.
Never has she played a game.

For Queen of Fall lives alone,
Leading a lonely life.
She gives anything for company,
Even if it means much strife.

But no one’s alone forever;
The queen will gain friends.
She’s already close to the Winter King,
As making way for him, she bends.

It will take much time,
But by now Prince of Spring,
Can charm a laugh from her.
Joy isn’t such a faraway thing.

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AUGUST 17, 2011
Empty Chair

Crash. It's funny how that 5 letter word can be so small but take away something so big.

The empty chair in my living room never lets me forget, It used to seat a happy man, a loving man and an amazing father. We would sit and laugh we would tell stories. Now there is just that huge empty chair instead of him which fills me with an emptiness in my heart.

Crash, a short and deadly word that brings thoughts of sirens, sadness, and death. It's the death of that crash that keeps the chair in my living room empty.


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