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Category: Short Story/Essay

DECEMBER 19, 2013
Faster, I must go faster. Through the woods and around the trees. Faster. Over bushes and roots, as fast as my legs can take me. There’s snaps and growls behind me. Faster, I must go faster. The road. To the road. Follow Mommy, always Mommy. To the road. The road is safety.

I stumble and fall but jump back up. No time for mistakes. Mistakes mean death.

Where’s Mommy?!! I look for a flash of brown or her white tail. There. Over there. A flash of brown next to a tree. The flick of her tail through the leaves.

There’s a crash behind me that spurs me on. Deeper and deeper into human civilization. My home, my trees, my forest…gone. This is human land. Human land is unsafe, why are we here? Mommy knows. I must trust Mommy.

There’s the road!! A strange sound fills my ears. No natural sound, a human sound. Closer, closer we run to the road.

 A branch breaks close by me. Too close. It is catching me. Faster, faster. I must run faster.

Strange things fly by on the road. Not man or beast. Light shoots out of its front and it runs on four…things.

Faster, I must go faster. Fast like the strange unbeasts on the road.

Closer and closer we go until we’re there and Mommy dashes across. I hesitate. The unbeasts don’t slow for us. I might get hit. That would hurt.

A growl reminds me I have no choice. I hurtle into the road and start to cross, but then stop.

I am but

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APRIL 3, 2013
The Campfire
One evening, Amanda Jock invited some of her friends to
her campfire in the woods. She prepared for the campfire by
getting same wood and a match to start it; the bad port was that
she started the fire in her woods. There had been stories heard
that there had been seen coyotes and bears along with "big
foot." Now, Amanda and her family didn't believe this. It was 6:30
in the evening, and there was only thirty minutes left to prepare.
Amanda ran around to find more wood, and by the time she got
back all her friends were there. The campfire had officially
"Hey! This campfire is going to be totally awesome!"
Vanessa, Amanda’s best friend, said as she arrived.
"I'm here! I'm here I am so fantastically excited! Eeeekkkl"
Kelly, the hyper one, exclaimed.
"Kelly, I thought we agreed you wouldn't be so hyper!" Shelly
said, and then laughed.
"Shelly!!l! Oh my gosh! I haven’t seen you in ages!! How ore
you?!? I missed you so much!" Amanda said. She gave Shelly a hug.
"5o... What now? Has everyone arrived, Amanda?" Shelly
"Umm... Nope. I invited Harper, too. I wonder where she is.
She promised she would be here of 6:45 sharp," Amanda said,
"Well, whatever. She misses all the fun! It's all her fault,"
Kelly concluded. And then they all went on with their fire, until
the clock struck 8:00.
"Harper isn't here yet where in the world could she
possibly be?" Kelly yelled.
"Has anyone called her yet?,, Shelly asked.
"Here, I will," Kelly replied. Kelly dug for her phone in her
pocket, and she pulled it out and called.
Beep. Beep. Beep. "Hello you've reached Harper Leave a
message after the beep!, BEEP.
"Harper! where are you?!? we hove been waiting for you to
come for the post hour! Answer us!!", Kelly exclaimed on the
phone and then hung up.
AHHHHH! Help- -----me-
"oh my gosh! 6uys! Did you hear that?" Amanda asked.
"Yes! oh my gosh! what is that?" Shelby questioned.
"Ummm... as much as I hate to say it, I think that it said
help me:' Kelly said.
"Should we go check out what it is?" Amanda said.
"Well, you know what? f will check. I think I am the
strongest in this group. okay. I'm heading out to over there. By..
Wish me luck " Kelly said loudly.
"Bye!" Amanda and Shelly replied suspiciously. Kelly slowly
walked away.
"I wonder why she was so confident about this all. Do you
think Harper and Kelly ore playing a prank? Or are they trying to
us?" Shelly questioned.
"r think so. would Kelly do that though?" Amanda asked.
"Probably! she was the one who called Harper. she was the
one who asked where she was. she was the one who was so
confident about going to find where Harper is," Shelly concluded.
"I can’t believe it," Amanda doubtfully said.
"r am not falling for this again. Let's just go in my house.
Okay?" Amanda said as she set the law down.
"Okay. Sounds good," Shelly replied.
while the girls were walking bock to the house they heard
another scream. They decided that they should just keep working.
The next morning Shelly and Amanda woke up and watched some
television. Then they looked outside their window, and they sow
Harper and Kelly pounding to get in. they knew at that moment
that this was just a stupid prank. The girls knew that playing
pranks was never superb.

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APRIL 3, 2013
The Story of Four Princesses
One time long ago in the kingdom of Cameron, there was a group of four princesses: Charity, Felicity, Almira, and Felicia were their names. They were all different from each other. Felicity was a catty girl who got whatever she wanted. Almira was just the happy random girl who cheered everyone up brut at times talked behind their backs. Charity was the kind of girl who was blunt and very helpful. Now Felicia was the girl who was calm but yet was easily confused. These gals easily got into fights. One of the fights was nasty.

The crowning of the monarchy was corning up very soon. Felicity wanted Eloise Montani to be crowned queen. Charity wanted Alicia Montgomery to win. -they both got into a very heated argument about whom they wanted to win and why. There were a lot of rolling eyes and huffing. Almira and Felicia tried to talk to Felicity and charity saying that this was ridiculous! They wouldn't listen. Charity and Felicity ignored each other for weeks. They wouldn't even make eye contact. To Felicia and Almira, it was very annoying since Felicia and Almira didn't like drama all that much.

The next thing that happened was that Felicity was scheming Felicia's boyfriend. She was planning out all kinds of evil stuff. She was trying to ruin Felicia’s relationship. Oh how evil she had been! She was acting like nothing was going on at all. The crowning of the monarchy came, and of course, Eloise Montani won. Felicity was bragging and rubbing it in Felicia's and Charity's faces since that's who they wanted to win. It was so disrespectful and impudent. Again, they got into another heated argument. It went on forever!

While all of this was going on, Felicity's birthday party was coming up. Felicity invited Almira, Felicia, her crush, and Felicia’s boyfriend. She also invited others from the kingdom. Of course, she didn't invite Charity. The only way Charity could go, was if someone were to back down. It was so immature and childish. Almira and Felicia told Felicity to invite her. She ignored what Almira and Felicia were saying anyway.

Almira and Felicia told Charity and Felicity to apologize to each other. They still wouldn't listen" Charity and Felicity never made up.

Forty years later, Charity became queen of the kingdom. She was so l-blissful that she was crowned! She could finally rub it in Felicity's face. Charity had so much pride! Only she lost her pride when Felicity came to pay Charity a visit. Felicity was livid. Charity could just see 1t in her face. Felicity started screaming at Charity's face'

"Oh, guards!” Charity called out. The guards came running out and grasped Felicity. The guards took her to the dungeons. There she sat, for years. Eventually she died from starvation. Charity thought to herself that finally the fight had ended, and no more drama would occur.

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MARCH 13, 2013
Freedom is a powerful thing. Freedom means (to me), that everyone can
do something that they want to without being judged or changed. However,
freedom does come with consequences, like having laws that need to
be followed, and being a nice person is an option, but you should follow
it, so people know that they can trust you. Freedom is a big part of
life that should be recognized, because it is not a right, it is a

The freedom that I most enjoy, is that we can be ourselves, free,
open, etc. I like this freedom, because it tells a lot about my life.
I am allowed to be myself and enjoy my life. This freedom is very open
and it is very near to my heart. This freedom is not just given
though, people fight for it everyday and I really appreciate it.
Thinking, that people fight for my freedom everyday is truly amazing.

For this freedom to be alive, to be here, we have to thank a lot of
people! These important people are the military branches. They
sacrifice their lives everyday for this freedom. They deserve to have
praise, they deserve to be thanked. Which makes me really upset, is
that people don’t recognize the sacrifices that soldiers do, and they
don’t thank that, and that makes me really upset. People think that
freedom is just giving, it’s not it is fought for.

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JANUARY 24, 2013
Teenage Stress
Stress. It’s something that we all tend to face in some part of our lives. Whether it is from family, friends or school, it happens to everyone. Adults can often handle their stress in many different ways. They are more informed of where to go and what to do. According to Livestrong, “Teens often lack the maturity level to be aware of the issues that are causing their feelings of stress,” which brings a very important subject matter to one’s mind. The stress teenagers face must have side effects, and those side effects must have a huge impact on the individual during the very most important part of their growth and development.

 WebMD states that, “Stress is the body's reaction to any change that requires an adjustment or response. The body reacts to these changes with physical, mental, and emotional responses.” Many teenagers face numerous events that cause them stress. How they deal with those factors is a huge part of their wellness. One can choose to either handle a hard situation with a flight response or a fight response. Those that choose to fight often have a concrete defensive system. The hormones that usually cause stress get handled in a proper way, thus reducing their anxiety and making the individual a more well-rounded person.

When an individual chooses to flee a situation, this is where the problems can occur. Lifepositive.com says that if you do this, “The hormones and chemicals remain unreleased in the bloodstream for a long period of time. It results in stress-related physical symptoms such as tense muscles, unfocused anxiety, dizziness and rapid heartbeat.” Many teens choose this path, for it tends to be much easier at the time. What they don’t realize is that if they keep this up, it will turn into either an acute or chronic psychosomatic illness, a disorder that has physical symptoms but is caused by the mind. At such a young age, teenagers should not have to go through something as a severe as this. A weakened immune system will cause their stress factors to just increase. One has to handle things in the right way, so their stress does not get to such a severe level. Handling stress in the wrong way for a long period of time can take a dramatic take on an individuals life.

On a daily basis, teens face many issues, the biggest one being school. Livestrong says that,“School is the number one source of stress for teens according to a poll conducted by Associated Press.” They constantly have to juggle all these different aspects of their life. In addition, teenagers have to still make time to destress. Many don’t find it to be of much of importance in their life. They think that it can wait until later, so as they go on to handle their five hours of sleep, multiple after school activities, and mass amounts of homework loads on a daily basis. They set themselves up to crash, which then leaves them open to all of the harms of the flight responses. This once again causes disarray.

On top of that, they also face many different pressured situations. One cannot go into a higher level education with their eyes closed. Teens have to prepare themselves for college, so they can succeed. So instead of doing what it takes to pass a class, they instead do everything possible to be the top of their class. There is this common sense of knowledge that students want to be better than the rest of their peers. Teenagers can also choose to go upon this in the opposite way, not doing what it takes to succeed. On a regular basis, teens face many stressful situations provoked by the closest people around them, their friends. They want them to look a certain way, act a certain way, and take part in things in which they would have never even thought about before, just for the sake of fitting in. The stress of saying no is too much, therefore they tend to cave right in and plummet. With all of the stress factors just named, it’s no wonder why this problem needs to be seriously addressed so it can be taken care of.

Drama, a huge cause of teen stress, has many definitions. A lot of people think of musicals when they see this word. On the other hand, the common teenager that is stressed will think of friends fighting and the world being in catastrophe. Everyone around them is changing; this causes people to often butt heads and get themselves into sticky situations. If they fight the situation they look bad to the other person, leading to losing someone important to them. If they flee the situation it just makes them look weak. Self-image is very important to teens and if one damages what they look like in front of others it can wreck how they feel about themselves. Drama leads to the flight response more so than the fight. It’s the easy way out. With the stack of stress piled already on top of the teen, readers can clearly see why this often occurs.

During the teenage years many often want to experiment. One of those happens to be dating. While handling school, their friends, and drama, they take on curiosity in the opposite sex too. Many look at this as a positive thing and can often de-stress by talking to their significant other, BUT if it gets into a negative situation a teen can often go into a depression. This can increase all of the many effects of stress. They give up on their school life and once they come to the realization as to what’s going on, things are already causing even more havoc, which slaps someone in the face with stress once again.

De-stressing should be something that all teenagers work into their schedule. Stress can cause many harmful effects to someone if handled in the wrong way. So if a student takes a fight response to most situations it will release those stress hormones causing a student to do the things they want and excel in everything they dream of. Stress is a serious thing that many people often put aside. It needs to be relooked at and handled. By doing this students will notice a dramatic change and a sudden improvement in their academic lives and personal lives. De-stressing is not a hard thing to do. One can just curl up with a good book for 30 minutes and notice a hint of a mood change. There are lots of ways to manage one’s stress. It may not show right away, but it will show in time. The stress teens face come in many shapes and forms. By de-stressing teens will notice in the future that they not only are physically healthy, but teens will also find out that they are mentally happy too. When someone takes the time to de-stress it relieves one’s body and more teens need to get it into their minds about what their body needs.

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NOVEMBER 14, 2012
Froggy Phobia
Let me start out by saying that I Mandy Lyons have been afraid of frogs since the fourth grade. It all started when I was at my dads house sitting in front of our bonfire, barefoot, outside, in the middle of the night. I was tremendously thirsty, so I got up from my beige lawn chair and fearlessly made my way to our coolers by our house. When I got there I stuck my hand in the icy cold water, fished out my orange soda, and started back to my chair. I was almost back to my chair when I felt a cold, squishy, thing under my foot. That thing was a frog. Quickly I lifted up my foot, and the frog must have been more freaked than I was because it jumped right into the fire. Ever since I have been able to feel the gross squishy frog under my feet. To be honest I had not really thought about that day for a long time, until today when I was reminded how much Im scared of frogs.

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NOVEMBER 3, 2012
Sad Story
I walked to my room, trying to hold back the tiers till I closed the door behind me. I flung myself on the floor and started crying, trying to be quiet so no one would hear me. I looked up at my desk and saw a pair of scissors. I had done it many times before, so I picked it up and sliced my arm till I could see blood trickling out. I stared at my arm. It was filled with blood and the makeup, I had used to cover the scares, had washed away.
For years I had been cutting myself, purging, smoking, and not eating. My parents had split up three year ago and since then my life and family had been falling apart. No one in my family talks and my friends do not seem to care what happens to me. I was only a fourteen year old girl! I didn’t deserve to have that life. I should not have had to go through that. It was just not fair.
Just then I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. It was my mom. I ran into my bathroom and washed the blood off my arm and tried to cover the scars up as well as I could.
“Ally?” my mom called, knocking on the door. “I need to talk to you. Come down stairs.” I knew she knew something. Once finished in the bathroom, I walked down stairs. My mom was waiting for me at the table. She had my diary in her hands. My heart skipped a beat. She knew all my deepest darkest secrets. Never the less, I sat down next to her. She asked me my I was cutting myself, purging, smoking and not eating.
“I don’t do that anymore,” I lied. “I did it for a little while when you and dad separated, but I don’t anymore.” I’m not sure if she believed me, but just could not tell her the truth. Not then.
“I want you to go see a counselor,” she told me. I did not want to go see a counselor. I did not want to talk to a complete stranger about my problems. But I said I would go. I just did not fell like fighting anymore.
Monday morning I woke up and went to my counselor, came back home and went to work. I did this every Monday for months. It was not helping me at all but I kept going so everyone would think I was fine. But I wasn’t. I was still cutting; purging, smoking and I would skip meals.
After a while, I grew pale and weak. Then people knew something was wrong. My parents and pastor sat me down and told me I could not live like this anymore. They said I needed to go to rehab. Again, I said I would go.
The next afternoon I started packing. I was leaving in twenty four hours. I finished packing and zipped my bag. But I knew something was missing. Something that I use all the time and at the time I could not cope without it. I opened my desk door and took my knife out, put it in my bag and zipped it once again.
I walk down stairs were my family and a few friends were waiting for me. We said our goodbyes and I was off to St. Helena Recovery Center in Napa Valley, California. No one knew what was going to happen then. They just hoped everything would be okay.

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OCTOBER 25, 2012
The Football Star
One time there was a great athlete who lived in Athens, Wisconsin. He was an all state point guard in basketball, the number one ranked running back in the nation, and a high school record holder for the hundred meter dash. It was football season, and he was dominating the way he usually did. He was going to run for his fifth touchdown of the game, but a guy from the other team came and hit him as hard as he could. The hit was so hard that he broke his neck. So he became paralyzed from his legs down. Since he couldn't use his legs, the doctors said it would almost be impossible for him to play football.

It was a couple weeks after he broke his neck when he became sick of not playing sports so he started working out. At this time his football team was three weeks away from the state championship game, and he wanted to play in it. So he kept on getting his upper body stronger. His upper body got so strong that the coaches let him play football, but he couldn't play running back so they made a transition. They moved him to defensive lineman. He became so good at defensive linemen that he didn't only win the starting spot; he helped lead his team to the state championship.

So it was the day of the state championship. Athens was going to be playing the number one ranked team in the state. The game started, and Athens started out strong. Athens was winning 56-48 with two minutes left in the fourth quarter. The other team dropped back to pass when the kid who broke his neck hit the quarterback. The quarterback fumbled the ball and Athens recovered it. Athens ended up winning the game. The kid with the broken neck won the MVP award in the state tournament.

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OCTOBER 25, 2012
The Struggles that dig you a Hole
There was once a kid named Billy. He did everything just a little better than you could. Whatever u had, he had something just a little better. He was in a mission to convince others he was "cool" but mostly to convince himself. Others didn't know this but i did. The struggles for popularity eat people alive. His mission at first was to make every one like him by saying stuff to sound cool. Everyone believed the lies and stories at first. They were nothing but mere modifications and small enhancements to actual events. Sometimes just exagerations. When people began to believe them, it produced a high. A peculiar kind of high. It overwhelmed the person and changed them from the inside out. It was even addicting. The satisfaction he got when people believed it. Most others were oblivious to this at first. But i knew Billy. After a while he reached his "popular" point. but he kept runnning with it. By now there was no truthfullness. They were blunt and total lies. And everyone knew it. just afraid to stand up to him because they were afraid to be "degraded by everyone else. But One day everyone had had it. The anger had built up in everyone and it was beginning to boil over. People called him out and mocked and made fun of him. How was popularity now? I wanted to say. It hurt to see the sudden change but also felt good. He was left high and dry with no friends and nothing going for him. It was a hard lesson. But he learned. Its too bad it came at the price it did.

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OCTOBER 25, 2012
The Haunted House
Once upon a time there was a haunted house on Ghost Lane. Nobody was ever in the house until today. Today was Halloween and Miley wanted to see who or what was in that house. She opened the door quietly and then entered. When Miley entered she heard a piano playing a song. Miley followed the noise. Miley kept walking and stepped on a loose board and fell to the basement. She didn’t know where she was.

Miley heard a little girl yell, “Get out of here, you don’t belong here.”

Miley tried to follow that sound. The sound stopped. Miley kept on walking forward. The sound was even louder than last time. Miley followed the sound until she got to a wall. Miley was staring at a picture of the house with one light on.
Miley walked upstairs and the light was on. Miley tried to turn the light off, but it would flicker and go dim. After that Miley was touched by something. When she turned around she saw a tall green man with pink looking eyes and an arrow through the head. Miley ran out of the house. As she left her realized she forgot her purse.

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OCTOBER 25, 2012
"Its so hot in here I can barely breathe!" Said Aussie as her and her mom traveled in an old 1960s car.
"Yes Aussie, I know. I will do the best-" Aussie's mother replied while staring into space, focusing on the road I guess. She stopped to let Aussie talk, even though she interrupted her.
"Look, an abandoned house!"
The house, with it's caved in roof, was placed in the middle of a meadow. Even though this was a meadow, doesn't mean that it looked joyful. The meadow looked as if it were inhabited by gruesome creatures. Aussie shuddered and turned away.
It was then when Aussie awoke from this horrible nightmare. Her eyes fluttered open to see what seemed to be her mom and a doctor, peering over her hospital bunk,
"Do you think that she's okay, will she be alright?"
"I dont know Ms.Broads, I think she has a serious heat stroke."
This worried Aussie, but she felt just fine! The thought struck her that since she was not where she settled in for sleep, where was she? How did she arrive there so fast?
"Oh sweetie, I thought that you were so sick, are you alright?
"No mom, Im fine, but one more question. Where am I and how did I get here so fast?"
"Honeybuns darling, sad to say but you have been asleep for longer than usual, so I took you to the hospital."
Hmm, Aussie's mother was acting sweeter than usual, strangely sweet.'
"So why do you ask?" Said her mom, rather fast too.
Aussie jumped, for her mothers quick question startled her.
"Oh, no reason, just thinking out loud."
Her voice trailed off, for she was deep in thought about her so called long nap. There was no way she was believing that tall tale, not a chance. You see, she usually sleeps longer that most people, but her mom doesn't really know that. Although, how could she have gotten there do fast if she was sleeping her usual time.
"Come on Aussie, let me kiss you, I love you and I know you are going to be okay. Now let me kiss you. Just remember, mama loves you!"
As her mother leaned in to kiss her, she felt a strange sense of unease. Suddenly, she was watching her life flashing by before her eyes She felt herself merge with the universe until she was nothing but a memory. A cold dark memory.


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OCTOBER 25, 2012
The Grimm Reaper Tale
            All I could hear was the sound of my own breathing through the thick forest of quaking aspen trees and just when I thought I would pass out, everything was flat and grassy.  I quickly ran across the plain only to see more and more trees…but a light in the distance.  The shimmering of the leaves made me shiver but the light gave me hope.  I had made it past the trees and walking up the path when it hit me.  Literally.

5 Days Earlier
            Gwenyth Mclan is a princess.  She always got what she wanted, but was always ready to help out, until one day she made the HUGEST of all mistakes. I was riding my horse, Mimi, when Mimi tripped and fell and so did I.  Thinking I needed some help, I went to the nearest place I could find.  Walking to a little cottage that looked nice, she decided to knock on the door.
            “Hello?” she called.
            The door was slightly open so I opened all the way.  I went inside only to find the place deserted.  It had looked like someone had left in a hurry.  I went back outside, and when it was sunny it was pouring.  I hurried back inside with Mimi.  Lighting struck and there was no way out now.  No wonder those people left in such a hurry, I thought.  Then all of a sudden everything stopped.
            “Glad of you to join us,” said a croaky voice in the corner.
            That stopped me in my tracks.
            I turned around.
            Two more figures appeared from the corner.  All of them were dressed as if they had not washed in days( or maybe years).  The first one came to me and placed a grubby hand on my shoulder and pierced my skin.  I held my eyes shut not wanting to cry in front of them.
            “My name is Mika, this,” she said pointing to one of the others, “is Jeta and she,” she said again pointing to the other one with her long spindly fingers, “is Vatia.” 
            “And we don’t want to harm you,” she said clearly the most verbal one here, “ at least not yet,” she softly chuckled before I fell into a vacant chair in that little room and blacked out.

* * * * *

            “What are we going to DO!” cried Gwenyth’s mother.
            “We will find her, Diane,” replied her father, Leo “ I am sure she is all right,” though in his mind he knew she had gotten in some sort of trouble.
            “Oooooh! What will I ever do?” Diane cried again.
            “You will hush up!  We will find her!” Leo called back.  Even then he thought it wouldn’t be that easy.

* * * * *

            When I woke up I kept my eyes shut hoping everything was a dream.  But just as long as I could keep my eyes shut, I could hear the witches softly cackling to one another.
            “We will give her to the ‘Hax’ once we get there and it will be soon.”  Mika whispered.  The others were trying hard not to laugh too loud, for I knew what a ‘Hax’ was.  Do you know what a butcher is?  Well, it’s a butcher only worse.  He’d laugh after he’d just cut the head off a deer or a moose or something I don’t even want to know about, instead of feeling sorry for it.  The door slammed open.  And so did my eyes.
            “Surprise!” called the ‘Hax’.
            There never was a scarier ‘Hax’ than the one that stood in the doorway.  This ‘Hax’ was a vampire, with blood dripping down his fangs.  There never was a better job for those blood sucking creatures. 

* * * * *

            “Leo, what if she was taken by those…horrible creatures!” her mother cried once more.
            “Oh! There isn’t a town that has those for miles!” he answered. 
            “You do know that she likes to go farther than we’d like her to!” she called back.
            “Yes, but…”
            “BUT WHAT!” she yelled and buried her face in a pillow on her couch, for even she knew there was nothing she could do.

* * * * *

            “So… when do I get this… tasty morsel?” he said as he looked at me.
            I cringed at the words ‘tasty morsel’.
            “We will give her to you when we are done with her.” Mika replied to him and she signaled to the other room. 
            You know I have heard of almost every creature from my parents.  They want me to watch out for them.  Now I know a few that I can tell you about.  There are witches (like the ones I am with now) who can cast a spell on you and you don’t even notice.  There are ‘Haxes’ but I think I told you enough about those.  There are Tenkins which live in the forest and are like witches but are smaller and less vulnerable and you don’t want to meet up with them because they can pull you up in the air and have the strength of a troll and a lifespan of a fly. These are the main ones and I’ve heard of others but I don’t know enough to tell you about them and what they’re like and might do.  My train of thought was interrupted by the clashing of pots and pans clattering to the floor.
            “I. WANT. HER. NOW!” yelled the ‘Hax’. 
            “Now, Haxy, you will get her as soon as we Humowls get here,” soothed Jeta. 
            Humowls?! I have never heard of those before.
            And ‘Haxy’ fell to the floor. 

* * * * *

            “We shall send a search party out for her!” Diane shouted again.
            “We will do no such thing!” called Leo.
            Her mother thinking this over finally came up with an idea.
            “I shall go out to find her myself then!” she said with a crazed look on her face.  She took her cloak and was out the door before you could say ‘Alakazamdoda’.  Leo opened the door and yelled, “Diane!”
            She looked back at him and said, “Aren’t you coming with me?”
            He grumbled, got his own cloak and followed after her.

* * * * *

            “Maybe after he wakes up he could have the girl’s horse?” Vatia said as she  looked at the ‘Hax’.  The others shrugged at the suggestion.  They’re going to give him Mimi! I thought. 
            “Maybe we should give him both of them,” Said Jeta.
            Then the window crashed down and in flew two owls.
            “I thought there would be more.” Mika whispered to Jeta.  Then the owls turned to humans with feathery hair. 
            “We have been called.” Said one.
            “Of course.  We need you to drop her and her horse in Mountain Sea,” Mika said.
            They took me and Mimi over a whole bunch of mountains.  Then I started falling.  And just when I was about to fall on the ground… I didn’t because I and my horse fell on a family of Tenkins.  They grabbed at my legs and I started running as fast I could.  Then I saw a light so I ran to it.  Thinking I was safe I went up to the lighted cottage and I fell to the ground with a bump on my head.  A few minutes later I was up in the air surrounded by Tenkins! 
            “Let me go!” I cried.
            “NO!” said a tiny voice followed by a mocking laugh.  Defeated I decided to try to catch a wink. 
A few hours later
            I awoke in a cemetery.  I got up and started to run but failed as I got pulled into a grave.  Kicking and screaming my head off I got just enough time to see a sign that said:  BEWARE OF CEMETERY!   MAY BE LIVE!

* * * * *

            “Maybe she went in the Cemetery?”  Her mother asked anxiously.
            “Our daughter is smarter than that…I hope!” her father replied.
            “We could try.”
            “Oh…allright!  After this somebody has got to ride with her!”  he said.
            But as they entered, the ground started tumbling down under their feet.  And just then her father knew he should have never agreed to going in.

* * * *

When her eyes adjusted to the dark, she could see corpses lying around talking to one another.   
            “I heard the ‘Hax’ failed,” said one with a dull voice.
            “We should finish the job,” said a different one.
            Then the ground started tumbling into the cave.
            She was never so happy in her life to see them.
            “Ew… what is this place?” her mother asked her.
            I shrugged and hugged them.
            “What have we got here?” asked dull voice.
            “I don’t know…let’s get them.”
            They started to surround us.
            “Zamdeelokdoo!” her father yelled and then they were out.
            “Wait…you’re a wizard?” she asked.  Her dad nodded his head.  They were safe.

The End…Maybe

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OCTOBER 25, 2012
Revenge is Supernatural
Faster. I tell myself, if only I could will myself to run faster. Just for a moment I glance behind me and scream. It was practically right on my heels. So close I could smell its foul stench. “Leave me alone!” I yell. “I don’t have what you want!” Suddenly, my feet fall from under me and I am falling into the Halloween night air.

But, I am getting ahead of myself. Let’s begin where my story begins; midday. At about noon I received a phone call from the police station. “Hello, this is Karmen.” I say, bored. “This is Officer Vanderwaal, Karmen. Last night around midnight my police force discovered your cousin’s body at the bottom the hiking trail.” My hands shake and my legs wobble beneath me. Body usually means… dead. “This- this must be a mistake.” I utter. On the other side of the line I hear a sigh. “It is no mistake, Karmen. Your cousin, Evan, is dead. I’m sorry for your loss.” I shake my head, willing it to go away. “No,” I say, “No, no. It’s not true.” The phone slips from my grasp and I run through the house to my mother’s study.

“Karmen, are you okay? You look a little pale.” She says. But I’m already in her arms, sobbing. “The police said Evan is dead.” I wail into her cashmere sweater. Her hand rubs circles on my back, calming me. I pull away and she looks into my oddly colored eyes, purple. “Do you know if he left while you were with him last night?” I scrunch my nose and look at her as if she went crazy. “I wasn’t with him yesterday. I was at Lillian’s house.” Her eyes widen a bit in surprise. “That was the day before, Karmen… What do you remember about yesterday?” I try tapping into my memory from yesterday night. “Nothing at all…” I say. She lets out a squeak and grabs her mobile phone, punching in a few numbers. “Yes, Officer Vanderwaal? Karmen can’t remember anything about last night. Yes I’ll talk to her. Thank you, Officer.”

She sets the phone down on her cluttered desk and looks at me. “Karmen...” “I don’t want to talk!” I shout, pulling away from her lingering touch. I stomp off to my bedroom and slam the door behind me, locking it tight. I fling myself onto my bed and will myself to cry out my sorrow and anger. My thoughts go back to Evan. How could someone kill an innocent seventeen year old? I delay my sob fest to grab my bear claw necklace that Evan made for me for my sweet sixteenth birthday. I smile through my tears at the memory. The moment turns sour though when I glance over at my door.

A woman stands in front of it. I scream at the top of my lungs. The woman smiles viscously, her scruffy hair matted with sticky blood, which is also running down one side of her face, and a dirty, torn wedding dress. “He deserved to die.” Her low scratchy voice comes. A wail lodges in my throat as I stare at her in horror. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from her in terror of what she might do to me. “You…?” I choke. Her smile becomes more sinister. I lunge for my window and pound on the glass. “Help! Help me!” I yell. “You expect to be spared as well? Don’t you, Karmen?” The woman wonders aloud. “Leave me alone!” I shout back. Next thing I know she charges at me, clenching my hair in her tight grip. “Don’t talk back to me, Karmen! You will get what is coming to you soon.” One of her fingers lightly traces my neck. My eyes squeeze shut, I breathe hard. I hear my mom yell from the other side of my door and running footsteps. The door bursts open and she scoops me up off the floor.

“Oh, Karmen!” she pets my hair. I open my eyes, confused. The horrible zombie-like woman is gone. Uniformed officers are in my room staring at me and my bedroom wall. “What happened?” I ask. I see my mom lick her thumb and run over my neck, right where the woman did. I flinch and she shows me her thumb, blood. “What?” I utter, shocked. “Ms. Homes?” an officer calls. My mother turns as the officer points at my wall. She follows his finger and a scream cuts through the quiet of my bedroom. My head turns and I see the same disaster they all see. My drawings are ripped off the wall, the wallpaper has large claw marks in it, and in the center of it is written; You are next, Karmen in blood.

I lay there on my hardwood floor in a small gasping fit. The woman had to have done this. But why? Officer Vanderwaal picks up an object from the floor and holds it up for me to see. “Is this yours, Karmen?” A lump forms in my throat as I nod and sit up against my bed. My necklace from Evan is ruined. He sets the necklace into my hand and my hot salty tears run down my cheeks and into the wound running across my neck. My only connection to my dead cousin is ruined. “What happened?” An officer asks me, kneeling down to talk to me. Suddenly, though, my mind goes blank like a white piece of paper. I shake my head and clutch the memento in my grasp.

The officer stands up, sighing and shakes his head at Vanderwaal. About an hour more of investigating, the police force finally leaves my house. I take a long, hot shower and eat my mom’s special homemade chicken pasta she only makes for holidays, but today is the only exception. Together we sit on the couch, watching the newest episode of Pretty Little Liars. My mother stands up after the episode is over and sighs. “I just remembered that I have to go to the grocery store to buy some more noodles for tomorrow.” I give her a half smile. “It’s almost 6:50, mom.” I point out. “I know,” she says, “I just need to get more for tomorrow so I can make pasta for the family potluck.” “Be careful of trick or treaters!” I remind her on the way out. “I love you, Karmen!” she calls back, slamming the front door shut.

Getting up to stretch I suddenly have an idea, I should go running. I smile at the thought. Running always clears my head. Quickly, I change into sweats and set out around the block. At first, just jogging and listening to the nighttime sounds. But then I hear other footsteps behind me and panting. I glance back over my shoulder and see nothing. I shrug it off and continue on down a worn hikers trail. The footsteps become louder and I panic and begin to run town the path. I peer back behind me once again and see a flash of white.

My memory, from earlier, shows the exact same gauzy white fabric. My memory floods back from last night, that horrifying woman, Evan dying on this trail. I was there. I zigzag through the dark trees in the cool night. Please, somebody help. I silently beg, tears streaming down my face. Next thing I know, the woman is in front of me, talking to me. “Karmen,” she says, somewhat softly, “It had to be done.” “Why?” I demand. “He was my cousin.” “Years and years ago, my husband was killed by your great grandfather.” I swallow the lump in my throat as she continues. “It was unjust how he left. So now I take revenge on all male descendants.”

“Why me?” I ask. “You are only in the way. You know too much.” She whispers lightly. I look at her fearfully. “Why are you telling me all of this?” I beg. A smile appears on her face. “Because, you aren’t leaving alive, Karmen, dear.”

With that, I sprint away from the woman. I now know she can’t be human, inhuman, ghostly. Faster. I tell myself, if only I could will myself to run faster. Just for a moment I glance behind me and scream. It was practically right on my heels. So close I could smell its foul stench. “Leave me alone!” I yell. “I don’t have what you want!” Suddenly, my feet fall from under me and I am falling into the Halloween night air. I land in the bottom of the hiking trail just as Evan did the night before. I just wish I could have told my mother that I loved her one more time. If I could have only remembered, I would have saved us all before I died. Tomorrow, Officer Vanderwaal will discover me in the crime scene as he goes to take more pictures. Right next to Evan.

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OCTOBER 25, 2012
Just a Rabbit
 “I’m going to run with Steve today. I want to be fast at our next track meet.” Hannah shared, tightening her blond pony-tail.
“Okay, we can run as a team today.” Steve decided as the only senior on the team.
The rest of the Juniors and I, a lowly freshman, followed him into the woods. They were running at a pretty good pace but I could tell they were holding themselves back. I didn’t say anything about the growing stitch in my side or my increasing labored breath.
Finally, the pain became too much. I needed to walk for a little bit. I couldn’t see the team anymore but they were within hearing range at least. However, as I slowed my pace to a walk, they quickly fell out of hearing range and I was alone. I’d only run in the woods once before, but I knew if I stayed on the trail and kept making left turns, I would eventually leave the woods. I started jogging again, in hopes that I could meet up with my teammates in the parking lot and get a ride back across town to school.
After a short while of lightly running, something caught my eye. Something was glinting in the sun a ways off the trail. My team! I’ve caught up to them! I turned off the trail to go directly toward the glint that caught my attention. Fighting through the thick shrubbery and trees to get to the clearing that I knew to be the source of the light, I burst through the underbrush and immediately skid to a complete stop. A man sat in the clearing wearing a red flannel shirt and a pair of blood-stained jeans. At his feet lay a mutilated doe. He looked up to see me, raised a crimson-stained meat cleaver to point at me, and snarled one word, “MINE!”
I turned and fled the clearing, crashing through the forest, as fast as I could.
Shrubbery and grass whipped my legs as I flew past. My breath comes out in short gasps, my side ache returns with vengeance, but I don’t stop, not with him crashing through the forest. Tree roots are reaching up to trip me, to make me easy prey for this dangerous madman. I splash through a brook. Almost there, only ten meters ‘til it’s safe! I can see my team standing in the parking lot outside of the woods. I can also feel his breath on my neck, his repeated whispers of “mine, mine…”
I burst out of the woods and into Hannah’s arms, shaking with fright.
“Andrea! We thought you walked back to school already! What’s wrong?” she asked as she held me.
“He’s right behind me!” I managed to squeak.
“Andrea, there isn’t anyone there,” Steve said soothingly.
“Shh.” Hannah hushed quietly. “It was probably just a rabbit. Let’s get you back to school.” She pulled me toward her car. I got in and buckled up as Hannah started up the car and her happy German music filled the speakers. I chance a glance back at the woods that frightened me so. As we drove away, I saw the glint of a metal meat cleaver in the sun.

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OCTOBER 25, 2012
Ms. Wright and the Scary Story
 Ms. Wright was teaching her freshman English class and had just assigned them to write a scary story. Somehow a conversation got started about ghosts and one of the students named Katrina asked, “Ms. Wright, do you believe in ghosts?”

“No and if anyone writes their story about ghosts they will fail the paper,” said Ms. Wright.

Ms. Wright was a crabby old lady who was anything but nice to her students or to anyone.

Later that night Ms. Wright was taking a walk and it became very foggy and quite hard to see. Ms. Wright was just about to turn back when she heard a bloodcurdling scream and someone yell, “Why do you not believe in us?”

“Who-Who’s is there?” stammered Ms. Wright.

“It is me, Mark,” stated Mark.

“Is it you, Mark?” questioned Ms. Wright.

Mark was Ms. Wright’s husband whom she killed.

“Yes, now why don’t you believe in ghosts?”questioned Mark.

“But that is not possible because ghosts aren’t real.”

“So, you’re saying that I’m not really here.”

“Yes, as soon as I close my eyes and then open them, all of this will be a bad dream.”

“Have it your way then.”

Ms. Wright walked back to her house only to find a disaster. On the center of the floor when she came in was the name Mark. She screamed and ran up to her room. Just as she was about to fall asleep Ms. Wright heard someone yell, “Susan, Susan, do you believe in ghosts now?”

“No, never.”

Out of nowhere chalk dust dumped on Ms. Wright.

“Susan, be nicer to your students or quit your job.”

“Okay,” said Ms. Wright and scrambled out of bed, out of her house, into her car, and drove away.

At Katrina’s house Katrina told her friends, “I think we can write our stories about ghosts and Ms. Wright won’t mind at all.”

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OCTOBER 25, 2012
One bright day a girl named Lilly was walking in the woods. It was Halloween Day and that night Lilly planned ongoing trick-or-treating with her friends Bailey and Kate. Normally the girls would start off at 6:00 p.m sharp and go all around town to every house except one, the old, broken down, beat up house on 1345 Birch Street. Rumor had it that the house was haunted with scary and mythical creatures. This house was at the top of the graveyard on the large hill. Some people say one kid rang the doorbell and then opened the door and he was never seen again. No person has ever rung that doorbell since.

The girls were all at Lilly's house getting their costumes on and their candy bags ready. At exactly 6:00 p.m the three girls set out for the night. First they went to the east side of town and made their way to the west. They got about half way through town when Bailey stopped and pointed. There on the top of the hill was the haunted house. Now Kate didn't know about the house and she wanted to go to it. Bailey and Lilly told Kate the story. She didn't believe it and the next thing they knew Kate was already half way up the hill. Lilly and Kate tried to stop her but it was too late, and they had no other choice than to follow her. When they got there, Kate rang the doorbell and the door squeakkkkkkkkkkked! Open. An older lady stood there in the doorway with three treats in her hand. Since they were her first visitors she invited them in for cookies and hot-chocolate. Her name was Beverly and she was very sweet and kind.

It turns out that all of those stories and rumors were just made-up lies and as the years went by more and more kids came to see her on Halloween night and Bailey, Lilly, and Kate visited her very often.

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OCTOBER 25, 2012
The Creepy House In The Creepy Woods
Once upon a time there was a man who owned a house. The house was very big, old and nice. But the man who owned it was not very pleasant. He would make loud noises and say weird things at night. Later the man died alone in his home. Then a nice young couple bought the house. They complained about loud noises and mumbling in the night. The couple later had twins, one Milton, and the other Samantha. But one day Samantha and Milton wanted a dog. They asked their parents for one and they said yes and got a dog. The dog was very unusual. The dog barked at random objects and corners. The children also noticed that the things they placed in a spot were moved when they came back into that room. Later the family moved because of property expenses and the scares in the house. The house was abandoned for a very long time. Two adventurous boys went inside the house and investigated it. The two boys were Josh and Brandon.

They really liked to go to places that were abandoned and safe to go in and not get caught. The cops wouldn’t arrest them so they can legally go in and investigate. Josh and Brandon went in the house. The first thing they saw was an immense room for resting and spending breakfast, lunch, and dinner in. They looked for cool artifacts and other items in there first. They heard a thump in the next room where they found a note saying “Beware of the dangers within.” The two looked at each other and asked “What does this mean?” But they thought it was a joke. They continued on to the kitchen. The kitchen was small but decent. They investigated more of it and found another note saying “So you think I’m joking, huh? Well don’t blame me when you’re dead.” Josh said, “ I don’t think we should stay.” Brandon convinced him to be brave and not to worry about the notes. So they continued on with the investigation. They next went to the attic. They found lots of spider webs and empty chests. But one chest had something in it. It was a note and four $100 bills. The note said on it, “!

Here is the last of what I own before I die. I hope you use it wisely.” Josh and Brandon were unsure of what this meant about “last of what I own.” They split the money with each other. Josh got $200, and Brandon got $200. They left and went to the bedroom of Milton. They found there a book of how to whittle, a knife and again another note. Josh and Brandon looked at the note and it said “ TAKE THE KNIFE IT WILL BE YOUR ONLY DEFENSE AGAINST HIM.” Josh and Brandon got chills down their spines. They picked up the knife as they were told. They watched all of the corners as they made their way into Samantha’s room next, They found another note saying, “WATCH OUT HE IS NEAR AND WILL GET YOU, DEFEND YOURSELVES.” Brandon screamed and wanted to leave while josh told him he had to be brave, mimicking him from before. So they stayed. They were walking around not knowing where else to go. They saw a figure dash across the hallway. They panicked. They went the opposite way away from the figure. They went into the parent’s bedroom and found a hatchet in a sheath. They picked that up just in case they need to break their way out of the building. They ventured in to the lobby where they first came from and found that the furniture had been moved and misplaced. The two boys were frightened. They had never known a person could move such heavy pieces of furniture in a short amount of time. Brandon heard a metal item fall in the next room. They approached the room with caution. They got closer, and closer until they saw a compass on the floor that Josh had left earlier when they had started. Josh picked it up and saw a man standing in the doorway. He asked Brandon “What is that? Is it real?” Brandon said yes he did see him standing there.

The man was approaching and getting closer, and closer. The two boys braced themselves for an attack. The man had said “ Do you know where I can find my way out?” he said. Josh and Brandon were joyful that it wasn’t a scary monster that was going to kill them! The two showed the man his way out and he said thank you. Brandon and Josh thought they might leave too. As they were leaving they were wondering about the notes and the “dangers within.” But no one will ever know. They just put that all behind them and went home.

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OCTOBER 25, 2012
Perfect Plan
They say that I'm next. My sister, mother, father and aunt have all been murdered. All the same way; one deep, jagged cut. Their bodies found anywhere from a garden to the supermarket restroom. Why them? No one knows.

People bother me with superstitions. As for me, I don't believe in them. I try to keep my life normal. That's not exactly possible. People at school, my friends, even my grandmother, tell me to be cautious.

Since my family has been killed, I must live with my grandmother. "Stay home and be safe" she always tells me. This only makes me want to stay out longer.

Today is October 30th. School wasn't enjoyable today. I have tons of homework and I'm exhausted. Again I walk home alone. The Autumn leaves crunch as I step on them. The slight breeze blows through my dark, brown hair.

I have four blocks left until the aromas of grandma's cooking fill the air. I can already smell it. I stop and close my eyes to imagine. That is when I felt it. Two cold hands closing in on my mouth and neck. I cannot see the person, for they are behiend me. Then I feel someting else. The cold and sharpness of a blade.

It is pressed on my neck. I try to fight this person off. Yet, I fail. I can feel the warm oozing of my own blood. The knife is see-sawing deeper and deeper into my neck. Blood is gushing everywhere. My shirt is drenched and sogy from the increasing amount of blood. My vision is going blurry and all I can hear is the rough ripping of my own flesh.

By this point, my vision is close to none. My surroundings are getting darker and blacker by the second. Then, my body went limp. The killer removed his knife and walked away unseen. I lie there, motionless, no longer breathing, and helpless.

By five o'clock, my grandmother noticed something was wrong. She looked out her kitchen window, up the street and saw no one coming. She paced nervously out to her concrete front steps. By this point, she was very frightened. Six o'clock came and she panicked. Her first thought was to call the police. She dialed the numbers quickly.

"9-1-1 What is your emergency?" the opperator answered.
"I-I think that m-my granddaghter Emma Milkey is m-missing" Grandma sobbed.
"Okay Maam how long has she been gone?"
"S-she was supposed to walk home from school at 3:30. She n-normally gets home around four o'clock"
"What school does she go to?" questioned the opperator.
"Jefferson High" Grandma replied quickly.
"Ok, I will contact the police and search team to help find her. I will also sind and investigator to your current address."
"Okay thank y-you" said Grandma.

Within ten minutes, the investigator arrived at grandma's house. He asked her many questions. After what seemed like ages, he made a call to the police chief and told him to start at the school and to trace back the route that I normally take home.

Police chief, Carl McLaulen, was determined to help. It was he who found my body. He spotted me lying on the sidewalk and immediatly flew out of the driver's seat of the police car. Habbitualy, he placed his fore and middle fingers on the crease right below my chin and a little over. Right then and there, I was pronounced dead.

The criminal investigators tried to recover some sort of fingerprints,or DNA,or something. Just like my previous family members, there was none.

Unlike my other family members, I want revenge. I will not let my killer rest in peace. I will make sure that he feels how I did. His family will suffer and be in mourning, like my family had to countless times. I won't let his family ever forget what he did to me. I will not rest until I get my revenge.

The day after my death, yes the 30th of October, yes it's cheesy but that's not my fault, anyway, The day after my death, my earthen soul was released. My motive clear, I want my mysterious killer to have a little taste of his own medicine.

I know that I want him dead. But, I'm not sure how. Before i can sucessfully murder him, I must plan and haunt him. My plan will start with investigation. I will find out who he is and stalk him.

It is November 13th and step 1 of my plan is complete. His name is Cameron Phillips. He lives on 47 Waterbrooke Avenue and I have been visiting his house almost every day now. He thinks that he is goung insane. He has tried to explain my visits to his friends and family, but no one believes him. I have decided on step 2. I am going to make my visits even more uncomforting for him.

He is really starting to fear me now. He knows why I'm here and knows that he can't handle my visits much longer. I will keep planting my discomforting seeds into his little head until he can't take it any longer. I have to have him do my dirty work for me.

He has tried to reason with me several times. He knows that I won't accept his offers and is becoming very afraid. He thinks that I will kill him soon. He is correct. Cameron Phillips will be on this earth not much longer. I am going to keep bugging him until he cracks.

It's November 16th and my killer has cracked. He is following my plan perfectly. I have been watching him. Camerom has driven to the port. His car is approaching the edger of the dock and a high speed. Splash! The water surrounds Cameron Phillips's car. He is finally gone. I have carried out my revenge.

I might've been next, but I wasn't last. Emma Milkey always wins. I always get revenge.

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OCTOBER 25, 2012
The Black Carriage
It all started back in 1812 when Hickoryville was just being created. The Johnsons were settling in Hickoryville. They had moved all the way from Ireland. Mr. Johnson was a very wealthy lawyer and was wanted by the high officials of Ireland. Nobody was quite sure why? Mrs. Johnson was even more suspicious. She walked around with her head constantly on a swivel, she always wore black clothes, and was usually seen in a black cape. Now the Johnson’s together seemed to constantly be clouding something. When anyone talked to them they were very perky but never seemed to be fully in tune to what anyone said. They were always leaning over, looking over the person they were talking to, and staring up at the sky. Only one would talk, the other stood with his/her back to the other-looking up and down and side to side.

The Johnson’s built a five - story house out of hickory wood and granite bricks, but not a single window.
Often times people heard strange sounds from the house at night.

Here’s the strangest part. No one had ever seen a single bat in Hickoryville, but since the Johnson’s moved in people started to see a family of bats. The Johnson’s were never seen at night-ever.

A month after their house was built Mrs. Johnson was seen carrying a baby. Then a week later the Johnson’s left in a black carriage without the baby. Several people heard crying from the house. The elders sent a boy into the house to rescue the baby. He went in; scream was heard; a bat flew out.

Ten years later a black carriage returned to the house. After about a month the couple was seen carrying a baby. A week later the couple left in a black carriage-without the baby.

After cries were heard the elders sent a girl in to rescue the baby. She went in; a scream was heard; a bat flew out.

This pattern went on every ten years.

Now in 2012-Hickoryville, that house still stands, but nobody dares to go in. People many times heard noises from inside, but nobody lives there as far as the villagers know.

One day a couple dressed in black, came to the house in a black carriage. After about a month of living at the house they were seen carrying a baby. A week later they abandoned the house and the baby and left in their black carriage.

After people heard cries, they called the police. The police went in; screams were heard; bats flew out!
I warn you, don’t go in the hickory house!! I know!! I was a victim, the first victim.

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OCTOBER 25, 2012
The Runaway Mystery
One day, a kid named Fredward decided to run away. You see, Fredward was probably the most unlucky kid on planet Earth. His name, for one, was very embarrassing and he was the number one target for teasing and bullying. He was also a klutz. So far he had succeeded in setting the school on fire, causing a statewide black-out, and getting arrested by navy seals. (Don’t ask.) The final straw was when he accidentally gave his only friend, Billy, a staple in the head and two broken limbs!

Before he went to bed in the shack he and his six siblings and parents called home, he packed his few belongings in his school backpack and hid it under his bed. Later, when all the others had fallen asleep, he got out the backpack from under the bed and left the house he hoped he would never see again. He walked four blocks to a wood on the edge of town.

What no one had told him was that the woods was apparently haunted by the spirits of a long ago massacre performed by a company of British soldiers taking the town. At night, it was said that their spirits would rise up and try to find those who caused their death. They would seek revenge by a long and painful death. Unfortunately for Fredward, the night he ran away was the 200th anniversary of the massacre and the spirits were more powerful than ever before.

As the trees loomed menacingly over him, Fredward entered the woods and immediately felt as if he were being watched and felt shivers down his spine. He paused, his breath rattling in his ears, looked at his surroundings as if waiting for something, but even he didn’t know what. Suddenly, as if some unseen force pushed him forward, he broke into a run, heading straight into the heart of the woods, the trees hiding his process from mortal eyes.
If some bystander had seen him, they would have sworn fleeting images of men were chasing a small boy toward a small stream, but frankly, there was none, and the boy ran over the bank of the stream and into a void of nothingness unobserved to several decades of unseen and unheard torture at the hands of his captors. Then, when they thought fit, the spirits spewed the limp body of the boy onto the shore, out of his time, to be discovered by authorities after his case had been closed for many years.

He had died the night he was found in his sleep after screaming “No, No, Noooooooooooo!”

The police never knew of what happened that terrible night many years ago, but, what they did know was that this was not an isolated case and they were waiting for the next person to end up half dead on their doorstep. They weren’t the only ones waiting. The dead hadn’t even started and are waiting for the next victim to fall into their clutches at night. Beware, you may be next!

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OCTOBER 25, 2012
The House
Once there was a house that no one could live in for more than a week. Nobody could figure it out. Month after month the house was bought, resold, and then bought again over and over again.

One family, Bob and Kaliee, bought the house and lived in it with their kids, Ethan, Hunter, Elena, and Kenzie. Little did the town know, but they were wizards. Bob was teaching Kenzie and Elena, while Kenzie was teaching Ethan, and Elena was teaching Hunter.

One week had passed. The mayor had decided to pay them a visit because how long they were lasting in the house. It was Halloween night, a wizard’s favorite! As the mayor approached the house, the kids hid in the bushes. Hunter, turned on the spooky sounds; Kenzie and Elena got the ghost ready; and Ethan made the empty bushes shake. They did all of this with the simple flick of a wand. Then all of a sudden Elena, using her wand slammed open the door and their father walked out. He went to all the bushes they were hiding in, shook them, and dragged the kids out. “I’m sorry about all of this racket,” started Bob, “But my children love to scare people.”

“It’s all right, no harm no foul.”

“We’re really sorry, sir,” they all said full of sorrow.

“Well I want to congratulate you on being here in the town of Marathon.”

“Thank you,” a voiced gushed form behind.

“Oh no!” Elena whispered.

“How wonderful of you to drop by. I’m Kaliee. This is Bob, Elena, Kenzie, Ethan and, Hunter. Welcome to our home. We love it! Come in!”

“Alright,” he replied unsure.

“Come, come.”

After he had finished touring the house he felt more at ease and the family felt welcomed enough to go to town.

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