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DECEMBER 19, 2013
Faster, I must go faster. Through the woods and around the trees. Faster. Over bushes and roots, as fast as my legs can take me. There’s snaps and growls behind me. Faster, I must go faster. The road. To the road. Follow Mommy, always Mommy. To the road. The road is safety.

I stumble and fall but jump back up. No time for mistakes. Mistakes mean death.

Where’s Mommy?!! I look for a flash of brown or her white tail. There. Over there. A flash of brown next to a tree. The flick of her tail through the leaves.

There’s a crash behind me that spurs me on. Deeper and deeper into human civilization. My home, my trees, my forest…gone. This is human land. Human land is unsafe, why are we here? Mommy knows. I must trust Mommy.

There’s the road!! A strange sound fills my ears. No natural sound, a human sound. Closer, closer we run to the road.

 A branch breaks close by me. Too close. It is catching me. Faster, faster. I must run faster.

Strange things fly by on the road. Not man or beast. Light shoots out of its front and it runs on four…things.

Faster, I must go faster. Fast like the strange unbeasts on the road.

Closer and closer we go until we’re there and Mommy dashes across. I hesitate. The unbeasts don’t slow for us. I might get hit. That would hurt.

A growl reminds me I have no choice. I hurtle into the road and start to cross, but then stop.

I am but

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JULY 9, 2013
Speak to Me of the Sky
speak to me of the sky

tell me what the stars mean
when they whisper to you
while you sleep beneath them

how the sun
in its
makes you dizzy at heart

tell me the colors that bleed
as it gouges out the horizon
and burrows its way to the other side
nestles there

and is born again
in fire and blood
tell me how it screams

give me the words
that scatter
across the dome of your mind
and paint it in shades
that cannot be found in a brush

I am miles
and miles
from where you are
looking at the same sky

but I see it through the warped glass
of different eyes

so tell me about your sky

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JULY 9, 2013
Without You
Without you dear, to hold so near
I feel lost in the eternity of people
Swaying to and fro, I’ll never know
Where I’m supposed to go

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