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APRIL 3, 2013
The Campfire
One evening, Amanda Jock invited some of her friends to
her campfire in the woods. She prepared for the campfire by
getting same wood and a match to start it; the bad port was that
she started the fire in her woods. There had been stories heard
that there had been seen coyotes and bears along with "big
foot." Now, Amanda and her family didn't believe this. It was 6:30
in the evening, and there was only thirty minutes left to prepare.
Amanda ran around to find more wood, and by the time she got
back all her friends were there. The campfire had officially
"Hey! This campfire is going to be totally awesome!"
Vanessa, Amanda’s best friend, said as she arrived.
"I'm here! I'm here I am so fantastically excited! Eeeekkkl"
Kelly, the hyper one, exclaimed.
"Kelly, I thought we agreed you wouldn't be so hyper!" Shelly
said, and then laughed.
"Shelly!!l! Oh my gosh! I haven’t seen you in ages!! How ore
you?!? I missed you so much!" Amanda said. She gave Shelly a hug.
"5o... What now? Has everyone arrived, Amanda?" Shelly
"Umm... Nope. I invited Harper, too. I wonder where she is.
She promised she would be here of 6:45 sharp," Amanda said,
"Well, whatever. She misses all the fun! It's all her fault,"
Kelly concluded. And then they all went on with their fire, until
the clock struck 8:00.
"Harper isn't here yet where in the world could she
possibly be?" Kelly yelled.
"Has anyone called her yet?,, Shelly asked.
"Here, I will," Kelly replied. Kelly dug for her phone in her
pocket, and she pulled it out and called.
Beep. Beep. Beep. "Hello you've reached Harper Leave a
message after the beep!, BEEP.
"Harper! where are you?!? we hove been waiting for you to
come for the post hour! Answer us!!", Kelly exclaimed on the
phone and then hung up.
AHHHHH! Help- -----me-
"oh my gosh! 6uys! Did you hear that?" Amanda asked.
"Yes! oh my gosh! what is that?" Shelby questioned.
"Ummm... as much as I hate to say it, I think that it said
help me:' Kelly said.
"Should we go check out what it is?" Amanda said.
"Well, you know what? f will check. I think I am the
strongest in this group. okay. I'm heading out to over there. By..
Wish me luck " Kelly said loudly.
"Bye!" Amanda and Shelly replied suspiciously. Kelly slowly
walked away.
"I wonder why she was so confident about this all. Do you
think Harper and Kelly ore playing a prank? Or are they trying to
us?" Shelly questioned.
"r think so. would Kelly do that though?" Amanda asked.
"Probably! she was the one who called Harper. she was the
one who asked where she was. she was the one who was so
confident about going to find where Harper is," Shelly concluded.
"I can’t believe it," Amanda doubtfully said.
"r am not falling for this again. Let's just go in my house.
Okay?" Amanda said as she set the law down.
"Okay. Sounds good," Shelly replied.
while the girls were walking bock to the house they heard
another scream. They decided that they should just keep working.
The next morning Shelly and Amanda woke up and watched some
television. Then they looked outside their window, and they sow
Harper and Kelly pounding to get in. they knew at that moment
that this was just a stupid prank. The girls knew that playing
pranks was never superb.

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