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APRIL 3, 2013
The Story of Four Princesses
One time long ago in the kingdom of Cameron, there was a group of four princesses: Charity, Felicity, Almira, and Felicia were their names. They were all different from each other. Felicity was a catty girl who got whatever she wanted. Almira was just the happy random girl who cheered everyone up brut at times talked behind their backs. Charity was the kind of girl who was blunt and very helpful. Now Felicia was the girl who was calm but yet was easily confused. These gals easily got into fights. One of the fights was nasty.

The crowning of the monarchy was corning up very soon. Felicity wanted Eloise Montani to be crowned queen. Charity wanted Alicia Montgomery to win. -they both got into a very heated argument about whom they wanted to win and why. There were a lot of rolling eyes and huffing. Almira and Felicia tried to talk to Felicity and charity saying that this was ridiculous! They wouldn't listen. Charity and Felicity ignored each other for weeks. They wouldn't even make eye contact. To Felicia and Almira, it was very annoying since Felicia and Almira didn't like drama all that much.

The next thing that happened was that Felicity was scheming Felicia's boyfriend. She was planning out all kinds of evil stuff. She was trying to ruin Felicia’s relationship. Oh how evil she had been! She was acting like nothing was going on at all. The crowning of the monarchy came, and of course, Eloise Montani won. Felicity was bragging and rubbing it in Felicia's and Charity's faces since that's who they wanted to win. It was so disrespectful and impudent. Again, they got into another heated argument. It went on forever!

While all of this was going on, Felicity's birthday party was coming up. Felicity invited Almira, Felicia, her crush, and Felicia’s boyfriend. She also invited others from the kingdom. Of course, she didn't invite Charity. The only way Charity could go, was if someone were to back down. It was so immature and childish. Almira and Felicia told Felicity to invite her. She ignored what Almira and Felicia were saying anyway.

Almira and Felicia told Charity and Felicity to apologize to each other. They still wouldn't listen" Charity and Felicity never made up.

Forty years later, Charity became queen of the kingdom. She was so l-blissful that she was crowned! She could finally rub it in Felicity's face. Charity had so much pride! Only she lost her pride when Felicity came to pay Charity a visit. Felicity was livid. Charity could just see 1t in her face. Felicity started screaming at Charity's face'

"Oh, guards!” Charity called out. The guards came running out and grasped Felicity. The guards took her to the dungeons. There she sat, for years. Eventually she died from starvation. Charity thought to herself that finally the fight had ended, and no more drama would occur.

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Categories: 2012-13Short Story/Essay Teen Publishing Project