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APRIL 3, 2013
My True Home
I am Lost in the woods
The snow glistens in the trees
And the cold wind blows on my hood
Though I am physically trapped, I am free
Could it be that I am not really lost?
As I stumble in the white powder
The gurgling of a river rang in my ear.
I walked until I reached the rivers outer.
I felt an essence of home, it felt so near.
All I wanted was to be home, no matter the cost.
I sat down by the cold river side
And closed my eyes so I could pray
To the snow, water, earth and tide
Because that is the Spiritual way.
The coldness of the air slowly made me slip away
When I awoke I was surprised at what I had to learn
I had being living my life with only material possessions
While I thought it was great, it was going to turn.
I had to walk away, like a grand procession .
I must pride myself on the choice I made today.
I learned that one doesn’t know what is life
Until they live off where came life from.
I shall live here for years without any tools, not even a knife.
I might die from things like an empty tum,
But I will die knowing that I wouldn’t end up in a catacomb.
Many long years past and I grew weak with age.
I took a final journey to the river that opened my eyes
I have now gained enough knowledge to be a sage.
I sat down by the riverside and got ready to die.
But I was ready because I knew this was my home.

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