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MARCH 13, 2013
Freedom is a powerful thing. Freedom means (to me), that everyone can
do something that they want to without being judged or changed. However,
freedom does come with consequences, like having laws that need to
be followed, and being a nice person is an option, but you should follow
it, so people know that they can trust you. Freedom is a big part of
life that should be recognized, because it is not a right, it is a

The freedom that I most enjoy, is that we can be ourselves, free,
open, etc. I like this freedom, because it tells a lot about my life.
I am allowed to be myself and enjoy my life. This freedom is very open
and it is very near to my heart. This freedom is not just given
though, people fight for it everyday and I really appreciate it.
Thinking, that people fight for my freedom everyday is truly amazing.

For this freedom to be alive, to be here, we have to thank a lot of
people! These important people are the military branches. They
sacrifice their lives everyday for this freedom. They deserve to have
praise, they deserve to be thanked. Which makes me really upset, is
that people don’t recognize the sacrifices that soldiers do, and they
don’t thank that, and that makes me really upset. People think that
freedom is just giving, it’s not it is fought for.

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