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MARCH 13, 2013
What are sisters for?
A bloodcurdling scream
Is it a dream
It came from my sister's room
Something she needs I assume
Standing on her desk
looking totally grotesque
Pointig at a spider
Posing beside her
As big as a chair
With fangs like a bear
A body ready for battle
Huge eyes like lost cattle
Battle cries echoed
Unmistakenly in attack mode
Eight muscular legs, ready to jump
My brain starts clicking, " I have a trump"
Hey sis, for 5 bucks I can be your hero
You can stand here forever or let me deliver the deathblow
She agreed to the deal
All you heard was a squeal
One little splat
And the spider was dead
I'm 5 dollars richer
And always there to help my sister

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Categories: Poetry 2012-13Teen Publishing Project