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OCTOBER 25, 2012
The Struggles that dig you a Hole
There was once a kid named Billy. He did everything just a little better than you could. Whatever u had, he had something just a little better. He was in a mission to convince others he was "cool" but mostly to convince himself. Others didn't know this but i did. The struggles for popularity eat people alive. His mission at first was to make every one like him by saying stuff to sound cool. Everyone believed the lies and stories at first. They were nothing but mere modifications and small enhancements to actual events. Sometimes just exagerations. When people began to believe them, it produced a high. A peculiar kind of high. It overwhelmed the person and changed them from the inside out. It was even addicting. The satisfaction he got when people believed it. Most others were oblivious to this at first. But i knew Billy. After a while he reached his "popular" point. but he kept runnning with it. By now there was no truthfullness. They were blunt and total lies. And everyone knew it. just afraid to stand up to him because they were afraid to be "degraded by everyone else. But One day everyone had had it. The anger had built up in everyone and it was beginning to boil over. People called him out and mocked and made fun of him. How was popularity now? I wanted to say. It hurt to see the sudden change but also felt good. He was left high and dry with no friends and nothing going for him. It was a hard lesson. But he learned. Its too bad it came at the price it did.

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