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OCTOBER 25, 2012
"Its so hot in here I can barely breathe!" Said Aussie as her and her mom traveled in an old 1960s car.
"Yes Aussie, I know. I will do the best-" Aussie's mother replied while staring into space, focusing on the road I guess. She stopped to let Aussie talk, even though she interrupted her.
"Look, an abandoned house!"
The house, with it's caved in roof, was placed in the middle of a meadow. Even though this was a meadow, doesn't mean that it looked joyful. The meadow looked as if it were inhabited by gruesome creatures. Aussie shuddered and turned away.
It was then when Aussie awoke from this horrible nightmare. Her eyes fluttered open to see what seemed to be her mom and a doctor, peering over her hospital bunk,
"Do you think that she's okay, will she be alright?"
"I dont know Ms.Broads, I think she has a serious heat stroke."
This worried Aussie, but she felt just fine! The thought struck her that since she was not where she settled in for sleep, where was she? How did she arrive there so fast?
"Oh sweetie, I thought that you were so sick, are you alright?
"No mom, Im fine, but one more question. Where am I and how did I get here so fast?"
"Honeybuns darling, sad to say but you have been asleep for longer than usual, so I took you to the hospital."
Hmm, Aussie's mother was acting sweeter than usual, strangely sweet.'
"So why do you ask?" Said her mom, rather fast too.
Aussie jumped, for her mothers quick question startled her.
"Oh, no reason, just thinking out loud."
Her voice trailed off, for she was deep in thought about her so called long nap. There was no way she was believing that tall tale, not a chance. You see, she usually sleeps longer that most people, but her mom doesn't really know that. Although, how could she have gotten there do fast if she was sleeping her usual time.
"Come on Aussie, let me kiss you, I love you and I know you are going to be okay. Now let me kiss you. Just remember, mama loves you!"
As her mother leaned in to kiss her, she felt a strange sense of unease. Suddenly, she was watching her life flashing by before her eyes She felt herself merge with the universe until she was nothing but a memory. A cold dark memory.


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