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OCTOBER 25, 2012
The Grimm Reaper Tale
            All I could hear was the sound of my own breathing through the thick forest of quaking aspen trees and just when I thought I would pass out, everything was flat and grassy.  I quickly ran across the plain only to see more and more trees…but a light in the distance.  The shimmering of the leaves made me shiver but the light gave me hope.  I had made it past the trees and walking up the path when it hit me.  Literally.

5 Days Earlier
            Gwenyth Mclan is a princess.  She always got what she wanted, but was always ready to help out, until one day she made the HUGEST of all mistakes. I was riding my horse, Mimi, when Mimi tripped and fell and so did I.  Thinking I needed some help, I went to the nearest place I could find.  Walking to a little cottage that looked nice, she decided to knock on the door.
            “Hello?” she called.
            The door was slightly open so I opened all the way.  I went inside only to find the place deserted.  It had looked like someone had left in a hurry.  I went back outside, and when it was sunny it was pouring.  I hurried back inside with Mimi.  Lighting struck and there was no way out now.  No wonder those people left in such a hurry, I thought.  Then all of a sudden everything stopped.
            “Glad of you to join us,” said a croaky voice in the corner.
            That stopped me in my tracks.
            I turned around.
            Two more figures appeared from the corner.  All of them were dressed as if they had not washed in days( or maybe years).  The first one came to me and placed a grubby hand on my shoulder and pierced my skin.  I held my eyes shut not wanting to cry in front of them.
            “My name is Mika, this,” she said pointing to one of the others, “is Jeta and she,” she said again pointing to the other one with her long spindly fingers, “is Vatia.” 
            “And we don’t want to harm you,” she said clearly the most verbal one here, “ at least not yet,” she softly chuckled before I fell into a vacant chair in that little room and blacked out.

* * * * *

            “What are we going to DO!” cried Gwenyth’s mother.
            “We will find her, Diane,” replied her father, Leo “ I am sure she is all right,” though in his mind he knew she had gotten in some sort of trouble.
            “Oooooh! What will I ever do?” Diane cried again.
            “You will hush up!  We will find her!” Leo called back.  Even then he thought it wouldn’t be that easy.

* * * * *

            When I woke up I kept my eyes shut hoping everything was a dream.  But just as long as I could keep my eyes shut, I could hear the witches softly cackling to one another.
            “We will give her to the ‘Hax’ once we get there and it will be soon.”  Mika whispered.  The others were trying hard not to laugh too loud, for I knew what a ‘Hax’ was.  Do you know what a butcher is?  Well, it’s a butcher only worse.  He’d laugh after he’d just cut the head off a deer or a moose or something I don’t even want to know about, instead of feeling sorry for it.  The door slammed open.  And so did my eyes.
            “Surprise!” called the ‘Hax’.
            There never was a scarier ‘Hax’ than the one that stood in the doorway.  This ‘Hax’ was a vampire, with blood dripping down his fangs.  There never was a better job for those blood sucking creatures. 

* * * * *

            “Leo, what if she was taken by those…horrible creatures!” her mother cried once more.
            “Oh! There isn’t a town that has those for miles!” he answered. 
            “You do know that she likes to go farther than we’d like her to!” she called back.
            “Yes, but…”
            “BUT WHAT!” she yelled and buried her face in a pillow on her couch, for even she knew there was nothing she could do.

* * * * *

            “So… when do I get this… tasty morsel?” he said as he looked at me.
            I cringed at the words ‘tasty morsel’.
            “We will give her to you when we are done with her.” Mika replied to him and she signaled to the other room. 
            You know I have heard of almost every creature from my parents.  They want me to watch out for them.  Now I know a few that I can tell you about.  There are witches (like the ones I am with now) who can cast a spell on you and you don’t even notice.  There are ‘Haxes’ but I think I told you enough about those.  There are Tenkins which live in the forest and are like witches but are smaller and less vulnerable and you don’t want to meet up with them because they can pull you up in the air and have the strength of a troll and a lifespan of a fly. These are the main ones and I’ve heard of others but I don’t know enough to tell you about them and what they’re like and might do.  My train of thought was interrupted by the clashing of pots and pans clattering to the floor.
            “I. WANT. HER. NOW!” yelled the ‘Hax’. 
            “Now, Haxy, you will get her as soon as we Humowls get here,” soothed Jeta. 
            Humowls?! I have never heard of those before.
            And ‘Haxy’ fell to the floor. 

* * * * *

            “We shall send a search party out for her!” Diane shouted again.
            “We will do no such thing!” called Leo.
            Her mother thinking this over finally came up with an idea.
            “I shall go out to find her myself then!” she said with a crazed look on her face.  She took her cloak and was out the door before you could say ‘Alakazamdoda’.  Leo opened the door and yelled, “Diane!”
            She looked back at him and said, “Aren’t you coming with me?”
            He grumbled, got his own cloak and followed after her.

* * * * *

            “Maybe after he wakes up he could have the girl’s horse?” Vatia said as she  looked at the ‘Hax’.  The others shrugged at the suggestion.  They’re going to give him Mimi! I thought. 
            “Maybe we should give him both of them,” Said Jeta.
            Then the window crashed down and in flew two owls.
            “I thought there would be more.” Mika whispered to Jeta.  Then the owls turned to humans with feathery hair. 
            “We have been called.” Said one.
            “Of course.  We need you to drop her and her horse in Mountain Sea,” Mika said.
            They took me and Mimi over a whole bunch of mountains.  Then I started falling.  And just when I was about to fall on the ground… I didn’t because I and my horse fell on a family of Tenkins.  They grabbed at my legs and I started running as fast I could.  Then I saw a light so I ran to it.  Thinking I was safe I went up to the lighted cottage and I fell to the ground with a bump on my head.  A few minutes later I was up in the air surrounded by Tenkins! 
            “Let me go!” I cried.
            “NO!” said a tiny voice followed by a mocking laugh.  Defeated I decided to try to catch a wink. 
A few hours later
            I awoke in a cemetery.  I got up and started to run but failed as I got pulled into a grave.  Kicking and screaming my head off I got just enough time to see a sign that said:  BEWARE OF CEMETERY!   MAY BE LIVE!

* * * * *

            “Maybe she went in the Cemetery?”  Her mother asked anxiously.
            “Our daughter is smarter than that…I hope!” her father replied.
            “We could try.”
            “Oh…allright!  After this somebody has got to ride with her!”  he said.
            But as they entered, the ground started tumbling down under their feet.  And just then her father knew he should have never agreed to going in.

* * * *

When her eyes adjusted to the dark, she could see corpses lying around talking to one another.   
            “I heard the ‘Hax’ failed,” said one with a dull voice.
            “We should finish the job,” said a different one.
            Then the ground started tumbling into the cave.
            She was never so happy in her life to see them.
            “Ew… what is this place?” her mother asked her.
            I shrugged and hugged them.
            “What have we got here?” asked dull voice.
            “I don’t know…let’s get them.”
            They started to surround us.
            “Zamdeelokdoo!” her father yelled and then they were out.
            “Wait…you’re a wizard?” she asked.  Her dad nodded his head.  They were safe.

The End…Maybe

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