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OCTOBER 25, 2012
Just a Rabbit
 “I’m going to run with Steve today. I want to be fast at our next track meet.” Hannah shared, tightening her blond pony-tail.
“Okay, we can run as a team today.” Steve decided as the only senior on the team.
The rest of the Juniors and I, a lowly freshman, followed him into the woods. They were running at a pretty good pace but I could tell they were holding themselves back. I didn’t say anything about the growing stitch in my side or my increasing labored breath.
Finally, the pain became too much. I needed to walk for a little bit. I couldn’t see the team anymore but they were within hearing range at least. However, as I slowed my pace to a walk, they quickly fell out of hearing range and I was alone. I’d only run in the woods once before, but I knew if I stayed on the trail and kept making left turns, I would eventually leave the woods. I started jogging again, in hopes that I could meet up with my teammates in the parking lot and get a ride back across town to school.
After a short while of lightly running, something caught my eye. Something was glinting in the sun a ways off the trail. My team! I’ve caught up to them! I turned off the trail to go directly toward the glint that caught my attention. Fighting through the thick shrubbery and trees to get to the clearing that I knew to be the source of the light, I burst through the underbrush and immediately skid to a complete stop. A man sat in the clearing wearing a red flannel shirt and a pair of blood-stained jeans. At his feet lay a mutilated doe. He looked up to see me, raised a crimson-stained meat cleaver to point at me, and snarled one word, “MINE!”
I turned and fled the clearing, crashing through the forest, as fast as I could.
Shrubbery and grass whipped my legs as I flew past. My breath comes out in short gasps, my side ache returns with vengeance, but I don’t stop, not with him crashing through the forest. Tree roots are reaching up to trip me, to make me easy prey for this dangerous madman. I splash through a brook. Almost there, only ten meters ‘til it’s safe! I can see my team standing in the parking lot outside of the woods. I can also feel his breath on my neck, his repeated whispers of “mine, mine…”
I burst out of the woods and into Hannah’s arms, shaking with fright.
“Andrea! We thought you walked back to school already! What’s wrong?” she asked as she held me.
“He’s right behind me!” I managed to squeak.
“Andrea, there isn’t anyone there,” Steve said soothingly.
“Shh.” Hannah hushed quietly. “It was probably just a rabbit. Let’s get you back to school.” She pulled me toward her car. I got in and buckled up as Hannah started up the car and her happy German music filled the speakers. I chance a glance back at the woods that frightened me so. As we drove away, I saw the glint of a metal meat cleaver in the sun.

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