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OCTOBER 25, 2012
One bright day a girl named Lilly was walking in the woods. It was Halloween Day and that night Lilly planned ongoing trick-or-treating with her friends Bailey and Kate. Normally the girls would start off at 6:00 p.m sharp and go all around town to every house except one, the old, broken down, beat up house on 1345 Birch Street. Rumor had it that the house was haunted with scary and mythical creatures. This house was at the top of the graveyard on the large hill. Some people say one kid rang the doorbell and then opened the door and he was never seen again. No person has ever rung that doorbell since.

The girls were all at Lilly's house getting their costumes on and their candy bags ready. At exactly 6:00 p.m the three girls set out for the night. First they went to the east side of town and made their way to the west. They got about half way through town when Bailey stopped and pointed. There on the top of the hill was the haunted house. Now Kate didn't know about the house and she wanted to go to it. Bailey and Lilly told Kate the story. She didn't believe it and the next thing they knew Kate was already half way up the hill. Lilly and Kate tried to stop her but it was too late, and they had no other choice than to follow her. When they got there, Kate rang the doorbell and the door squeakkkkkkkkkkked! Open. An older lady stood there in the doorway with three treats in her hand. Since they were her first visitors she invited them in for cookies and hot-chocolate. Her name was Beverly and she was very sweet and kind.

It turns out that all of those stories and rumors were just made-up lies and as the years went by more and more kids came to see her on Halloween night and Bailey, Lilly, and Kate visited her very often.

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