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OCTOBER 25, 2012
The Creepy House In The Creepy Woods
Once upon a time there was a man who owned a house. The house was very big, old and nice. But the man who owned it was not very pleasant. He would make loud noises and say weird things at night. Later the man died alone in his home. Then a nice young couple bought the house. They complained about loud noises and mumbling in the night. The couple later had twins, one Milton, and the other Samantha. But one day Samantha and Milton wanted a dog. They asked their parents for one and they said yes and got a dog. The dog was very unusual. The dog barked at random objects and corners. The children also noticed that the things they placed in a spot were moved when they came back into that room. Later the family moved because of property expenses and the scares in the house. The house was abandoned for a very long time. Two adventurous boys went inside the house and investigated it. The two boys were Josh and Brandon.

They really liked to go to places that were abandoned and safe to go in and not get caught. The cops wouldn’t arrest them so they can legally go in and investigate. Josh and Brandon went in the house. The first thing they saw was an immense room for resting and spending breakfast, lunch, and dinner in. They looked for cool artifacts and other items in there first. They heard a thump in the next room where they found a note saying “Beware of the dangers within.” The two looked at each other and asked “What does this mean?” But they thought it was a joke. They continued on to the kitchen. The kitchen was small but decent. They investigated more of it and found another note saying “So you think I’m joking, huh? Well don’t blame me when you’re dead.” Josh said, “ I don’t think we should stay.” Brandon convinced him to be brave and not to worry about the notes. So they continued on with the investigation. They next went to the attic. They found lots of spider webs and empty chests. But one chest had something in it. It was a note and four $100 bills. The note said on it, “!

Here is the last of what I own before I die. I hope you use it wisely.” Josh and Brandon were unsure of what this meant about “last of what I own.” They split the money with each other. Josh got $200, and Brandon got $200. They left and went to the bedroom of Milton. They found there a book of how to whittle, a knife and again another note. Josh and Brandon looked at the note and it said “ TAKE THE KNIFE IT WILL BE YOUR ONLY DEFENSE AGAINST HIM.” Josh and Brandon got chills down their spines. They picked up the knife as they were told. They watched all of the corners as they made their way into Samantha’s room next, They found another note saying, “WATCH OUT HE IS NEAR AND WILL GET YOU, DEFEND YOURSELVES.” Brandon screamed and wanted to leave while josh told him he had to be brave, mimicking him from before. So they stayed. They were walking around not knowing where else to go. They saw a figure dash across the hallway. They panicked. They went the opposite way away from the figure. They went into the parent’s bedroom and found a hatchet in a sheath. They picked that up just in case they need to break their way out of the building. They ventured in to the lobby where they first came from and found that the furniture had been moved and misplaced. The two boys were frightened. They had never known a person could move such heavy pieces of furniture in a short amount of time. Brandon heard a metal item fall in the next room. They approached the room with caution. They got closer, and closer until they saw a compass on the floor that Josh had left earlier when they had started. Josh picked it up and saw a man standing in the doorway. He asked Brandon “What is that? Is it real?” Brandon said yes he did see him standing there.

The man was approaching and getting closer, and closer. The two boys braced themselves for an attack. The man had said “ Do you know where I can find my way out?” he said. Josh and Brandon were joyful that it wasn’t a scary monster that was going to kill them! The two showed the man his way out and he said thank you. Brandon and Josh thought they might leave too. As they were leaving they were wondering about the notes and the “dangers within.” But no one will ever know. They just put that all behind them and went home.

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