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OCTOBER 25, 2012
Perfect Plan
They say that I'm next. My sister, mother, father and aunt have all been murdered. All the same way; one deep, jagged cut. Their bodies found anywhere from a garden to the supermarket restroom. Why them? No one knows.

People bother me with superstitions. As for me, I don't believe in them. I try to keep my life normal. That's not exactly possible. People at school, my friends, even my grandmother, tell me to be cautious.

Since my family has been killed, I must live with my grandmother. "Stay home and be safe" she always tells me. This only makes me want to stay out longer.

Today is October 30th. School wasn't enjoyable today. I have tons of homework and I'm exhausted. Again I walk home alone. The Autumn leaves crunch as I step on them. The slight breeze blows through my dark, brown hair.

I have four blocks left until the aromas of grandma's cooking fill the air. I can already smell it. I stop and close my eyes to imagine. That is when I felt it. Two cold hands closing in on my mouth and neck. I cannot see the person, for they are behiend me. Then I feel someting else. The cold and sharpness of a blade.

It is pressed on my neck. I try to fight this person off. Yet, I fail. I can feel the warm oozing of my own blood. The knife is see-sawing deeper and deeper into my neck. Blood is gushing everywhere. My shirt is drenched and sogy from the increasing amount of blood. My vision is going blurry and all I can hear is the rough ripping of my own flesh.

By this point, my vision is close to none. My surroundings are getting darker and blacker by the second. Then, my body went limp. The killer removed his knife and walked away unseen. I lie there, motionless, no longer breathing, and helpless.

By five o'clock, my grandmother noticed something was wrong. She looked out her kitchen window, up the street and saw no one coming. She paced nervously out to her concrete front steps. By this point, she was very frightened. Six o'clock came and she panicked. Her first thought was to call the police. She dialed the numbers quickly.

"9-1-1 What is your emergency?" the opperator answered.
"I-I think that m-my granddaghter Emma Milkey is m-missing" Grandma sobbed.
"Okay Maam how long has she been gone?"
"S-she was supposed to walk home from school at 3:30. She n-normally gets home around four o'clock"
"What school does she go to?" questioned the opperator.
"Jefferson High" Grandma replied quickly.
"Ok, I will contact the police and search team to help find her. I will also sind and investigator to your current address."
"Okay thank y-you" said Grandma.

Within ten minutes, the investigator arrived at grandma's house. He asked her many questions. After what seemed like ages, he made a call to the police chief and told him to start at the school and to trace back the route that I normally take home.

Police chief, Carl McLaulen, was determined to help. It was he who found my body. He spotted me lying on the sidewalk and immediatly flew out of the driver's seat of the police car. Habbitualy, he placed his fore and middle fingers on the crease right below my chin and a little over. Right then and there, I was pronounced dead.

The criminal investigators tried to recover some sort of fingerprints,or DNA,or something. Just like my previous family members, there was none.

Unlike my other family members, I want revenge. I will not let my killer rest in peace. I will make sure that he feels how I did. His family will suffer and be in mourning, like my family had to countless times. I won't let his family ever forget what he did to me. I will not rest until I get my revenge.

The day after my death, yes the 30th of October, yes it's cheesy but that's not my fault, anyway, The day after my death, my earthen soul was released. My motive clear, I want my mysterious killer to have a little taste of his own medicine.

I know that I want him dead. But, I'm not sure how. Before i can sucessfully murder him, I must plan and haunt him. My plan will start with investigation. I will find out who he is and stalk him.

It is November 13th and step 1 of my plan is complete. His name is Cameron Phillips. He lives on 47 Waterbrooke Avenue and I have been visiting his house almost every day now. He thinks that he is goung insane. He has tried to explain my visits to his friends and family, but no one believes him. I have decided on step 2. I am going to make my visits even more uncomforting for him.

He is really starting to fear me now. He knows why I'm here and knows that he can't handle my visits much longer. I will keep planting my discomforting seeds into his little head until he can't take it any longer. I have to have him do my dirty work for me.

He has tried to reason with me several times. He knows that I won't accept his offers and is becoming very afraid. He thinks that I will kill him soon. He is correct. Cameron Phillips will be on this earth not much longer. I am going to keep bugging him until he cracks.

It's November 16th and my killer has cracked. He is following my plan perfectly. I have been watching him. Camerom has driven to the port. His car is approaching the edger of the dock and a high speed. Splash! The water surrounds Cameron Phillips's car. He is finally gone. I have carried out my revenge.

I might've been next, but I wasn't last. Emma Milkey always wins. I always get revenge.

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