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OCTOBER 25, 2012
The Black Carriage
It all started back in 1812 when Hickoryville was just being created. The Johnsons were settling in Hickoryville. They had moved all the way from Ireland. Mr. Johnson was a very wealthy lawyer and was wanted by the high officials of Ireland. Nobody was quite sure why? Mrs. Johnson was even more suspicious. She walked around with her head constantly on a swivel, she always wore black clothes, and was usually seen in a black cape. Now the Johnson’s together seemed to constantly be clouding something. When anyone talked to them they were very perky but never seemed to be fully in tune to what anyone said. They were always leaning over, looking over the person they were talking to, and staring up at the sky. Only one would talk, the other stood with his/her back to the other-looking up and down and side to side.

The Johnson’s built a five - story house out of hickory wood and granite bricks, but not a single window.
Often times people heard strange sounds from the house at night.

Here’s the strangest part. No one had ever seen a single bat in Hickoryville, but since the Johnson’s moved in people started to see a family of bats. The Johnson’s were never seen at night-ever.

A month after their house was built Mrs. Johnson was seen carrying a baby. Then a week later the Johnson’s left in a black carriage without the baby. Several people heard crying from the house. The elders sent a boy into the house to rescue the baby. He went in; scream was heard; a bat flew out.

Ten years later a black carriage returned to the house. After about a month the couple was seen carrying a baby. A week later the couple left in a black carriage-without the baby.

After cries were heard the elders sent a girl in to rescue the baby. She went in; a scream was heard; a bat flew out.

This pattern went on every ten years.

Now in 2012-Hickoryville, that house still stands, but nobody dares to go in. People many times heard noises from inside, but nobody lives there as far as the villagers know.

One day a couple dressed in black, came to the house in a black carriage. After about a month of living at the house they were seen carrying a baby. A week later they abandoned the house and the baby and left in their black carriage.

After people heard cries, they called the police. The police went in; screams were heard; bats flew out!
I warn you, don’t go in the hickory house!! I know!! I was a victim, the first victim.

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