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OCTOBER 25, 2012
The Runaway Mystery
One day, a kid named Fredward decided to run away. You see, Fredward was probably the most unlucky kid on planet Earth. His name, for one, was very embarrassing and he was the number one target for teasing and bullying. He was also a klutz. So far he had succeeded in setting the school on fire, causing a statewide black-out, and getting arrested by navy seals. (Don’t ask.) The final straw was when he accidentally gave his only friend, Billy, a staple in the head and two broken limbs!

Before he went to bed in the shack he and his six siblings and parents called home, he packed his few belongings in his school backpack and hid it under his bed. Later, when all the others had fallen asleep, he got out the backpack from under the bed and left the house he hoped he would never see again. He walked four blocks to a wood on the edge of town.

What no one had told him was that the woods was apparently haunted by the spirits of a long ago massacre performed by a company of British soldiers taking the town. At night, it was said that their spirits would rise up and try to find those who caused their death. They would seek revenge by a long and painful death. Unfortunately for Fredward, the night he ran away was the 200th anniversary of the massacre and the spirits were more powerful than ever before.

As the trees loomed menacingly over him, Fredward entered the woods and immediately felt as if he were being watched and felt shivers down his spine. He paused, his breath rattling in his ears, looked at his surroundings as if waiting for something, but even he didn’t know what. Suddenly, as if some unseen force pushed him forward, he broke into a run, heading straight into the heart of the woods, the trees hiding his process from mortal eyes.
If some bystander had seen him, they would have sworn fleeting images of men were chasing a small boy toward a small stream, but frankly, there was none, and the boy ran over the bank of the stream and into a void of nothingness unobserved to several decades of unseen and unheard torture at the hands of his captors. Then, when they thought fit, the spirits spewed the limp body of the boy onto the shore, out of his time, to be discovered by authorities after his case had been closed for many years.

He had died the night he was found in his sleep after screaming “No, No, Noooooooooooo!”

The police never knew of what happened that terrible night many years ago, but, what they did know was that this was not an isolated case and they were waiting for the next person to end up half dead on their doorstep. They weren’t the only ones waiting. The dead hadn’t even started and are waiting for the next victim to fall into their clutches at night. Beware, you may be next!

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