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OCTOBER 25, 2012
The House
Once there was a house that no one could live in for more than a week. Nobody could figure it out. Month after month the house was bought, resold, and then bought again over and over again.

One family, Bob and Kaliee, bought the house and lived in it with their kids, Ethan, Hunter, Elena, and Kenzie. Little did the town know, but they were wizards. Bob was teaching Kenzie and Elena, while Kenzie was teaching Ethan, and Elena was teaching Hunter.

One week had passed. The mayor had decided to pay them a visit because how long they were lasting in the house. It was Halloween night, a wizard’s favorite! As the mayor approached the house, the kids hid in the bushes. Hunter, turned on the spooky sounds; Kenzie and Elena got the ghost ready; and Ethan made the empty bushes shake. They did all of this with the simple flick of a wand. Then all of a sudden Elena, using her wand slammed open the door and their father walked out. He went to all the bushes they were hiding in, shook them, and dragged the kids out. “I’m sorry about all of this racket,” started Bob, “But my children love to scare people.”

“It’s all right, no harm no foul.”

“We’re really sorry, sir,” they all said full of sorrow.

“Well I want to congratulate you on being here in the town of Marathon.”

“Thank you,” a voiced gushed form behind.

“Oh no!” Elena whispered.

“How wonderful of you to drop by. I’m Kaliee. This is Bob, Elena, Kenzie, Ethan and, Hunter. Welcome to our home. We love it! Come in!”

“Alright,” he replied unsure.

“Come, come.”

After he had finished touring the house he felt more at ease and the family felt welcomed enough to go to town.

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