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OCTOBER 25, 2012
The Campfire Story
“Okay kids, go look for Chocolate and Marshmallow while I create a good campfire story,” remarked Uncle Jon, Adam’s dad.  Mitchel, Trevor and I weren’t related to him, but he insisted that we called him Uncle Jon.
“Chocolate!  Snowball!  Come on boys, treatsy bones!”  We all shouted into the mountain range.
I could still hear the echoes when Uncle Jon hollered to us “Ah well boys, they’ll come when they’re hungry.  Now how ‘bout you?”

“S’mores?” I questioned, not wanting more beans.  “Nope, the marshmallows are for after the story.  We will have venison bacon,” Adam replied.
Everyone had their own job.  I did shelter, Adam did food, Mitchel did packing, Trevor did planning, and Uncle Jon had entertainment and supervisor.
“Now can you start the story, Dad?” inquired Adam once we were all around the campfire.
“All right then.  Now this is a mainly true story, but I have exaggerated some parts.  So, it goes like this:
“Way back in the 1950s my dad lived in upper Michigan.  His name was Samuel, but most people called him Sam.  Now Sam’s dad was a butcher, so Sam usually did the hunting for his dad.
“Now, every once in a while Sam’s dad got strange requests for unusual meat.  This time, the meat was coyote.  Sam’s dad told his son.  “Now Samuel, I need coyote meat, and I need it by sundown tomorrow.  I have heard that there are coyotes in the mountain range.  Now don’t delay.  Go!”
“So, after Sam cleaned his rifle, he headed west, toward the mountain range.  Once Sam entered a more heavily wooded area he saw tracks of a lone coyote.  It looked like there was a trail the coyote was using.  Sam decided to follow the trail.”
“Um, Dad?  Can you hold on for a moment?  I need to get more bacon,” interrupted Adam.
Sure, let’s all take a break,” replied Uncle Jon.
While I stretched my legs I thought about how cool it would be to hunt coyote.
In five minutes we were back at the campfire to be surprised by hot chocolate made by Adam.  “Thank you,” we all shouted before we each took a slurp.
“Okay everyone, back to the story,” announced Uncle Jon. “Everyone here?  Good.  Now while Sam was following the trail it connected to a road.  Sam made faster progress and soon came to a farm.
“The farm was in chaos.  Sheep were everywhere and the coyote was gobbling them up.  The coyote looked like it had rabies.  Sam pulled back the hammer, aimed, and-.”
“Uncle Jon, look behind you!  Coyotes!” Mitchel bellowed.

“Suddenly, the two animals were on me, licking every part of open skin I had, and then I realized something.

 “These aren’t coyotes!  It’s Chocolate and Marshmallow!” I was laughing.
Then, Adam hollered “They ate the marshmallows!”  Everyone was laughing now.  Finally, Uncle Jon calmed everyone down and continued the story.
“Sam aimed and BAM!  The coyote fell over, dead.  Sam was proud of himself and could hardly sleep.
“The next morning, Sam took the meat to his dad.  But it is said that the ghost of the coyote is still in this very mountain range.   The End.”
“Wow Uncle Jon!  That was so cool!”  Trevor whooped while bouncing up and down.
“Dad, can you tell us one more story please?”  We all looked at Uncle Jon hopefully.
“All right, just one more,” Uncle Jon replied.  So he talked into the night, and they all had a great time.

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