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OCTOBER 25, 2012
My Trick-or-Treat Experience
I was walking down Aubrey Ave. when I heard it. CREKKKKKKK! .It was a sound. A sound I would never forget. I dropped my bag of candy and ran all the way back home. That was last Halloween, and tomorrow was next Halloween.

My best friend George and I were supposed to go trick-or-treating with tomorrow, but after I remembered last year’s Halloween, I wasn’t sure I wanted to go. It was during study hall that I thought of this, so I wasn’t interrupted in thought, and the teachers weren’t giving a boring lecture in division. I’m in the 3rd grade, so it was still new to me.

2:49. that’s what the clock said, only the red hand wasn’t moving. Today was Friday the 30, so I was already getting on my bike, even though we were not supposed to do that until after the bell rang. Finally, after what seemed to take an hour, it rang. I was half way home before the teacher said good-bye. My house was only a block away, but still.

After dinner, George called. He wanted to tell me to meet him at the fire hydrant. The fire hydrant, where it happened last year. It was conveniently half way between my house and his. After that I went home to put my costume on. I was going as a hot dog. George was going as ketchup.

I went to the fire hydrant to wait for George. I waited 30 minutes until he came. It was already starting to get dark out. We made our rounds around town and came back to the fire hydrant to divvy up and trade the candy. It was dark, but I always bring a flash light, so we used the light. CREKKKKKKK! The noise filled my ears. That same terrible noise. I pointed the flash light at the hydrant, and what I saw, was a rabbit, trying to dig into the fire hydrant. George and I could not stop laughing after that.

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