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OCTOBER 25, 2012
The evil robot and haunted house
One spooky night on Halloween there were three teenagers trying to dare kids named Jerry, Grace, and George to go in to the basement of a haunted house. They said they would kill them, so they went in to the basement. They saw a front half of the truck, and a robot came up with glowing red eyes in the front of the truck and took Jerry and Grace to the underworld.

So George followed the robot to the underworld. When he got there, it was creepy. He saw dead bodies and ghosts. He was very scared until he found a Halloween pumpkin that talked. He helped George find his way to the evil robot’s place.

When George and the pumpkin got there, they make a plan for George to distract the evil robot and the talking pumpkin, and then get the kids. At that time the teenagers were going down the stairs to check on them. The evil robot saw George, and started to chase him. The pumpkin quickly found Jerry and Grace and ran to find George.
George saw them and said, “Follow me guys.”

They quick jumped out of the underworld. The evil robot was still behind them until he saw the three teenagers and took them to the underworld to eat them. The curse of the three teenagers, the haunted house, and the evil robot will haunt Halloween for ever and ever.

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