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OCTOBER 25, 2012
Viejo Mal
I sit in my penthouse suite, while my crew prepares my private jet for my latest and greatest discovery yet.  I’m already well known for my success, but this will give me global recognition.  I will be the richest man in the world.  I step out of my limo and board my plane. 

The ground is wet from the dew.  I see a faint glow in the distance.  As I approach the glow begins to move toward the swamp.  I step into murky, dark green water.  I don’t want to but something is forcing me there.  The glowing rises above me and I look around.  I see bubbles rising under the water.  All of a sudden something jumps out and I scream. 

I wake up with a start.  My head smacks against a cold metal object.  I realize I am blindfolded.  I try to move my arms but they feel like rubber and they resist.  I try my legs with no luck.  I hear voices all around me.  A dark, low, scratchy voice whispers, “Please, please.  I love to hear them scream!”  Another voice, a voice of authority answers, “Ok, this time.  I too love to hear the screams.  I also love it when their eyes pop out in horror!”  A third voice yells in panic, “But the master said...” He is cut off by the scratchy voice, “I don’t care!”  I yell out, “I don’t know what you want.  I don’t have anything.  Let me go!”  The room grows quiet.  “No!” they all answer. 

The blindfold is ripped off my face.  I stare in horror at what is above me.  A blade, dripping with blood is swinging from a pendulum.  I watch as every second it lowers toward my bound, motionless body.  Not too far from where I lay, I hear voices, quietly arguing.  And then a door slams and no one is in the room with me.  The blade begins to move.  I regain some feeling in my arms and legs and will my body to move.  I feel the binds on my hands coming loose.    The edge of the blade is close and I move out of instinct.  One arm is free, on to the legs.  I can feel the breeze of the swinging blade.  My leg is twisted in the knotted ropes.  I scream, “No!” The blade drops.

I open my eyes and realize the blade didn’t kill me, it came close enough to cut through the remaining ropes and I watch them drop to the floor.  I slowly roll off the side of the table and lean against the wall, take a deep breath and sigh with relief, “I’m alive”, I say to myself.  I stand up slowly, leaning against the wall.  My legs quiver below me, not wanting to move.  I see two doors.  Which one to take?  Creek…creek.  The sound is coming from the door on the left.  I have to move fast.  I dive for the door on the right door but it won’t open.  The door next to me is forced open and in marches a large figure.  I pray, “Please don’t see me, please.”  The large, shadowy image yells out, “Ah, there you are!”  I’m dead; I just know it.  To my surprise, he isn’t talking to me but to a bird sitting high in the rafters.  I breathe a sigh of relief.  When he leaves I pry open the door and step out into the cold darkness. 

I can’t see a thing.  I keep walking until my eyes get used to the dark and I spot a faint light.  I step closer to the light and it moves with me.  I feel a tingle at the back of my neck.  The light moves quicker and I follow it.  Suddenly the light stops and I stare and wonder, “Where am I?  What is this light?  Where is it taking me?”  With each step I take the light moves farther away from me.  I keep walking until I the bottom of my feet are soaking wet.  I am standing at the edge of a small body of water.  I see the light stop in the middle of this dark space.  Suddenly, I remember my dream, the lagoon, and the bubbling water. 

I realize now I am standing waist deep in dark green murky water and the bubbles are beginning to rise once more.  I turn to run and don’t get far before the creature jumps out of the water.  It grabs me and pulls me under the water.  I look up one last time as the glowing light fades away.  I am sinking lower into the water and I am running out of air.  My eyes feel heavy, but I fight the urge to close them.  I sink lower, into the dark.  I try to fight, punch and kick at the creature but it does no good.  At the bottom I spot a sharp rock.  With all my strength I wiggle free, grab the rock and smash the creature on the head.  He is temporarily distracted.  I kick some sand loose in the water to create a cover and swim to the top.   When I reach the top I swim to shore.  Out of breath I throw myself onto the beach.    

There is the light again.  Blinding me.  A loud voice comes over the speaker, “This is Angel 1.  We are here to rescue you!”  A ladder drops down and a man holds on to me as we are lifted into the air.  They explain I’ve been missing for the past week and they have been searching the area of my last contact.  I faintly remember my mission.  The discovery of a new island in the South Pacific; me; my crew; what happened?  They inform me our plane went down in a mysterious storm.  Natives from a nearby island tell us no one dares to go near that island.  They call it Viejo Mal or old evil. 

That night, I fall asleep in my hotel room and think about how great this discovery will be for my career.  Fame, fortune!  I wake in the middle of the night; it’s quiet.  In the corner of the room stands a shadowy figure.  He walks closer and I see he’s carrying a sharp knife.  I recognize the voice when he speaks, “No one has ever escaped us, and I’m not going to let it start with you!” 

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