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Calling all creative teens! Send us your best poetry, stories, and artwork! Accepted entries will be featured on this page, with a chance to be published in Pixels & Pages, our annual Teen Magazine! Submit your work at any MCPL location, or online at www.mcpl.us/teenzone/publishing.
SEPTEMBER 29, 2012
When will you come home?
Come hug me again?
When will you be living here?
I miss you mom.
All the laughs we shared.
All the things you told.
The things we did.
I miss you.
Miss you more then any words can be said.
The tears we shared.
The way you helped me out.
Dad could never take your place.
No one could.
You have been gone for little over a year.
I can’t wait until you return.
Until your better.
That would be the day.
They day I won’t pretend.
I won’t have to pretend nothing is wrong anymore.
You will be here by my side.

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