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JULY 31, 2012
Not Afraid to Fall +Dedication to those who fell+

Dedication for those who fell and need to be picked back up again I sat in my room, alone. Tears poured down from my eyes. No one understood me. We were moving since everyday I was bullied. I was pushed down on to cement, bumped my head, and don't remember anything after. I woke up later before the sunset, hurt and confused. Some group had beaten me. I don't know who but I came home, bleeding from the side of my head, bruises everywhere and I limped home. My mother saw me and told me to wash up. The first time I got bullied, she was kind about it. Now, it was...like normal to her. My father was working late tonight. We would be moving soon. By this weekend. My room was filled with some filled and some empty boxes. I put my books away just after school. I hurt my leg even more going up the steps. I tripped and yowled out in pain. My mom said she would bring pain medicine up. She never did. I tried going down earlier, but the stairs scared me. Tomorrow was Thursday. Then Friday then moving day. I wondered at my new school if there were at least one nice person. I was raised not really to know God. I knew about Him but never grown close. None of the kids at school showed their faith. I did one day by bringing bible study homework in that was due after school. I got beat up for that. It was never caught on camera so no one believed me even after seeing my scratches and bruises. Lessons of my life have always to know my place at school. I had no friends. No family there to have. No older siblings still in school. My oldest sibling was 22. Then 19. was only 16 turning 17 soon. My birthday was next week but I hoped no one would know at my school since I would get a present that I would hate. I never told my birthday. Not even in preschool. I shook my head. Ugh, those horrid memories once they almost found out. I lied down in my bed and huddled into a ball and soon fell into another nightmare...~*~*~*~Next Monday~*~*~~*Finally, we had moved. I walked, scared, into my new school. There were smiling people. Some girls waved to me. I smiled weakly in years. My heart started to beat faster as a girl with a bright smile with dark brown hair and beautiful amber eyes walked towards me. I had long, black hair with unusual green eyes. I was only 5'11 and she was my height. "Hey, I'm Lindsey," she introduced."Hi...I'm...Elizabeth..." I said shyly. "Do you need to go to the office?"I nodded."Follow me Liz," she said, smiling. I straightened up, no longer hiding in my books. I limped after her. She walked at my speed, noticing my limping. "Why are you limping like that?" "I was bullied, a lot." I covered my bruised eye with my hair. She brushed it away and gasped."Oh you poor thing," she said, her smile disappeared and her eyes soften. "Don't worry, no one bullies here. Only have fun teasing." She winked as she continued, "Cute boys here too." "I never had...a crush or met a cute boy nice enough." I looked at the ground.Lindsey helped with my schedule and agreed to show me around the school after 1st hour. 2nd hour was a choice between advanced math or gym class. I didn't know yet. I was never really good at anything. I barely did anything. I guess I was good since I kept my grades up. As I walked into 1st hour, I blushed as the guys looked at me. I wore a long sleeved shirt and dark jeans. My shirt was black with a pretty silver design on it. I looked at the teacher who nodded his head."Welcome," he said, smiling. "And you must be our new student...?" "Elizabeth," I said softly."Louder so the class may hear you," the teacher said."Elizabeth," I repeated louder this time."You can sit over by Drew," he said, pointing to the left of the classroom near a cute boy with long dirty blonde hair and dark blue eyes that barely showed underneath his hair. I sat down across from him in an empty chair and looked down at my notebook with writings on it. Some kids who cared for me but never became my friends wrote, "GOOD LUCK!", "WE'LL MISS YOU!", "TAKE CARE!", and a girl who I thought was like a sister wrote "LOVE YOU SIS(:". I barely smiled and sighed and opened it. Those kids who bullied me got into it. They wrote cruel things. I glared. How dare they even touch my notebook. I even told Mr. S. NOT to let them touch it. But, no none of the teachers listen to me.I didn't really listen in class. I was too into listening to my own thoughts right now.~*~*~*~A couple months later~*~*~~*I got used to everyone and knew almost all of them. Drew was super nice and Lindsey became my best friend. I walked down the hall. I had fallen...and got picked back up...Now. I'm not afraid. I smiled. I'm not afraid to fall...

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