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JULY 31, 2012
A Basic Love Story
I don’t even know why I am even going to this stupid place it’s like seriously I have my own life I don’t need no one else controlling me.  While it was either go here or go to that stupid summer school and it’s like what would u pick?  I am going to this place called west field and I never even heard of it but I guess my parents have because now they are taking me there to see my cousins named Ross and Rose. I can’t believe they live in a city no one even heard of.  “Trixie sweetie I know u don’t want to go to your cousins house but you know they really want to see u and they didn’t see u in over a year that’s a little too long.” “Fine mom I know that already but I had to leave all my friends and you know they want to hang out this summer and do I really have to go all summer long can’t I only go for a month or shorter please.” “No Trixie you are going to go for all summer and you are going to like it now I don’t want to hear you complain no more you will have fun trust me.”  “But mom you get the whole summer to yourself and you get to do what you want to do and you know it.”  “Trixie stop it! We are here now so say thank you for inviting you and be good and I mean it and you better not complain.” Wow great way to spend my 16th birthday while it will be in August.  I was going to have a huge birthday party this year with all my friends. Here I go to the other side.
“Hey Trixie you got taller didn’t you or is it just me.” “Hey Ross and no I didn’t get taller. Hey Rose thank you for letting me come to your house for the summer it is going to be fun.” “We are going to do some fun things me and Ross was planning this the day you said yes you will come for the summer.” “Cool I guess. Bye mom and dad have fun with your summer.” “Bye Trixie we love you.” “Love you to bye.”  Great now an hour drives this is going to be real fun. NOT! I hope there will be nice people there like me while I am actually kinda gothic. It would be cool though if people there understand me because no one at my school understands me they just think I am just some freak but I am not. “So how was your first week off from school?” “Good I guess not the funniest week though.” “When will we get to your house it’s been like 30 minutes already and it’s so boring in here.”  “We will be there in 30 minutes.” “Fine. Do you have an arcade or a roller skating place?” “Yes we do.” “Ok good. I am just going to take a nap wake me up when we get there.”
“Trixie wake up we are here.”  Wow a white house really, so unique.  “Go get your bags sweetie then I will show you to your room.”  I didn’t even bring much like only five bags because I am planning to change my look this summer and maybe get my hair cut and just surprise everyone the next year. Last year all I got was pushed around and stepped on but that is not going to happen this summer or next school year just watch they will see all of them. Next year I am not going to be gothic it’s just too much work and I wouldn’t be that goodie to shoes either I am just going to change for the better.  “So this is my room.” “Yes do you like it? It’s nice and cozy.” “Sure.” “While you get settled in and dinner should be done soon but don’t fall asleep ok we are going to have tacos for dinner.” I guess this is a ok room I think I am just going to go look around town after dinner.  Wait why is this door locked in my room that’s so weird I wonder what is in it. Oh shoot owe! That hurt oh it’s a loose floor board I need to watch out for that. “Trixie its time for dinner.”  Oh it’s one of these things that we all eat together.  “Can I go look around town after dinner please?” “Sure just be careful.” “Ok I will.” “Thanks for dinner bye.”
Let’s see if I can go find that arcade or that roller skating rink. Oh I guess that’s the roller skating rink. That’s not that big I thought that it would be a lot bigger than this tiny thing. “Hi can I have a size 7 in roller skates please thank you.” Wow it’s a slow song while at least it’s almost over.  Finally its over oh cool and its one of my favorite songs that’s cool! “Oops sorry I didn’t see you there. Are u ok? Here let me help you up please.” “Sorry about that here let me introduce myself I’m Jeff. Are you ok miss?” “yes I am ok and hi my name is Trixie. Are you always this nice to girls?” “I am really sorry I didn’t see you there but you seem nice so I decided to help you help instead of just leaving you there.” “Nice and I was kidding before you seem really nice and you are really cute to lol.” “Really I am while then that’s a relief I thought I was a monster at first because I knocked you over I thought you were going to hate me for it and we then wouldn’t have met properly and man I really wanted to meet you.” “Lol you wanted to meet me.”  “Yeah that’s why I was coming over here in the first place.” “Oh you are so sweet. Here do you want to go roller skate with me?” “While yeah. Why wouldn’t I?” “Wow its midnight I got to go sorry I am going to get in trouble if I am not home by 1 but we can hang out tomorrow here is my number call me bye.” “Ok I will bye. Should I call tonight?” “Yes please.”  “Good night.”
Wow what a night last night and I can’t believe I got up at this time it’s only 8:OOA.M.  Oh I missed two calls I wonder who this is. Oh it’s Jeff from the roller skating rink. I am going to have to call him back.  I will at 10 I am just too lazy right now.  “So Trixie how was your night last night I heard you come in at 12:30.” “It was great Ross and it was fun.” “Did you meet anyone?” “Yes I met someone but I don’t know their name and I am going to hang with that person tonight again.”  “Oh ok.  Is it a boy or a girl?” “Ummm a girl. Why?” “I was just wondering that’s all but you had a good time last night?” “Yes.” “While that’s all that matters sweetie.” “Yeah it does.” “What also matters is that you are safe and not with some lunatic because we want you safe and nothing to happen to you.” “Nothing will happen to me don’t worry.” “I wouldn’t ok if you say so.” “Ok.”  “I will be in my room.” “Ok.” Come on answer your phone Jeff please I need to talk to you. Shoot I got his voice mail what should I say umm... call me back as soon as possible yeah that will work.  “Hi Jeff this is Trixie the girl you met last night I didn’t answer my phone last night because I fell asleep right away so sorry but can you call me as soon as you can please bye.” While I guess that sounds good I hope he will call back soon.  11 maybe I’m a dreamer maybe I’m misunderstood… yes its Jeff just act normal. “Hello.” “Hey this is Jeff you called and wanted me to call you back?” “Oh yeah hey sorry that I didn’t get your calls last night I just fell asleep right away but I had a really fun time last night.” “Yeah I did to and that’s ok at least I know now that this is your real number and not a fake one lol. Hey do you want to hang out tonight Trixie or maybe earlier?” “While yeah I would love to and what time were you thinking anytime would work for me.” “What about 6:00P.M. Would that work for you?” “Yeah it will so can we meet at the roller rink again please because I don’t know my way around town and to I just got here yesterday.” “Sure then I will see you tonight.” “Yup bye.” “Bye.”  “So who were you talking to Trixie?” “Oh you heard me Ross?” “Yes I did was it a guy or was it a girl?” “A girl and that’s the girl from last night that I met.” “Oh I always thought that Jeff was a guy’s name. Or is it a girl’s name now?” “Oh it is a guy’s name and I wasn’t talking to a girl I was actually talking to a really nice guy that I actually met last night.” “Oh so you met a really nice boy now that’s good. Did u just call him?” “Yeah I did and we are going to hang out tonight again is that ok?” “Yeah it is just don’t let him hurt you ok.” “Ok I wouldn’t.” “Good.” “So are we alone today Ross?” “Yes we are but you can do whatever you want to today.” “Ok thanks I think I will go hang out with Jeff then is that ok with you?” “Yeah it is, have fun.”
“Hey Jeff it’s me Trixie can u hang out now.” “Yes I can and meet me at the roller rink.” “Ok see you there.” Man this is going to be fun maybe we can start going out or something. While I guess it’s good that I came here because now I get to know a hot guy who might like me.  Wow the roller rink is on the bad side of town maybe I should have Jeff start walking me home at night. I am so happy that Ross didn’t get mad at me for lying to him. I am going to ask Jeff if he could show me around town or something. There he is I am so excited. “Hey Trixie how are you and I love that new dress you got you look so cute in it and I mean it.” “Thanks Jeff.”  “Hey Trixie can I ask you something please it’s important.”  “Sure anything Jeff what is it?” “Will you go out with me please?” “Really sure I will how you knew that I wanted to go out with you.” “You did I didn’t know.”  “Oh lol I thought you knew.” “While let’s just go hang out at the roller rink till 6 please then can we go to the arcade after 6.” “Sure.” Wow that was like so much fun skating with him and the best part was that we got to dance to all the slow songs. Now I get to go to the arcade with him and play some games.
“So this is where the arcade is.” “Why is everything on the bad side of town Jeff?”  “I really don’t know I lived here since I was a little kid and I was even born here and this side of town was never bad I use to love hanging out over here but then my parents banned me from coming to this side of town since a little kid got killed but then she started letting me come over here again because I am older.” “Oh wow I kinda feel bad for you.” “Why would you say that it was actually a good life here and I don’t want to leave but I know I will someday?” “Oh I get it now but are you glad that we met or do you wish we never did?” “No why do you say that I am like the happiest guy alive that we met and I never want to leave honey.” “Oh ok good and I am the happiest girl alive to and you know it.” “I love you so much honey.” “I love you so much to.” Wow its midnight again you better get home do you want me to walk you home.” “No I don’t it will be ok.” “Ok bye.”
That was fun wait what was that noise? “Jeff is that you?” “Put your hands up and don’t make a sound you hear me or I will shoot.” “You can take anything that I have just don’t hurt me please.” “I said be quiet! You are coming with me and don’t do anything silly!” “Trixie is that you? Trixie Trixie I am coming!” “Let her go!” “No what you are really going to go against me when I have a gun and can kill you and her at any minute then u must be stupid.” “I said let her go now! I will give you till the count of 5…. 1...2...3…4… let her go! 5.” “Owe you idiot.” “Trixie are you ok? Come on run now hurry!” “Jeff thank you thank you  and I am ok and that was smart of you to take that pole and whack him in the head.” “Thanks and I would never let anything ever happen to you I love you and you can stop crying you are ok now trust me. Oh my gosh you got a bruise on your eye did he hit you?” “It’s ok honey don’t go back it’s just a bruise.” “Fine I wouldn’t go back but if anyone ever hits you again they will pay for it.” “You will do that for me?” “Yes I will don’t worry i would do anything for you.” “OK I love you.” “I love you to honey. Now let’s get you home and get that eye looked at ok honey.” “Ok you take such good care of me and I love it. You are the best thing that ever happened to me and I mean it.”
“What happened to you Trixie did that Jeff guy hit you?” “No I almost got kidnapped but Jeff took quick action and hit the guy in the head and saved me.” “I am ok though Rose and Ross don’t worry.” “Jeff is there for me and will do anything for me and you will never have to worry about anything.” “Fine but if he ever hit you he would be in jail and that’s finale but tell us more about the guy who almost kidnapped you so we can get him in jail.” “Ok and he was tall with a black hoodie and had a gun.” “Anything else about the guy that you notice because we need everything about the guy that we can.” “No I didn’t notice anything else about him I was too scared to death to notice much about him.” “Ok while I am going in the kitchen and going to call the police and have them get over as soon as they can then you can go show us were it took place all of this.” “Can Jeff get arrested for hitting the guy in the head with a pole?” “No Trixie he can’t it was self-defense and he saved you so they wouldn’t arrest him and don’t worry he will be fine.” “Ok good.”
KNOCK KNOCK “that’s the door I am going to go answer it you and Jeff stay here.” “Good evening mam. How may we help you tonight?” “Good evening officers I called you earlier and I reported an almost kidnaping and abuse.” “Oh yes you did now can you tell us what happened please and as much as you can so we can get the guy and put him in jail. Did this happen to you or someone else?” “It happened to my cousin she is 16 and she is in the living room right now. Would you like to come in?” “Yes please and can you lead us to her please mam.” “Good evening officers.” “Good evening. What’s your name?” “My name is Trixie and this is the guy who saved me from getting kidnapped and his name is Jeff.” “I know him he’s my son. Right Jeff?” “Yes dad.” “So you saved this girl?” “Yes I did I met her last night.” “While good job son can you two please show us where this all happened at maybe he’s still there waiting for someone else.” “Sure.”
“I was coming home from the arcade and then I went past this ally right here and then I thought I heard Jeff but it wasn’t him and then the guy said be quiet and come with him and then we went past Jeff and he took a bar and hit the guy in the head and we ran.” “Oh while I guess he’s not here no more so we will put out a search for him and we will try to find him but you go home and get some sleep. Jeff you get home now and I will talk with you when I get home.” “Ok dad.”
That was the scariest night of my life why did that have to happen to me but Jeff wow he really came to my rescue there or I would probably be dead right now. Jeff was my real hero and he wasn’t scared at all he just wanted to save me. My eye still hurts but that guy’s head must hurt more than my eye right now. While I guess that I better get to bed and then call Jeff in the morning. I hope Jeff’s dad isn’t yelling at him right now I don’t know why but his dad seemed really mad but I really have to thank Jeff tomorrow.
“Hey Jeff how was it last night with you dad?” “Good I guess I thought he was going to yell at me but he was actually really happy with me because I saved you.” “Oh good and thank you so much for saving me you will always be my hero no matter what. If you hate me and never want to see me again then I will respect that but you will be my hero always.” “Jeff I love you so much and I mean it and I didn’t know your dad was a police officer. Why didn’t you tell me that?” “Oh I didn’t tell you that sorry and to he’s kinda strike so he has to really inspect the girls that I date so I only dated only like 3 girls in my whole life including you.” “Oh wow hey do you want to go to the roller skating rink tonight again and have you just walked me home actually tonight.” “Sure and I will make sure that you are safe and to tell you the truth I think we will be together for a long time and I mean.” “Really I think that to and maybe we can get married and have some kids or no kids if you didn’t want any that would be fine with me.” “Oh yeah that would be so cool and I would love that so much to be with you the rest of my living life i never want to leave you ever.” “Me to.”
Wow i can’t believe that it’s my birthday today but I bet Jeff forgot about it when I told him why would he remember it but I will have to see today that’s all I can do. I think I will call Jeff up right now and see if he wants to do anything. WHAT!! I got his answering machine he always answers my calls no matter what I will call again. Guess he doesn’t want to talk to me he probably got tired of me already but I don’t blame him. Maybe I will go to his house later and see if he’s home. Weird I got a text message it’s from Jeff and it says I should go to the roller skating rink and don’t come to his house I wonder why I can’t go to his house. While I will go to the roller skating rink.
Wow no one is here it’s like so dead I wonder where everyone is. It’s even nice out not to hot and not too cold but I don’t know but I get the roller rink to myself. “Jeff are you here?” “Hello anyone here?”  Yeah I am right he forgot and wanted to get rid of me so he sent me here wow I am such an idiot. “SURPISE!!!!!!!!”  “Wow you must got the wrong person here. Jeff is that you!” “Yes it is” “Oh so you go to someone else’s birthday party but you can’t even wish me a happy birthday.” “What no Trixie this is your birthday party and I made it and I wanted to surprise you so I didn’t tell you and I am sorry happy birthday.” “That’s ok and thank you and this is for me wow I can’t believe it my own boyfriend did this for me you are so sweet thank you so so much.” “You are welcome you mean so much to me but I don’t know how to show how much I love you and don’t want anything to happen to you.”  “Awe you are so sweet I love you so much to.” “Now let’s go have fun Trixie because you can only be 16 once.”
“Wow Jeff I can’t believe that it’s been 3 months already I am going to have to go home next week to my own town.” “Why Trixie can’t you just stay here and live here with me please I don’t want you to leave please ask your parents you can even live with me in my house.” “Ok I will call my parents right now. Hey mom I was wondering if I can just live here till I am 18 and Rose and Ross don’t have to take care of me I have a house that I can live in so can I live here please.” “Sweetie I guess you can but come visit us sometimes please.” “Ok mom I will and thank you so much I love you.” “I love you to sweetie have fun and get enrolled in school bye.” “Bye. My mom said that I can live here. Can I live with you please?” “Sure honey fine with me.”
“So this is your school? Are you like a jockey or are you popular here or anything? I am just wondering.” “Yeah I am actually so you will be popular here to don’t worry and I am a jockey and when you are a jockey you are popular.” “Oh cool.” “Yeah. Hey Billy how are you?” “Good dude. Had a awesome summer so how are you and who is this cute girl with you?” “Oh cool and good and this is Trixie she will be going to our school now and she is my girlfriend.” “Wow. How can you get a cute looking girl like this and Trixie if you ever want a real man you know where you can find me.” “Dude stop it I am a real man you are the one who isn’t a real man.” “Ummm Billy thanks for the offer but I am not going to take it I have a real man here who is funny, sweet and cute but thanks and sorry.” “Man you have a real woman there who sticks by you no matter what and Trixie its ok I am not offended you got a good man here already.” “Ok thanks Billy and nice meeting you it was a real pleasure hope I see you again soon.” “Bye sweetheart.” “Billy stop it now she’s my girl.” “Fine man I will lay off have fun bye.” “Bye.”
“So how do you think your first day of school went Trixie?” “Good I guess and it was fun with you.” “Was Billy annoying or what he really likes you?” “While I don’t like him and yeah he was getting a little annoying but he’s your friends and I only love you not him.” “Ok good I love you to.” “Cool.” “Yeah.”
“Jeff I can’t believe that it’s been a year already and that we have been also dating for a year that’s so cool.” “I know right and now you are 17 and I am 18 so that’s also so cool.” “Wait you are 18 then you are done with school and I still have to go for a whole anther year that stinks.” “While it does stink but don’t worry I will come visit you in school and I can do that because the principal likes me so he will let me into the school and let me see you.” “Awe thanks that’s so sweet of you to do for me.” “Trixie come to 2510 tonight and I need to ask you something important when we are done eating.” “What are you going to ask me Jeff?” “If you wanted to go to the roller rink lol.” “Oh lol really that’s not important but I will go with you there. I can’t wait till tonight.” “Me to.”
“Jeff this is such a fancy restaurant thanks for taking me and the food was good.” “Yeah it was and it’s going to get even better soon and I mean it after dessert that is and I think you will love it.” “Ok I already told you that I will go to the roller rink with you and you don’t have to ask again.” “I know but I want to.” “Fine lol. Can I have some cookies please?” “So how was your dessert sweetie?” “Good.” “Yeah.” “Ok Trixie I know that we are both ready and we both love each other so.” “Jeff what are you doing why are you getting on your knees?” “Trixie Taylor Lena will you marry me?” “Oh Jeff yes yes I will I love you so much and want to have a life together and be together for the rest of our lives.” “Me to sweetie and yes this makes me the happiest guy in the world I love you so much to. Thank you for saying yes I can’t believe it I love you so much.” “That’s the prettiest ring I ever saw in my entire life I love it. Thank you.” “Yes you are welcome and I would get you anything that you wanted.” “Thanks.” “Yup and should I walk you home?”  “Yes please.”
“So when should we get married? Its winter right now.” “Maybe in spring it’s always so pretty in spring and it will be in like 3 months and then we will live a happy life together.” “Yeah I would love that and it is always pretty in the spring you are right.” “Yeah but we need to pick a date. What date do you want us to get married on sweetie.” “What about on May 29th. Do you like that date or no?” “No I love that date.” “Cool I so can’t wait till it happens.”
Oh my gosh in a month I will get married to the hottest funniest and sweetest man ever.  I need to go pick out a dress for my wedding day. I can’t wait I think I will go pick it out tomorrow and pick out the prettiest one.  Oh my gosh this is the prettiest dress I ever saw I think that I will just get this one. “Rose do you think this looks pretty on me or not?” “Oh my gosh that dress looks so good on you I think you should get that one.” “Thanks lets go buy it then.”
“Jeff I can’t wait we are going to get married in a week.” “I know right it’s going to be so cool and I mean it because I love you so much and would do anything for you.” “Awe thank you and I love you so much to. It’s going to be so nice when we are married and then we can do so much with our lives and we will always have each other no matter what.” “Yes we will and we will always be together.” “Yes we are going to have such a fun life together.” “Yes we are going to sweetie.”
Oh my gosh I just got text from Jeff saying to meet him at the church where we are going to rehearse for our wedding tomorrow.  I am almost there Jeff. HELP!!!! “Get over here little girl I want my revenge for your stupid boyfriend hitting me in the head with that pole. Do you remember me now?” HELP me!!! Jeff get back in the church it’s an insane person! “Hey there’s your boyfriend say good bye to him for good and for you idiot this wouldn’t have happened if you just letted me kill her the first time.” “Trixie I am coming!” JEFF!!!! Don’t go in front of the car JEFF!!!! Jeff Jeff can you hear me come on honey come on don’t go don’t go please!!! Come on out of it we are going to get married tomorrow and live a happy life please don’t die on me please. I love you please don’t go!! Hello Hello my fiancé just got ran over by a car please hurry to the peaceful church hurry please!!  Jeff sweetie the ambulance is coming please just hang in there please I am bagging you!! Why did you have to jump in front of that car why you should’ve just letted me get ran over Jeff please don’t go please!!! I love you so much.” “Trixie I did it for you I didn’t want you to die so I took the hit you will be fine and I love you so much to but I don’t think I will make it I love you and please remember me and be safe please for me I am sorry I told you I would do anything for you. I love you and will always be with you if you ever need to talk to me just talk and I will hear you. I love you!!” “Jeff jeff I will I will and I will never forget you.”
“I am sorry mam Jeff didn’t make it he died in the room but he told me to tell you he loves you.” “Jeff Jeff I am so sorry if it wasn’t for me you would still be alive right now and by me. I am sorry I will never love anyone that much again you were my only one.” “Trixie I heard what happened it will be ok trust me.” “No it wouldn’t he would have still been alive if he never met me!” “Trixie don’t say that! You know you meant the world to him and he loved you so much and he would’ve did anything for you like he just did but don’t you ever say that you changed his life for the better he even told me this!” “Really he did but he would still be alive if it wasn’t for me.” “It will be fine I promise.”
Wow great what to do with my stupid life now. I guess I could go back and try to find the guy who did it. When I find him he will be in jail the fastest I can. I basically killed Jeff because if it wasn’t for me he would still be alive. I will hate myself forever and will regret that forever. While at least till I die when I am old. But I will make this promise I will never love anyone as much as I did with Jeff.
“Wow I had the weirdest dream last night it was with Jeff and he told me that I didn’t kill him and it wasn’t my fault and he loved me and said that’s sweet of me that I said I wouldn’t love anyone as much as I did with him and that just to go and live life instead of sitting around and keeping that promise. He really wants me to move on and love other people but I don’t want that I want to love him and only him. Also he said that he doesn’t want anything to happen to me and just be safe and he doesn’t want me to go after that guy who killed him. Before he left he said that he loves me and always will and if he could that he could come down right now and be with me and he said he wanted this to happen the way it did to have him get hit and not me.” “I am sorry Rose I need to go to my room now.” Great I am crying again why does this always happen to me. I wish I could go back in time and stop him and just let the car hit me. I so want him back so badly. I don’t care that he doesn’t mind how it played out I wish I got hit. Great now I am doing this again wishing about stuff that will never happen and I got to trust him he knows better and he liked the way it played out. While I shouldn’t say liked I mean like that he wanted it to happen to him and not me. I hate this so much he should be here by me right now and not dead! But it didn’t happen like that I hate it I hate it I hate it

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