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JULY 31, 2012
Snow is Gone
It's as white as clean paper,
and as beautiful as a flower.
It comes once a year,
only for a little while.

But as I look up in the sky,
snow isn't coming right now.
It's the middle of January,
and not a single flake has gone by.

The teachers told us this might happen,
that one day there would be no more snow.
That's because of us humans,
we warmed up the Earth.

But,one thing can be remembered about winter.
I keep pictures of snow on my wall,
and pray that snow will come back.
It has been fifteen years since snow last fell,but I won't give up hoping.

Snow is gone,the world is diminishing.
But I have high hopes you see.
I know that I will see snow again,
and it will be real,not in pictures.

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