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JULY 31, 2012
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a super power? It was summer of 2012 Tristan found out she had super powers, when there was a problem in Tampa Bay, Florida with the weather. The weather is terrible because, it has not rained in a quite a while. I am not a normal sixteen year old like I thought I was because the last week of summer vacation I noticed that I had super powers.  I found myself making it rain, snow, sleet, hail, and etc.

Ring! Ring! Ring! Went Bonnie’s phone, when she saw it was her granddaughter, she answered it right away.   “Hello”, said Bonnie exited to hear from her granddaughter.

“Hi grandma,” Jasmine said about to cry, “It has not rained for the last two years in Tampa Bay, What can we do?”

“I do not know what we can do, do you,” Bonnie said trying not to fall asleep?

“I…….know… maybe ….Tristan… and… Cody… can help,” Jasmine said crying.

“Yes that is a great idea I will call Tristan when I am done talking to you,” said Bonnie happily.

“Alright I will let you go then so you can call Tristan, “Jasmine said happily, she was about to fall off her chair, because she was so happy. “Bye grandma I love you.”

“Bye, sweetheart I will talk to you later,” Bonnie said trying to put down the phone.

Five minutes after they hung up bonnie called Tristan. Ring! Ring! Ring!  Went Tristan’s phone when she saw it was Bonnie she answered it. “Hello Bonnie, what’s up you hardly ever call what’s going on,” Tristan said sounding sacred?

“Jasmine called me and said that hasn’t rained in Tampa Bay for the last two years and she wants to know if you and Cody can help,” said Bonnie breathing so hard. ?

“Let me call Cody and then I will call you back with an answer, is that ok,” said Tristan hoping she would say yes?

“Sure but make it snappy”, said Bonnie about to cry.

“Ok, bye”, said Tristan trying not to hang up.

“Bye,” said Bonnie then hang up.

Ten minutes after Bonnie hang up Tristan called Cody. Ring! Ring! Ring! Went Cody’s phone when he saw it was Tristan he answered the phone. “Hey, how are you Tristan,” Cody said waiting for her to ask him to go somewhere with her?

“Hey, I am fine how about you,” said Tristan as fast as she could?

“Good and why are you talking so fast,” said Cody as sweet as he could?

“I am talking fast because I have a question to ask you,” Tristan said a little bit slower.

“Ok, then what is your question,’’ said Cody peacefully?

“Bonnie called me and said it had not rained in Tampa Bay for two years according to Jasmine,” said Tristan as peacefully as Cody did. “So do you want to Tampa Bay or not.”

“I guess I will only if you are coming too,” Cody answered as sweet as can be.

“Of course I am coming with silly otherwise I would of not told you, you could come with me,” Tristan said about to cry because Cody said yes.

“Ok when do you want to leave,” asked Tristan?

“I don’t know when you want to leave,” Tristan told Cody?

“I guess we can leave tomorrow at 8: 00am, if that is ok with you,” Cody suggested?

“That sounds good, will I be coming to pick you up or will you come pick me up,” asked Tristan?

“I will come pick you up at 7: 30 and we will go to breakfast and then we will go to Tampa Bay,” Cody told Tristan.

“That sounds good with me I will be ready, see you tomorrow,” Tristan said sounding excited.

“Alright bye I will see you tomorrow,” Cody about to fall over because he is so excited.

After 30 minutes without talking on the phone she called Bonnie. Ring! Ring! Ring! Went Bonnies phone, when she saw it was Tristan she answered it right away.  “Hello, what did Cody say,” asked Bonnie?

“He said yes only if I come with,” Tristan answered.

“You are going right,’’ Bonnie asked?

“Yes of course I am otherwise I would of not called Cody, or told you I can go,” Tristan answered.

“Ok, but when are you going to be here,” Bonnie asked?

“Tomorrow at 8:00,” Tristan said about ready to explode, because she was sick of talking on the phone.

“Alright I will let Jasmine know, I will see you tomorrow when you get here,” Bonnie told Tristan. “Bye.”

“Bye Bonnie, have a good day, see you tomorrow,” Tristan told Bonnie about to hang up the phone.

Tristan was happy there was no one else to call otherwise she would pass out, because she is about to lose her voice.  After she ate her dinner she went straight to bed. The next day Tristan did not want to get up until she remembered that she was going to Tampa Bay with Cody.  So she woke up right away when she heard Beep! Beep! Beep!  She straight to the bathroom and jumped into the shower for five minutes then went to the kitchen and had a banana, and then she went to the living room to chill until Cody got to her house. Ding! Dong! Ding! Dong! Went Tristan’s doorbell, she rusted to the door and right into Cody’s arms. “Well, hello Tristan are you ready to go,” Cody asked about to be pushed off the steps?

“Yes of course I am, are you,” Tristan asked still squeezing Cody as tight as she could?

“Yeah, girlfriend I am for sure ready,” Cody answered.

“Ok, then let’s go to Tampa Bay,” Tristan about ready to scream.

Off they went to Tampa bay. It took them three days to get there. When they got there it was really warm because there was no rain in two years. They are luck they packed tons of shorts. “Hey, we are in Tampa but were does Jasmine or Bonnie live,” asked Cody?

“Jasmine and Bonnie are neighbors, so take a right on Caroline Ave., then go straight for a mile, after that turn right, and then go down until you see 12345, that is how you get to Jasmines house,” Tristan answered.

“Okay let’s go,” Cody said happily.

When they got to Jasmines house Jasmine told them were they can go to fix the problem. “To fix the problem go to the cloud factory,” Jasmine told Tristan and Cody.

“Alright we will do that,” answered Cody.

Off they went to the cloud factory to make it rain for the rest of earths life. When they got to the cloud factory they saw that the cloud/rain machine was clogged up. So with Tristan’s superpowers she unclogged the machine and made it rain for quite a while.  When there job was done they went back to Boston. On their way Cody had to ask Tristan a question so he did, “Tristan do you want to get married?”

“Of course I do,” Tristan answered.

So when they got back Tristan and Cody got married. A week after they got married they had twins their names were Xianna and Brenna. They lived happily ever after.

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