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MARCH 28, 2012

 Patriotism is something that we all feel and we can all show by doing some simple things.  Patriotism really is the pride we feel when we are reminded of how great this country is.  We get many freedoms that we take for granted.  In some other countries people have to  work hard to get a chance at getting some of the freedoms we get when we are born here.  Patriotism is that sense of belonging we feel during the national anthem, when we see the  ?ag, or when we see a bald eagle.  It is very simple for us to show this thankfulness for  what we are given; we just have to realize it. 

A true patriot wants to show the thanks that they feel all the time.  In fact, some people in the armed forces regret that they don't have another life to sacri?ce for their country.  Joining the armed forces is a very effective way of showing patriotism, serving and sacri?cing for our country.  We should ask what we can do for our country instead of asking what our country can do for us.  Being a leader for something that helps our country is very patriotic. Veterans should be given thanks for what they have done and given us through the wars that were fought.  

Patriotism is a very broad range of powerful emotions that is felt by almost all Americans. Before I wrote this essay I had no clue about what patriotism was, and how we could show that we are feeling it.  I have changed the way I look at the United States as a country, and the way I look at the freedoms we are given for being citizens in this great land.  My eyes have been opened, and now I will be compelled to help my country, community, and the people that are in them.  I realize how lucky we are to live here and how lucky we are that we have people willing to sacri?ce their lives so we can keep that freedom.  One of the easiest ways to show patriotism is to vote about who are leaders should be and vote to make decisions in our community.  We can clean parks, have food drives, and work at pet shelters.  We are given many freedoms when we are born, the least we can do is show our thanks by helping our country. 

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