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MARCH 20, 2012
Dred Scott Decision
             Dred Scott led the way to the African American uprise. Dred Scott was a slave 
to a doctor and his family. When the family moved to Wisconsin, no slaves were allowed 
or free land. Dred decided that something should be changed. Follow Dred and his 
journey to a place he thought he never would go.
Where It All Started
Dred Scott was a Mississippi slave. Dred has a hard life down south and was so 
grateful when the family decides to go to Wisconsin. Dred felt that something will 
Finally Home
Once in Wisconsin, Dred ?nds out it was not what he thought it would be. Dred is 
living on free land but that does not mean he is free. Dred wonders what its like to be 
free, not owned but that idea might become bigger than he thinks.
Dred goes back down to Mississippi with the doctor, but after the doctor dies,Dred is 
brought back to Wisconsin.
Coming Back
After coming back to Wisconsin Dred desides to sue the family and widow. After 
the case fails in county court, Dred takes this to supreme court were something that 
wasn’t supposed to happen happens. The Supreme Court makes it a law that African 
Americans are not allowed to become an American Citizen.
After The Court Decision
Dred Scott was later sold to a man who set him free. Later when Dred Scott was 
free he worked hard to change that law.

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That rocks said, on Mar. 28 at 2:29PM
Man how did you ever write that it is so good