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MARCH 20, 2012
If it isn’t the rhythm, then it can’t be the rhyme,
If there isn’t a beat how can you keep the time?
Is it the message that counts, so you disregard flow,
Is it about presentation, or just sharing what you know?
Do the metaphors count or the way you weave words,
Is it all more about what you share with the world?
Is being a poet about knowing your style,
Or just going out on a whim once in a while?
Write what you feel, or write how you’re told,
All of us have words that we secretly hold,
Does it matter if it fits a meter or beat,
Is it important to keep things lovely to read?
No one likes a poem that’s awkward and off,
But you shouldn’t pretend to write like you’re not,
Sometimes the words aren’t perfectly kept,
Sometimes you can’t imitate what you’ve read,
Sometimes the theme matters more than the rhythm,
Maybe it’s not about the words, but rather, what’s in them.

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