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MARCH 19, 2012
The Blizzard
Walking to get
Walking to go,
All the way to her home.

Away from the old trading port
Back to her own little fort,
Beth went.

A blizzard blew in
It fought and flew,
It crashed and clanged,
What more could it do?

Finally, almost there
The last stretch was here,
Her warm abode was near.

Cold and numb
Her fingers feeling all like thumbs,
She struggled on,

Foot in front of foot
Hand on hat
Wishing for the fire that blazed,
What seemed far, far, away.

Having a hard time reaching her destination
Never knowing when she would reach her own Safe nation
She moved on in desperation.

Life at stake,
Wondering if she would make
A deadly mistake,
Beth moved on.

Feeling drowsy
She plowed on
Feeling empty
She was soon filled
With much hope
That she wouldn't have to go on
When she saw her old pine tree
That she had planted when she was maybe thirteen.

Through the sleet and snow
She would soon rest at home,
The warm fire blazing
Next to her toes.

Finally there on the doorstep
She etched up to the stoop.

She was home
She was happy,
Even though her back stooped.

Though her muscles sore and her whole body
She stood there anything but glum.

The blizzard could not defeat
For now after her amazing feat
Beth realized,
During her great hard journey,
The Blizzard had done hardly
Much more than to scratch, and
Except to attach
A memory of The Blizzard,
What seemed now months past.

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