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FEBRUARY 8, 2012
Summer Skies

One summer day
my friend came up to me.
She said "I have something to say about
my ex-Scottie."

I sit up on the freshly mowed grass
asking what is it Sally had to say.
Replying "remember that day in class
when I said something was wrong?"
How could I forget that day, nothing went right.
Ali came to class, late.
Crying, I went over and hugged her tight.
Whispering did something go wrong on your date.
While, what Ali was about to say was
bad, real bad.
"On that very day,
my date was very mad."
When I got to his house,
he was in the kitchen,
unbuttoning some girls blouse.
I knew at that moment I should ditch him.
But I could not leave him this way, so I took a stand.
I was scared and ashamed.
So I then put my face down on my hand.
I realized that he could not be tamed.
I did not turn no more, when
he came a running.
I ran out his door
and never stopped running.

I did not know what to think or do
for that matter.
So I looked up at the sky.
and thanked God, for it was only a daydream.

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