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SEPTEMBER 26, 2008
Vamps (Rated 5.0)

Vamps, a high class vampire story filled with twists and turns that leave you thirsting for more, the story caught my attention, it is not your normal vampire novels. It reminds me more of Blue Bloods, with the way it is written and i find it entertaining. With forbidden love and much more, it left me wanting to know more. The author; Nancy A. Collins, is a newer writter, who i think will go far. one good thing about the book, is there is a secret, unknown to all untill the very end, and when you find it out it brings a whole new twist to the plot. One bad thing is how easy it is for the vamps to get out of trouble without much of a fight. This book i for teens and anyone over 14. A cool thing she incorperated into the story was the vampire who is a storm-gatherer, a daughter of a human mother and vamp. daddy. Who she has never met, but puts her into a predicament in which she has to go to an old blood vamp school. Short definition, A Preppy High class vampire school, were some of the teachers, look down on those who are not born of old born of old blood. I can see this new series is going to be twisted and will captivate the audiance.

(Brittany recommends this book for readers 14 and up).

Vamps by Nancy A Collins

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