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NOVEMBER 1, 2011
New Blood by Peter Mcphee

Rating: Excellent! (5)

Callum experiences Rick and their bully gang on his first day of school. He soons discovers a new blog a student at school made posting everything that the "new" kid does that catches every ones attention. Callum than starts to talk with Cindy and soon figures that she has a very strict and bad dad after he slapped her due to the cause that she went out with boys. Rick's gang than jumps Callum the next day of school and they are stopped by Rick. Rick and Callum are soon called aboard school by the school police to discuss their problems. Callum denies everything. After the conversation Rick tells Callum to stay away from Cindy because she had a tough time growing up and her doesn't want to make it worse for her. Callum understands but soon falls in love with Cindy. Cindy soon had major problems with her dad. Callum wanted to do something about it so he got his dad and older brother to speak up but Cindy's mom steps up and says they are okay and are just having an argument. Callum and Rick really wanted to help Cindy but they feared they'd make it worse for her. Rick and Callum finally decides to tell the Police about it and they claim they have had reports about their family but Cindy's mom always denies and says they're just arguing. Rick and Callum gets really frustrated until one day in school their school officer calls them in to ask questions. Rick and Callum knows it is about Cindy. The officer lets them know that Cindy is away from her father and that he is arrested for hitting his wife. When Callum got home he was terribly worried for Cindy. Cindy soon calls and asked to meet him and Rick. They meet up and have a bad argument and Rick is stabbed by Tyler, Callum's friend. Callum finally has had it and tells them exactly how they were acting and he walks away with a positive attitude.


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New Blood by Peter Mcphee

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