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JUNE 8, 2009
Loamhedge by Brian Jacques

I read the book Loamhedge by Brian Jacques and found it very good. The series Redwall is about an Abby that has many stories about the past and present. This story has many combined that all meet up with each other in the end.

One, is about two animals (a squirrel named Saro and an otter named Bragoon) that ran away when they were only kids. They return to Redwall, to find a hare maid that can't walk. They find in some scrolls, that in Loamhedge, a place far away, a mouse found the secret to walking. So the travelers go off in search of the "cure", but what they don't realize is that three kids at the abby have decided to follow them on their quest.

Meanwhile, two badgers are found by an ocean, the older one dead and the younger one scarred in the face. Some otters that live nearby, save the younger one’s life. The badger goes to seek revenge on the sea rats, who killed his friend. The sea rats on the other hand, are trying to find a better place to live, where food is plenty and there is no work. The ideal place, Redwall abby, where the animals are peaceful and can't fight back. Of course, they are very resorceful. This story is about bravery, dubbins ( little kids at the abbey ), truth, and most of all, frendship.

I think that this book is inspiring, because some of the characters die to save others. Although it is sometimes sad, the dubbins make you laugh at how funny they are. You should try to read this book and all of the Redwall series, as I am doing, if you have nothing to read and want some good books. 


Rating: 4 - Good. (B)

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