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FEBRUARY 6, 2009
Uprising (Rated 5.0)

Uprising takes place in the late 1900’s and focuses around three girls: Bella, Yetta, and Jane. Bella is an Italian immigrant and Yetta is a Russian immigrant. Bella and Yetta are poor and have very little money. Jane however, is not an immigrant and is very rich. They all live in New York City and don’t know that one event will bring them together as friends.

This book centers on the Triangle Strike and tragic fire that led to 146 of the 500 employees dying, some jumping out the window so they wouldn’t have to be burned. Haddix does a great job at explaining what immigrant life was like in New York City in the late 1900’s and what women had to struggle and fight for. She also does a nice job of switching the narrations frequently so the reader won’t become too attached to one single girl.

I would give this book 5 stars for a very suspenseful and engrossing read. I would say it is suitable for readers ages 10 and up.


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Uprising by Margaret Peterson Haddix

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