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AUGUST 28, 2014
"City Of Bones" by Cassandra Clare

Rating: Excellent! (5)

City Of Bones  by  Cassandra Clare

Have you ever seen something that nobody else has seen? A person who is apparently invisible to everybody except you, or a stranger whose eyes have no pupils? Clary Fray has. At the age of fifteen, she is pulled into the world of the Shadowhunters. On a wild and fun night out with her best friend Simon, she encounters a murder in the supply closet of a dance club. She stops it before death occurs, only to find out that the people are not quite human. They are the warriors, fighting demons. Clary brings Simon to see them, but when she shows him the warriors, he cannot see them.

From that point on, Clary's normal life is interrupted and she is pulled into a treacherous journey of love and loss. Her past is an avalanche of lies, and the peaceful world she lives in is ripped in two. She has to make choices. Which path should she take? Normal or extraordinary?


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"City Of Bones" by Cassandra Clare

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